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The Tyrant

Ruth's patience finally snaps.
“Ruth for heaven’s sake will you please hurry up. You’reworking at a snail’s pace today. I don’t pay you to act like you’re sleep-walking.”

I bite my tongue and count to ten. I don’t know how I keep my cool sometimes, on days like this Alexis can be the bitch from hell, and the worst boss imaginable.

“Yes Alexis. I get the message.”

I’ve worked here at The Ark for just over two years. It once had a reputation as the best Restaurant in town, but things have slipped over the past year. The previous owner decided to sell up and Alexis and her husband Greg snapped it up at a bargain price. Tonight is the grand reopening, with a host of local movers and shakers invited to experience the new menu.

Alexis barks out instructions and repeatedly checks her watch, in a little over two hours the doors will be opening. Greg is busy stocking the bar, whilst I am furiously polishing cutlery and glasses.

“Ruth, are you thick or just cloth eared? I told you to speed up. We open in two hours if you checked the clock. You can tell the time I take it?”

Once again I am forced to keep my temper in check. I hate Alexis with a passion, but I cannot afford to lose this job. I have rent and bills to pay. One day though, she is going to find out that it’s not wise to belittle me.

I finally finish the cutlery, making a damn fine job of it even if I do say so myself. Relieved that now it’s just the champagne glasses and then I’m done. I start the task of polishing over a hundred flutes, it’s painstaking and slow, but I will get there.

NO, NO, NO!! Ruth, are you sure you want to keep your job here? Those glasses are smeared, you aren’t doing it properly. Honestly I could get a trained chimp to do your job, and probably do it better you silly little girl.”

I feel my eyes moisten; caused by her constant nit-picking and general jibes. I’m sure she can see the tears in my eyes, as she grins lopsidedly, seemingly happy that if her goal was to upset me, then she certainly succeeded.

Mercifully, the telephone at the far end of the restaurant bursts into life and Alexis marches off to answer it. I’m relieved to get a moment of peace from her hawk like attention.

‘Fuck this’ I murmur under my breath, throwing my glass polish and cloth down, making my way to the staff room to grab my cigarettes and lighter. I’ve been trying to kick the habit, but Alexis has shredded my nerves and I need to calm down. I make my way up the metal fire exit stairs and open the squeaky door onto the fire escape which doubles as a smoking area. Luckily it is a beautiful sunny evening, which lifts my mood a little.

I light my cigarette and inhale deeply, taking in the flavour of harsh tobacco momentarily before exhaling. I curse my lack of will power, telling myself I really need to quit smoking one day soon. The nicotine does its job though, calming me down instantly.

I look out over the city, enjoying the gentle warmth of early summer, looking forward to tomorrow when I finally get a day off to relax. I’m so pre-occupied with thoughts of what I’m going to do that I don’t hear the creaky door opening. I stare in horror expecting that bitch Alexis, but breathe a sigh of relief when I see it is Greg.

Greg is different again; a really nice, gentle guy. I personally don’t know how he can stay married to Alexis, but I imagine he has far more patience than I do.

“So this is where you slope off to is it? Look, I’m so sorry Ruth, she shouldn’t talk to you like that.”

I stub out my cigarette and look into Greg’s big blue eyes.

“No she shouldn’t. It’s hurtful and unprofessional. And I deserve better.”

“No I know, I know. But she won’t listen to me, you know what she’s like. For what it’s worth I think you’re brilliant, and we are lucky to have you.”

I don’t know whether it was Greg’s kind words or the words of Alexis hitting home, but I suddenly and unexpectedly burst into tears.

“Hey, hey, what’s all this then? Don’t cry, Ruth. You know, a lot of Alexis’ words come out of jealousy. She can’t stand the fact that you are younger, and prettier than she is.”

The tears weave their way down my face, slowly. Instinctively, Greg’s soft hands move to stem the flow and brush my tears away. I find myself with no words for a moment, just staring into his steely eyes.

“I think you’re so fucking gorgeous and sexy, Ruth.”

There is a momentary pause before he leans in and kisses my lips slowly and deeply. His lips are as soft as his hands. I don’t stop him, wanting his kiss, enjoying the feel and warmth of the moment.

I respond with force, kissing his lips with wild abandon, feeling his tongue on mine and then his hands groping my bum, pushing me backwards against a wall. His body now meshed against mine, I reciprocate, hands squeezing his amazing tight butt.

