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The Yellow Book Fantasies, Ch. 10: Megan, The Soprano

Chad Dupree tells the story of his friend Megan...

Remember when I referenced Megan previously? In my two years in choir, the altos were my favorite section to talk to because you heard so many beautiful voices in so many different personalities. For example, the aforementioned Kiki was somewhat quiet but still sociable.

“Oh, Chad. You like her, do you?” Kiki said, after I greeted Megan.

“Can’t a brother be friendly?” I retorted.

“Nah, you can. I just know the truth. I see it in your eyes.” I looked at Megan socializing with various people, while I checked her out.

Funnily enough, how I met Megan was a story in itself. Megan was a pretty, curvaceous girl who was also in band. She was one of the ones who carried the flags. (They were all female, also, by the way) She was a year under me and was mixed with black and Latina. In the first few weeks I was in choir, getting my feet wet, thinking about making damn sure I hit my notes correctly, I felt a playful pat on my butt.

“What the…”

It was Megan, she was behind me, giggling.

I looked at Paul, and said:

“What was that for?”

“Dude, I think she likes you.”

“Really? Really?” I said, sarcastically. “She probably already got a man.”

Megan was a soprano, which was my least liked section. There were about seven to eight of them. To say they had the lead parts in most of the songs we did, they didn’t act like it. Megan was the only one that was different from the rest. She was talented. I was not the only one who saw this.

The one who saw this was our section leader and soul of the choir at the time, Jordan. Jordan was a good-looking senior with an amazing bass voice. He was talented as hell. However, through time, Jordan and Megan began to laugh and talk. Now, I am generally not a jealous person, but I know when I’m beat. I looked at her. I looked at Jordan. I chuckled to myself.

At this time, we were rehearsing Handel’s “Messiah.” In a few weeks’ time, we were going to perform “Messiah” with all of the choirs in the school district. So, it got a little serious at times. Little by little, I began to notice her beauty. When she smiled. When she laughed. When she licked her pouty lips. Sure, enough, I developed a thing for her. Did I like her? Yes. Did I want her? Maybe. Was I the only one that internally asked those questions? Hell, no.

A few weeks later was “Messiah”, our next performance at one of the other high schools in our district. It was easily the biggest audience we had performed under. After that performance on the bus, I saw something that would change the choir room. I sat in the middle of the bus looking out of the window while Paul was blocking out the noise with my iPod. The aforementioned noise came from everybody else sitting behind me playing Truth or Dare.

“This just got juicy,” I said to myself.

Then I heard the words…

“I dare you to kiss Jordan.”

My head darted. Megan kissed Jordan without any hesitation.

“Well, damn,” I said to myself as the bus drove in the parking lot. Catcalls and whistles were calling. I wanted to address it, but I sadly never did.

Jordan would graduate after that year. The next year would start my second, final, and most tumultuous year in choir for multiple reasons. Paul and I were both seniors. Paul took Jordan’s spot as section leader. Megan was a junior at this point. It was at this time, the music began to die for her.

In my senior year, sadly, Jordan would come back to visit us one more time before he died tragically. Also, due to a schedule screw up, I did not have varsity choir. I had sixth-period choir, with the beginners. However, I did practice with them almost every day during my lunch period.

Little by little, she didn’t show up in rehearsal. Over time, I missed her. I missed seeing her curvaceous body. I loved hearing her sing. Then, I had an inkling why. I asked Megan one day in the hall:

“What happened to you in choir?”

She said simply:

“They were about to beat me up.”

At that moment in time, I got pissed off. I liked her. As a friend and maybe more. But it was too late. I already told one of the altos that I wanted to ask her out. She was a majorette. I was too shy to do it. The rumors started to run about her over time.

“You don’t want none of that, Chad,” She said in our pre-calculus class.

“Why?” I asked.

She hesitated. Then she said:

“Because she’s bisexual.”

I looked at her, tilting my head quizzically.

“So? I don’t care. What does that have to do with shit?” I said. I didn’t believe her. At this point, I was one of the only ones on her side.

They would eventually talk behind her back and spread venomous rumors about her. When she would enter the room, the room would fall silent. At this point, I was fed up.

“And… silence befalls the room…” I said, to piss them off. It worked. I wanted to ask them that was their issue with her, but there was no point in doing it. It was to the point where my best friend and I got residual heat just because we were cool with her. I left the room to go find Megan.

“I’ll be right back. Fuck them. Remember that. Fuck them. Think about it, you know how stupid they sound?” I said to Paul.

