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The Yellow Book Fantasies, Ch. 14: Love Story in Sin City

Chad Dupree meets "The Sweetheart" again...

I fell in love with this town. This town called Sin City. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. I fell for it as an adult ironically. The first time I went, I was about eight or nine. There's really nothing to do until you're of age. This story is a tale of coincidence, luck, and sin.


I went to Vegas almost every single year. I was looking forward to this one especially. I had plans to go a strip show. Until in the casino on my first day, I saw someone who I never thought I’d see there:


“Becky?” I tilted my head. “Oh my God. It is.”

Remember “The Sweetheart” from one of my prior adventures? Her real name is Becky. Becky was there with three other girls when she found me. After high school, Becky went to college with me for a short time. She was one of those sorority chicks. I had a thing for them back then. She looked good. She looked really good. Becky ran up to me and hugged me.

“Well, damn. Good to see you too, sweetheart,” I said, smiling.

“What you here in Vegas for, Chad?”

“Well, vacation. You know. I got a show to see some titties. Might gamble, you know. It’s chill at this time. This place is like my second city,” I said.

“This is my last night. You just arriving?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“We coming with you to see some titties! I want to see some too!”

I shook my head smiling, thinking:

“This chick is still an enigma…”

“What the hell. I could use a female’s accompaniment.”

I walked with Becky to her friends accompanying her on her trip. I was naturally shy, plus the only testosterone in this situation. This could go well.

“Chad, this is Katie,” Becky said.

“Nice to meet you.”


Katie was a slim woman with budded breasts. She was fairly attractive in the face.

“This is Jenna.”

We shook hands cordially. Jenna was slightly more buxom. All three were wearing dresses. Only with Jenna’s dress, her cleavage was shown more, drawing my eyes to her breasts.

“And this is Abby.”

Abby had a bubbly demeanor to her with a great smile and athletic figure.

“Nice to meet you, Chad.”

“You too.”

“How do you know Becky?” She said.

My mind hearkened back to our times in high school, and our “experiences” together. I looked at her.

“Oh, um…” Becky interrupted me.

“Old friend from back in the day,” she said.


“Where you taking us for breakfast, Chad?” She said.

I rolled my eyes.

“Oh, hell. You know that shit is expensive here, right? And I know y’all drink,” I said.

They all nodded.

“Damn. Oh, I forgot to ask this: how do you know Becky?” I said, tilting my head.

“Oh, college. Same sorority,” Abby said.

“Ooh. I did have a thing for sorority chicks. Becky and myself went to college together. I didn’t see you.” I said with an almost deviant smile.

They giggled. I thought:  Did I just walk into a harem setting?

As we were walking to the restaurant that I hand-picked, I said to Becky:

“Hey, so, how’s everything with you? Didn’t get to ask.”

“Good. Good. Just working my ass off.”

Becky was a teacher, teaching small children in our hometown.

“Likewise, getting ready to write this story of mine. I got to admit, you as a teacher is a good look,” I said. She smiled.

“You’re not putting in when I sucked that big fat dick of yours, are you?” She said softly.

“Yeah, why?”

“Larry found out.”

Larry was her boyfriend. He also went to school with us. Larry was currently stationed in the military on the East Coast. Larry was somewhat nerdy, lanky, awkward, like me back then. However, she had a type.

“How the hell did he find out? That was years ago!” I said.

“Hey, y’all coming?” Jenna called back to us.

“That’s kind of why I’m here, really…” She said.


Later, after we ate our breakfast…


“I got to ask. I know you can’t talk about sorority stuff with outsiders, but is it really like the movies? Like ‘Scream 2’ without the killer? Or ‘American Pie’? I considered pledging but… nah. I have been in a frat house though.” I said, getting everything out of me.

“Here he goes…” Becky said.

“What?” I said back.

“Your jokes are corny,” She said.

“And? Your point?”

“No, it’s not like the movies,” Becky said.

“And it’s not like those fake pretentious sluts in ‘Kappa Kappa Bitch’ circa the 1990s that give us a bad name,” Jenna said.

“It’s true,” Abby chimed in.

“Good to know,” I said. I took a long sip of my orange juice.

The check came not long afterwards. I looked at the check incredulously:

“Ok, I am not made up of money. Y’all still want to see some titties tonight? We are splitting this shit.”

I showed them the check and patiently waited for their portion of the check.

After we walked out of the restaurant, I heard Becky say something to them. My head tilted in curiosity.

“Hey, Chad, can we talk alone?” She said.

I cursed mentally.

“Yeah,” I said.

We began to walk the other direction while the others began to gamble. We stopped and sat on a bench. Becky looked at me with sincerity now.

“Yeah, uh, Chad, I am here on a girls’ trip. You’ve figured that out, right?” Becky said.

“Yeah, I did.”

“The second reason is to get away from Larry. You know, take a break,” she said.

“I thought he was back East,” I said back.

