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Things We Do In Secret

She takes charge while in our secret place
We head down to our secret place, where the two of us can be alone. Usually it takes a while before one of us makes the move but it’s been too long. I grab you and hold you close with our lips meshing and our tongues wrestling. Our hands are roaming each other’s bodies squeezing, feeling.

This lasts for maybe five minutes when you tell me to lie down. I comply and lie down and watch you slip off your pants to show me your glorious panties. You then slide those of to show your lovely mound and pussy.

You them walk over and place one leg on each side of me and then sit on my face and tell me to eat you. I waste no time and commence with eating you out. I lick up and down your wet slit gently sticking my tongue in with each pass. Then I settle on your clit and suck and nibble. The longer I do this the more you wiggle and squirm. I lift you up and place you on the chair and then go back between your legs. You clit is engorged and throbbing and bliss is across your face. I continue sucking and reach a hand up to play with your breast. That’s when you suddenly stop and cry out in orgasmic pleasure. I let you come down and relax and give you’re a deep long kiss with your juices still on my face.

Then after a minute of recuperation, you tell me to stand up. I do and within seconds your hands are on my belt, loosening and pulling down my pants to reveal a tent in my boxers. You give me one long kiss while playing with my member, pulling twisting, and then you get on your knees and down go my boxers.

You start by swallowing my cock deeply to the point of chocking then slide out to the tip them repeat again. You do this several times and I’m in heaven. When you need a break you slide your semi-open mouth along the underside of my shaft and pop one of my balls into your mouth and then the other, sucking as you do so.

This lasts for a while then you stop and get up. You go over to the chair and sit showing me your holes. You insert a finger into your pussy and pull it out. The juice is trickling down to your asshole. Your finger then spreads the juice all over your asshole until it’s good and moist.

Standing up, you lean over the chair into doggy position and show me your beautiful ass.

I come forward and rub your slit up to your asshole then back down. I know what you want, but this is the first time doing that so I’ll take it easy. My pinky easily slips into your lubed ass and I work it in and out. I then move up to my pointer finger which causes you to wince ever so slightly. I do this till I’m confident your hole can take my middle and pointer finger. Pain shoots across your face as I insert but seconds later your face is filled with want and need.

So I position my self behind you and have my cock in hand. I slowly begin to insert and your face is buried into the chair. I hear slight sobbing then I am all the way up to my hilt. Reaching around, I pull up your face and see tear marks and ask if you want to stop. You look at me and say to go on. I thrust in and out a few times very slowly and ask if you are ok. You say it feels a lot better now and to speed it up. I do and start thrusting quicker.

The feeling of my cock in your ass is amazing. This truly is heaven. I can tell your enjoying it from the cry’s of joy I hear. I reach down and play with your clit and in a few seconds you tell me you are cumming.

I continue to thrust till I say I’m about ready to cum. You get up and kneel before me with your hand moving wildly over my cock. I deeply inhale and shoot cum onto your face and into your open mouth. We are both satisfied. You and I clean up just in time cause then someone comes our way and we quickly get into position to make it look like we are going to watch a movie.

While the person is there watching the movie too, you slip your hands in my shorts and bring my cock back to life. You tease me till the person leaves then I shove you down and rip off your pants to eat you out again. You come much quicker this time. When I finish, you then blow me while I sit down and swallow every bit of my cum.

We do this again one more time till it is time for you too go. I lead you to the door and your kiss me and grab my again stiffening cock and tell me we will do this again next time.

All I can think about while watching you drive away is how I will be able to wait till next time.

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