“Hey, Megan. I just wanted to say…” I started. We were standing by the auditorium at this time.

“I know.”

“Yeah, don’t listen to them. They’re just hating. They’ve been talking shit about you all this time, but you didn’t hear that from me. Look, you’re talented. You’re beautiful. I’m always on your side,” I said.

“Yeah, thanks. It’s nice to have someone on my side,” she said.

“I got you. Look, Megan… I never got to ask this after what happened… you liked him, didn’t you? You liked Jordan?” I asked genuinely.

“Yeah, I did. Why?” She looked at me in my eyes.

“I was looking at y’all. I’m kind of observant. I might not have known Jordan that long, but he was one of the most talented dudes I have sung with. Plus, to be real, I know when I’m beat. I was kind of checking you out all this time…” I looked into her eyes.

My eyes worked my way down her body. She kissed me. It was a short and sweet one. I returned it back with more passion. After we broke it, we exchanged looks and she directed me to the backstage area of the auditorium where we started again. We went into one of the changing rooms in backstage.

“Mmm. Damn.”

“Yeah. You want me?” She said, teasingly, biting her lip. At this time my penis was erect. She took her top off, showing her bra. She turned around and ground her voluptuous ass on my erection. She was wearing yoga pants.

“Oh…” I reacted.

She lowered her yoga pants to show her blue thong. She looked back and winked. Immediately I dropped down to my knees to reveal her secret. Her thong was damp. I moved it aside. I fondled it. Her beautiful treasure began to moisten. Her breathing began to quicken. I tasted her lips hungrily with my fingers on her. She quickly dropped her thong. A moan escaped her lips. I got turned on more.


“Mmm. Sexy…”

I put my fingers in her from behind, fingering her wetness. I cupped one of her buttocks firmly. I kissed her on the neck lovingly. I unhooked her bra, freeing her breasts.

“Mmm… Uhhh…”

“You like that shit?” I said, hungrily.


I lowered my pants promptly.

“Come get this dick.”

She looked at it and started to suck sensually.

“Mmm, papique rico!”

When she sucked, it highlighted her pouty lips. I cupped her breasts, hanging, while she sucked away. I playfully picked at her dark nipples, making them erect. She quietly moaned.

“Mmm. Spit on it. Spit on it for me.”

Her gorgeous trail of saliva lubricated my throbbing erection even more.

“You like that, papi?”

“Turn around.” I smacked her curvy ass as I entered her. She moaned.

“Oh, shit. Oh, fuck. Fuck me, papi!”

Her moans were rhythmic. Her breasts bounced every time I penetrated her with lust. I groped them like a hungry animal. I penetrated her deeper and slower.

“You like this shit?” I asked.

“Yeahhhh…” She answered, moaning at the same time. I felt more of her wetness on me. I smacked her buttocks firmly.

“You like this shit? Look back at me,” I said, more hungrily. She looked back while I fucked her with more emotion and passion. I felt her dripping treasure on my fingers which turned me on more. She was taking me higher and higher. That moment was coming.

“Suck this finger. Suck it.” She sucked the finger full of her juices aggressively. I fucked her harder.

“Mmm. Uhh! Uhh!” She moaned with ecstasy. I leaned over and said softly:

“Turn around. I want to see you.”

Seamlessly, she turned around with her back to the wall, I look at her beautiful nude body as I kiss her softly.

“Goddamn, you’re beautiful.”

I lubricated and inserted my throbbing erection inside her again. I looked at her as I penetrated her.


“Oh, shit.”

With every stroke, every penetration, I noticed something pure about her beauty. As she moaned, I caressed her face, looking into her eyes. With every lustful hungry penetration, her sizable breasts hopped ever so little.

“Ah! Ah! Fuck me! Fuck me, papi! Papi!”

I fucked her harder than I ever did before. My hand that caressed her cheek was now drifted to her mouth. She sucked my fingers as my climax was coming quickly.

“I’m coming. I’m coming.”

She got on her knees quickly and jerked me off as I came all over her. I was breathless. She had a smile on her face as she cleaned herself off. I put on the rest of my clothes.

“Chad,” She said to me.


“You’re welcome.”

“Oh, and Chad, don’t you forget about me…” She tossed me her blue thong. “Keep it. I’m going for cheerleading senior year anyway.”

“Ooh. Cheerleading, I might be back for homecoming…” I said, curiously. She laughed.

“Oh, and Megan, this is just to set the record straight… do you like girls also?” I said, semi-jokingly.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” She said.

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