“He is. Last time he was back home, we had an argument…”

“Oh, shit,” I said to myself. “That’s how it happened…”

“I was angry. He called me a cum slut because I took some dick before him. We’re not perfect,” she said.

“Amen to that.”

“Says the man who fucked my best friend in the ass because her then-boyfriend wouldn’t…”

“She wanted it. Ask her,” I said.

“I’m kidding. I’m kidding. Why so serious?” She said, smiling. I shook my head.

“You want to know something that’s really fucked up? I said ‘I love you’ while fucking. It was my first real crush, too. She’s getting married.”

Becky winced.

“I know. Fucked up, ain’t it?” I said.

“Yup,” She started. “But, you know what? Let’s go be fucked up together.”

She grazed my back softly. I looked at her.

“I know this Strip like the back of my hand. Let me show you,” I said, with a reassuring smile.


Las Vegas was home of the glitz. It was the home of glamour. I showed her the clubbing.

“This is Light. The nightclub of this place. There a lot of sexy nightclubs here. A lot. I had a dream about this club when I was twenty… long story,” I said.

“What happened?”

“Basically, I was dancing with this chick. She kinda looked like Katie a little when I think about it… nothing sexual, just a random ass dream.”

“Okay, whatever,” she said. Then, slowly she got a smile. “Hey, it sounds to me it’s obvious you want to club in Vegas. It’s our last night. Come with us.”

After a few seconds of consideration, I finally said:

“Fuck it. We looking like bad bitches tonight!”

She laughed.

As we walked back toward the table games, I looked at the blackjack tables. Becky said something to me:

“You’re a thrillseeker, aren’t you?” She said looking in my eyes. I looked at her. “You don’t drink. You don’t smoke. But you like gambling and women. That’s why you always said ‘Fuck it’ back in high school. You had nothing to lose.”

I said nothing. She looked at me with an interested look now. Her cell phone vibrated.

“Yeah. And?” Was all I could muster to say.

“That text was the others, by the way. Meet me at the craps table,” She said simply. She sashayed away. I watched her hips sway.

“What the hell was that about?” I said to myself. Was I getting attracted to Becky? I walked to the craps table, which was quiet at the time.

“All right, Chad Dupree. If you win this bet…” Becky looked around, and thought for a moment. “I’ll give you an ‘experience’ we’ve never had together. First. I’ll show you my ass.”

I looked at her quizzically. I placed my bet promptly and shrugged. I got the dice.

“I always wanted to do this. Blow them for me, baby girl,” I said.

She did reluctantly. I threw them. I won. I fist-pumped silently. I whispered:

“You know our agreement…”

She hiked up her dress quickly and shook her ass cutely as she flashed her panties to me quickly.

“Hmm. Cute.”

“Double or nothing: If you win this bet, I will kiss you and…” Becky started.

“And what? Secondly, what kiss? Is it a cheek kiss? Or…”

“Real one. Shut up.”

“You know, we can work with this right?” I said jokingly, softly. She jabbed me.

I watched another one roll after I placed my bet. I won again. I looked at her, smiling.

“I’m on a roll, baby,” I said, with a smile.

“Don’t call me ‘baby,’” She said, before kissing me in the middle of the casino floor. The kiss got deeper. Her beautiful pink lips were damn near impossible to break. She kissed me with aggression, but not too much aggression. Finally, the kiss broke.

“You know, babe, maybe we can work with this,” She said to me, subconsciously biting her lip. “Last time, if you win… you know what they say about Vegas?”

“Yeah, what happens here, stays here…” I said.

She rubbed against my crotch area, making me hard. She looked back at me, licking her lips as the dice rolled.



Ten to fifteen minutes later, in Becky’s hotel room…


“Mmm. Mmmm. Damn,” I said after breaking off a long deep kiss from her.


“So aggressive. You really wanted me, did you?” I said.

“Shut up and drop ‘em. Let me see that dick of yours.”

I dropped my jeans and my underwear to reveal my throbbing erection. Becky kissed it softly, caressing it, then sucking it slowly.

“Mmm, so big…” Becky said, trailing a bit of her beautiful saliva on it. “You like it when I suck it?” She said, sucking it and almost playfully licking it.

“Yeah… keep sucking…”

“Mmm… I missed this,” she said.

As she proceeded sucking my throbbing erection, I thought:

What’d this chick say?

But I put it out of my mind. But not after I had these thoughts also:

Did this chick say she misses my dick? Don’t she have a man?

At that time, I said to her:

“Come here.”

I kissed her aggressively. She kissed back. The kiss got deeper and deeper until I grabbed her on the cheek and said to her:

“You miss this? You miss this dick?”

I slid my hand under her dress and started to fondle her.

“Yesss…” She said, moaning softly.

“Take out your tits. Show me you miss this dick. Show me.”

She got on her knees and took down the straps of her dress. She took down her bra, exposing her fine, milk-colored breasts. I gently put my erection in her mouth. She started sucking.

