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There's A Babysitter in my bed!

You wouldn't believe what I find in my bed...
It has been too long since I’ve touched a woman…. I thought as I walked in the front door, stumbling a little from the few drinks I had at the bar after work. Continuing inside I look at my kitchen clock its 8:55PM past my son Bens bedtime. Looking down I see the babysitter Carmen reading on the couch and I couldn’t help noticing what she was wearing, a pink mini skirt and a white tank top, with no bra! Just looking at her long brown hair and perfect body was giving me a hard on. I turn around and just as I’m about to walk away she looks up from her book,

“Hey Mr.Gaza!” She says happily, putting away her book. God her smile is sexy.

“Please Carmen, call me Scott.” I say smiling slowly, feeling the effects of the few drinks I glide over to the liquor cabinet to get another, as I’m bending over I ask,

“So how was Ben today?” I stand and pour myself a hearty drink.

“Oh he was great! I think he really likes me he totally cooperated with me perfectly!” Carmen replies bouncing on the couch happily.

I look down and notice her breasts jiggle as she bounces, feeling my cock flex against my leg I take a large sip of my drink and look away letting her words fall into silence, God she’s only 17 for Christ’s sake…I think to myself as I wander closer in the room

“SO! Mr.Gaz- I mean… Scott what did you do after work today?” Carmen asks and gets up off the couch as I answer her question she slowly walks to the fridge and I watch her as she bends over to grab a soda I cant help but stare at her ass. It was unbelievable. When I was done talking she walked back over to me and once again I stared, my cock was getting harder and harder and I didn’t know if it was noticeable or not anymore. I sit down on the chair across from the couch and sip my drink hoping that would hide my massive hard on.

“So Scott my dad cant pick me up is it okay if I stay the night?” Carmen asks peeking over her book her blue eyes gleaming in the light.

“Of course.” I reply

“GREAT!” she says hopping off the couch. “then may I take a shower? Then go to bed?” I nod and tell her where the towels and the guest bedroom are.

Thanking me she walks away and I savoured those few steps out the door. About five minuets later I’m sitting in my study hard as a rock listening to the shower run, imagining Carmen naked with water running all over her body I wonder how her breasts feel under my hands… I think to myself as I pour myself yet another drink drinking it slowly as I lightly rub my hardness over my jeans.

A few hours and a few more drinks later after I heard Carmen go to bed I decide I need a shower, so I head upstairs and grab a towel. In the shower I couldn’t stop thinking about Carmen and it didn’t take long before I was rock hard again and this time I couldn’t help but grab it and slowly stroke it picturing Carmen washing her body, not even realising I’m going faster and faster imagining her fingers sliding into her tight pussy and before I even know I’m coming hard moaning Carmen’s name, the ecstasy rolling over me again and again as I pump the cum out of me. When I was done, feeling tired I wash my body and get out of the shower. As I dry off I imaging Carmen naked sleeping in the guest bedroom I wonder if she has a shaved pussy…I think as I continue to dry off. Even though I had just came I could feel myself getting stiff again shaking the thoughts out of my head I exit the bathroom through the dark hallway towards my bedroom.

Getting inside with the lights still off I notice a towel on the floor that wasn’t there before. Not really caring I crawl into my bed, as I’m getting settled I feel something beside me when I reach over and touch it and it’s Carmen!! Asleep! And as I move the blankets a bit my god.. She’s naked! Instantly my cock was hard. Listening to her breath slowly knowing she’s asleep I gave myself a few seconds to gain my composure, after taking a few deep breaths I reach over and shake Carmen’s shoulder saying her name,

“Wh-what?” She says as she slowly opens her eyes suddenly she jerks around.

“OH MY GOSH MR.GAZA!! What are you doing in here?!” She practically screams.

“Me?” I ask “what are YOU doing in MY bed?” I ask in an angry voice even though my cock is as hard as diamond.

“What?” she asks confused “I thought this was the guest bedroom…” After a few seconds her eyes get wide.

“OH GOSH! I’m in your bed! I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry! I’ll get out.” as she starts to get out I feel myself instinctively reaching out to her.

“No no, don’t go it’s okay. Besides the guest bed isn’t comfortable at all its much better in here,” I pat the bed lightly and smile “come on its okay.” She smiles and crawls back into the bed but putting the blankets over her so I couldn’t see anything.

“Well thank you for letting me sleep in here Mr-…….Scott.” She says as she settles down in the bed.

“Trust me Carmen it was nothing.” I reply and put my hands behind my head and close my eyes letting the silence fall between us, minuets crawl by and I almost hoped Carmen wasn’t there so I could masturbate again but before I could get too deep in thought Carmen rolled onto her side.

“Scott I have to be honest I’m freezing over here do you mind….?” she said with a sweeping motion with her hand. Nodding and rubbing my eye with one hand I move my other across her pillow as she moves in closer to me. Thinking she was just going to get a little closer she moves her body in fast and tight against my body and in fact she is cold!

“BRRR-rrrr-rr” she says as she clings to me.

“Wow,” I say as I rub my hand over her shoulders “You really are cold.” She chuckles and wraps one of her legs around me almost touching my waist so close to touching my cock, she sighs happily and settles her head on my shoulder.