No words are exchanged, none are needed in all honesty. We are just lost in the moment, not even caring to check if anyone can see us. Greg’s hands have now ripped open my cheap work blouse, whilst I rub my hand against the growing bulge in his trousers. My god, his dick feels enormous through the material, and I want to get my hands on it.

His hands are now kneading my breasts, making me gasp, not to mention a little wetter than I already am. After a little work, I have his trousers unzipped and my fingers fish out his thick, circumcised cock, already gleaming with pre-cum.

“Oh my, wow! Greg, your cock is so nice, I want it NOW!”

He seems to like that idea, clumsily attempting to get my skirt and panties down. He’s so eager that his hands don’t seem to work! I help him out, unzipping my skirt and letting it fall, he then manages to rip my panties down, exposing my smooth, hairless pussy.

“Ohh Ruth, you are so fucking sexy. I’ve wanted you for so long.”

We kiss again, even harder than before, his middle finger sliding inside me as I massage his dick, making it jut and swell to its full length. I can’t recall a time where I’ve ever wanted to be fucked more, his finger work making me deliciously wet. I’m ready and willing to have sex right here in the open air.

“Fuck me NOW. This minute!”

He smiles sexily, then proceeds to hook his arms under my knees. Sweeping me up and pressing me against the wall. He keeps me in place, holding my weight before sliding his delectable cock deep inside me in one go. I gasp in satisfaction as he fills me nicely. His penis isn’t the biggest I’ve ever had, but it’s nice and thick, and he knows how to use it.

His thrusts become stronger and quicker as he kisses and bites my neck wildly. I’m so lost in this moment, even though the position isn’t comfortable, I couldn’t care less as he fucks me hard.

I can feel my pussy is so wet, soaking his cock and balls as he slams me deeper and deeper. He’s not going to be able to keep this up for long, and I want to come as well, so I deftly finger my clit as he penetrates me. To be honest I am so turned on, my own orgasm won’t be far away.

Greg’s mouth moves down to bite and suck my breasts as he screws me even harder, using his strong arms and legs to keep me pinned in place. I hear his breath shorten and feel his legs tremble, I know he’s about to come, so I rub my clit harder up and down furiously, feeling the familiar rush of orgasm about to wash over me.

His face muscles clench and he grunts loudly and I know he’s coming, spilling his creamy seed deep inside me. This flicks my switch and I feel my own powerful orgasm strike home. I’m gasping and grunting too, not caring who might be able to see, let alone hear me.

We stay as we are for a moment, both taken aback by our exertions, Greg breathing heavily, and sweat studding his brow. Nothing is said, not a word.

After a few moments Greg withdraws his penis from me and I feel the trickle of his semen from my vagina.

I smile sweetly at Greg, admiring his still erect penis.

“Want me to clean you up?”

I don’t give him time to answer anyway, squatting before him, gently sucking his gorgeous cock, removing every trace of cum, and tasting my own juices on it. I savour every last droplet of his semen, before standing back up, and cleaning myself up.

“We better get back inside now, Ruth. Alexis will be wondering where we have gone. You go ahead first, clean yourself up. I’ll meet you in the restaurant in ten minutes.”


“Oh and Ruth, I do hope this isn’t a one off. I’d love to fuck you again.”

I smile sexily, but say nothing, fixing him a sultry stare before making my way back down the stairs. I go on tip-toes hoping to avoid Alexis who will probably be on the prowl by now. I succeed, making it to the sanctuary of the ladies toilet.

I quickly clean and tidy myself up, noticing with dismay that in the heat of the moment, Greg had ripped off one of the buttons on my black blouse. Oh well, too late to do anything about it now.

I swing open the toilet door only to be confronted by the red, angry face of Alexis.

“And where the fuck do you think you’ve been? Don’t you realise we open in hour you stupid bitch?”

She is trembling, incandescent with rage. I notice her nostrils flare and can’t contain a little giggle.

“Oh well I’m glad you find it funny, Ruth. You won’t be laughing if I sack you.”

Enough is enough, she has pushed me too far.

“Too late you stuck up bitch. I quit.”

I barge past her, as I do she asks if I’ve seen her husband.

“Not since he fucked me, no.”

I leave those words hanging in the air, for once Alexis is speechless.

I make my way out of the restaurant and feel the evening sun still has a little strength left in it. I smile and reach for my cigarettes, lighting one up and staring into the clear blue sky. Tonight is such a beautiful night, shame to waste it by working. I’ll worry about the bills in the morning, for now I just want to get drunk. I might even call into The Ark later.

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