“Yes… that’s it. Show me you miss this.”

I caressed her face as she sucked. Soon she started to deep throat. Her gagging and saliva began to moisturize my erection. She stopped for a second. Her chest was shiny due to saliva. I looked in her light brown eyes. I wiped her face softly and kissed her on the lips.

“Turn around.”

Her dress was still on. She bent over and hiked her dress up. She looked back at me.

“Fuck me,” She said with urgency.

Her cute pink panties were staring me in the face. I pulled them down. I reached down into her tight, wet treasure. It felt beautiful in every way. Then I got on my knees, firmly grasped her buttocks and tasted her. My tongue went deeper into her tight sweet tasting taint.

“Ugh. Ugh. Chad… Ughhh.”

“Say my name,” I said, after slapping her ass. At this point, I was fingering her wetness while rimming her ass.

“Ughhh… Oh shit! Oh, shit, Chad, fuck me, Chad!”

“That’s right…” I entered her beautiful wetness slowly. I started fucking her slowly. She started moaning in small volumes then incrementally louder. I bent over to whisper:

“Mmm, you missed this dick, huh?” As I kissed her lovingly on the cheek and neck.


“You want this dick?” I said as I kept fucking slowly. I slapped her tight ass again.


“Show me. Take this dick,” I said, as I started fucking faster. She started moaning louder and wilder. I groped her milk-colored breasts. I tweaked her brown nipples like an animal. She bit her bottom lip which got me going even more. She soon started to twerk on my erection, looking back at me. I pulled her dress for leverage.

“You like that ass on your dick?” She said.

“Shit…” I moaned.

As she backed her ass up, the sun was on her skin. It showed her beauty perfectly as she was moaning. Her breathing was heavy.

“Damn, you’re so sexy,” I whispered. She smiled back at me as her breasts were hopping gingerly as I penetrated her. As I looked at her face, I grabbed her arms, slapped her ass and said:

“Come here. Come get this dick,” I said.

I started to fuck her faster than ever before. She started moaning immediately.

“Ah! Ah! Ugh! Fuck!” She moaned with longing in her voice. I wanted that longing.

“You like this dick? Huh?”


I slapped her ass again. Her ass cheeks were getting red now.

“You want this dick?”

I slapped it again. I started to fuck her deeper.

“Ugh! Ugh! Yeahhhh! Ugh!”

“Come get this nut.”

She got on her knees to jerk me off. When finally, I came over her pretty face and chest. She licked it all off.

“So, Chad?” Becky said.

“Yeah?” I replied, as I was putting on my clothes.

“You think I’m a cum slut?”

Before I could answer the question, the door opened. It was the other girls.

“Shit. Oh, shit. They’re here. I’m going to jump in the shower. You can take those,” Becky said, pointing to her panties. I took them, sniffed their scent, and put it in my pocket.

I spent that time while she was in the shower thinking. I fucked another man’s woman. They might have problems, but that’s low. When she got out she changed into a top and boy shorts.

“Chad, just do what I do,” She said softly, while in the bathroom.

“Which is?”



“So, I was like… heyyy!” Becky said to me, suddenly with a different demeanor.

“What’s good?” I said to them, catching on.

“Wait, what are you doing here?” Jenna asked.

“We were down playing craps. Chad killed it. He was dropping me off.”

“Oh, you know. We still down for the titties?” I said to Becky.


“Let me go to my room now… I’ll see you tonight, then?”


I left the room as swiftly as possible. I had this thought as soon as I left:

Oh my God. I can’t believe I did that shit…

That night with three beautiful women, I went to a strip show and saw some beautiful bouncing breasts.

“Would you do her?” Becky asked me, during the show. I looked at the woman on the stage and contemplated.

“Ehhhh… maybe.”

“I would. You think I’d survive as a stripper?” She asked. The question made me blush and made me picture her as a stripper.

“You know what? Hell, yeah.”

Later that night, we were at Light. All of the females were drunk. One wasn’t as drunk. It was Katie. I was sitting at the bar listening to the bass bumping. All of the females had on club attire while I had on shirt and slacks.



“What were you and Becky really doing?”

There was a long pause. Was I made? I was a bad liar.

“Ok, Becky and myself…”

I got interrupted by Becky who grabbed my hand and said in my ear:

“Dance with me!”

As we got to the dance floor, Becky said to me:

“You weren’t going to tell, were you?”

“I’m a storyteller. I had a contingency plan.”

She smiled.

“You better,” she said.

“Oh, and Chad, you never answered my question…” Becky said.

“No. But you’re his cum slut. Only his. It will always stay here,” I said, touching her shoulders. “One last dance, baby girl?”

Becky reached up and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“One dance, Chad Dupree.”

We danced vigorously into the night.

As I watched Becky and her sorority sisters leave the next day, thus ends this story of a tale of coincidence, luck, and sin. Sin City has a special place in my heart. And so, does she.

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