“Can you keep rubbing my shoulder?” she asks lightly looking up at me. I agree and continue rubbing her shoulders trying SO hard not to think about her naked body pressed tight against me but it was so dark and its all I could feel I move the hand not rubbing Carmen’s shoulder and lightly put my hand on my rod pressing just lightly and before I knew it a moan escaped my lips and I opened my eyes in horror looking down at Carmen hoping she didn’t hear me I notice she’s looking up at me grinning.

“Wow Scott I barely did anything,” she chuckles lightly and moves her leg up right over my cock and props herself over me, giving me her innocent eyes “I don’t think I can fall asleep without a good night kiss..” She says looking away. She’s playing with me.. I think to myself as I look at her almost confused to hell with it..

“Of course Carmen I know how it is.” I say and pull her just a bit closer she leans down and lightly kisses me lingering just long enough to know that was definitely not a goodnight kiss.

As she starts to pull away I put my hand on top of her hair and pull her back kissing her more deeply almost rough, feeling her moan into my mouth I take the hand on her head and move it slowly down her body feeling how smooth her skin is and I feel my cock flex against her leg, feeling her smile against my lips Carmen moves her hand down and lightly touches my part and mumbles into my mouth.

“May I?” I vigorously nod and continue to kiss her as she grabs my meat and starts to slowly stroke it, I moan and thrust into her hand and she giggles and starts to stroke a bit faster.

“Oh gosh Scott this is making me so wet! Feel me.” She says and spreads her legs, eager I slide my hand down and feel her smooth hairless pussy my fingers trailing over her clit and then between her lips feeling her wetness.

“OH GOD!” I cry out feeling how wet her pussy is, it was like putting my fingers in water. I look over at Carmen to see her grinning at me, taking my hand off of her she slides down till her face is level with my hips, my hard-on staring her in the face. A small moan escaping her lips she reaches out and grabs my cock squeezing lightly making my body twitch with anticipation.

“What do you want me to do?” She asks staring at my cock in her hand.

“Mmmm… Carmen suck on my dick.” the second the words fell out of my lips her mouth was around the tip of my cock, sucking on just the tip making me groan and thrust my hips, pushing my dick an inch further into her mouth, then slowly she works her way down my shaft. Hitting the bottom she pops up and starts to work her way down again getting faster and faster. I slide my hands through her hair and hold her hair back so I can watch her mouth move over my hard cock.

“Fuck Carmen! That feels so good!” I yell through gritted teeth pushing her heard down further, I feel her moan with my cock in her mouth the feeling making me throw my head back and moan. Suddenly Carmen lifts her head up off of me with a sexy grin on her face.

“Mmm.. Scott I really want you inside of me..” she says lightly playing with the tip of my dick. Hearing that I grab her and position her on the bed so she’s on her back and I’m over top of her, my hard dick resting on top of her pussy I look at Carmen and I see she’s looking down at my cock with her lips parted and eyes wide, she glances up at me and smiles.

“Fuck me Scott.” I grin and take my meat and slide it along up and down her pussy making her squirm and moan lightly then quick as a flash I plunge my cock into her feeling her hot wetness all over my cock,

“OH shit Carmen! Your pussy feels amazing!” I groan as I start to fuck her slow at first feeling every little part of her pussy.

“Oh Gosh please Scott fuck me, fuck me hard.” Carmen moans tilting her head back. Listening to her I start to thrust fast and hard getting as deep as I possibly could.

Pounding her harder and harder I look down and watch her breasts bounce with each thrust her moans filling my ears she reaches up and puts her fingers in my hair and tugs. With each thrust I feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming, quickly I pull out of her.

“What? What? Why?” Carmen says with a pout when I pull out. I look at her.

“I want you to get on top of me and ride me Carmen.” I say as I move myself on the bed so I’m laying on my back. A large smile creeps across her face as she climbs on top of me. She grabs my hard on and hovers her pussy just over top of it, she looks at me and leans down kissing me passionately our tongues mingling together, then when I don’t expect it she slides her pussy onto my cock andstarts riding me fast.

“OH GOD CARMEN YES!” I yell as I watch her body bounce on my rock hard dick, I lean up and pull her close and bury my face in her breasts trailing my hands along her back I grab her ass and lean back.

“Oh Scott!” Carmen screams, “I’m gonna cum!” Hearing that I quickly start to pound inside her.

“Oh fuck Scott! I’m cumming! I'm cumming! Yes, yes!” still thrusting I feel her pussy convulse on my penis bringing me that last inch of pleasure.

“Carmen I’m cumming too unnnngh!” I pull her down and kiss her hard as we both cum, feeling the pleasure wash over me I thrust a few more times feeling it get wet with our juices and I feel her moan into our kiss I feel her collapse on top of me.

After we finish she slides off me and lays on the bed beside me and cuddles close to me.

“Oh my Scott… That was amazing..” she says with a sigh I turn my head still panting and kiss her forehead.

“Carmen, did you actually come in the wrong bedroom? Or did you do this too get with me?” I ask sliding my arm around her.

“Actually..” she says blushing and looking away “I actually came into the wrong room..” I laugh and pull her close letting my eyes get heavy letting us fall into blissful sleep.

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