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Those baby blue eyes

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"Half an hour until close!.."

the bartender said aloud to the few remaining folks in the dim lit bar, his voice loud and powerful almost seeming to bounce off the walls of the quiet bar.
The bartender wiped the sweat from his brow before finishing polishing his glass, the large man looked at me giving me a slight warning glare. He knew I could be trouble just by looking at me, 6'3 224lbs. My long hair giving the impression that I was some sort of bad boy looking to get into a fight with some other ugly mug in this worn down piece of shit excuse of bar. Out in the middle of no where just off the highway leading to the Mexican border.

I wasn't in this joint looking for trouble, I wasn't some punk wanting to get his cheap thrills from beating down some snot nose bartender, hell I have never even been in a fight with anyone since I was in the third grade. I stopped by this bar to get a drink before seeing my stepfather in Mexico and I just happened to run into an old girlfriend of mine and was sitting right next to her, laughing and sipping on her little Margarita smiling and talking in that sweet southern accent of hers.

Vicky was her name, an old high school sweet heart with a body so slim and fit she could be a goddamn ass model, a perfect copper toned skin. Long black hair and baby blue eyes that pretty much forced you to stare back into them if you met your opals with her own. Huge perfect tits that on many nights would be wrapped tightly around my cock. A wild attitude that gave me the impression of some hot biker chick off the movies I watched on occasion.

Just being around her brought out the wild side in anyone that was around her, the life of any party in high school, sure we eventually went our separate ways our polar opposite attitudes almost got us to the point we were jumping down each other's throat.
Mostly her bitching about little shit, but I gotta tell you no one could make fucking more fun and exhilarating than Vicky. Just looking at me while sucking my cock, staring up at me to see my enjoyment was enough to make me cum inside that hot tight mouth of hers. I smiled lightly as I thought about that as we talked at the bar, "So tell me sugar." She finally said after a moment of staring at each other after the bartender interrupted us on who which country artist was better, "Where you staying tonight baby?"
I looked down at the almost empty glass of scotch I had left. "Well hun, I'm not really sure I was planning on just driving through the night but I ran into your gorgeous little self so I don't know what the plan is now."

I looked up smiling at her as I said this, looking back into those winter blue eyes just losing myself in them, even after seven years of being away from her she still seemed unchanged by time and if anything more gorgeous, she giggled at me while I stared and took a sip from her drink. Looking up at me as she did, as if teasingly imitating when she would tease the tip of my cock with her lips, "Well sweets, I got a couch you can crash on for the night, and there ain't gonna be no objections to it better safe than sorry."

Her accent was strong in those words and just hearing her made my dick harden a little. I was not going to refuse her offer anyway, I had been feeling a strong vibe from her ever since we started talking, I watched her eyes and where they moved and saw them at some points in our conversation trailing down to my cock not even bothering hiding it too even smiling at me as I caught her,"I have no means of objecting to that offer sweets, hell I'll crash where ever you want to hun." She giggled before finishing off the Margarita, and started to reach into her purse but I stopped her and laid a twenty on the table for both our drinks, I told the bartender to keep the change and followed her out before looking at the time on the clock on the wall, 2:46am the hands on the clock told me. Vicky drove saying she would drop me off here to pick up my truck in the morning, we continued to talk about bullshit and how our families were doing before reaching her house which took about nine to ten minutes from the bar. This town for the most part was small and everyone knew everyone, the type of towns I hated actually, I was a city boy and only came to the outdoors to get away in the woods for hunting and camping.

Vicky's house was small but nice, big enough for one independent spirit like herself, she told me on the way up to her house that her father left an acre of his land to her before he passed away. A little shotgun house pretty good sized room and a nice closed off bed room, "Well here it is, it's not much but it's quiet." I looked around and observed the front room I finally turned my attention to her,

"That's surprising, with that funky ass attitude of yours I'd figure it be party central." She rolled her eyes and smiled before flopping down on the couch,"Well it was at first, just a few get together with friends but as we got older you how it gets."

I sat down next to her and nodded at her statement, "Well here is something I hadn't asked, how come your aren't seeing anybody." She took a moment to take in the question, a more serious expression passing over her face for a split second then going back to her more calm and collected self "Well there was this one guy, we dated for about two years and he wanted to actually get engaged but I turned him down I mean you know how I am, too independent preferring an open relationship with nothing to tie me down." I nodded and told her to go on, "So yeah after that we kinda just broke it off, and things pretty much got dull. I mean he was a great guy in all but the whole marriage and family thing isn't for me sugar."

"Then what do you do for fun, I mean this town is pretty small and boring." I asked

"Oh I still have girlfriends I get together with, have a few drinks go out of town and such, although nothing too wild. I mean nothing as wild as when you and me had our fire going." She said grinning showing her pearly whites in an almost seductive sexy kind of way grinning as she scooted closer to me now rest her head near my shoulder.
"Do you remember the time by the lake?" she asked now grinning while biting her lower lip, I looked away for a moment thinking about that memorable night. Hot and heavy under a twin sleeping bag, a roaring fire making us sweat with friends so drunk and oblivious of our play we were practically alone.

"Oh yeah I remember, we were sweating our asses off in that bag, I also remember going down on you licking your pussy until all I could breath in was your sweet aroma." I saw her breathe in deep for a moment relishing possibly at the thought of me laying my tongue on her clit, she looked backed at me,
"And do you remember what happened then?" now laying a hand on my thigh just centimeters away from my throbbing hard on, "How could I forget, you pulled me up before going down on me and sucking my cock." I felt a tickling sensation run up my spine, thinking of her hot mouth wrapped tightly around my prick going all the way down so I could feel her pink throat vibrating against it.

Vicky moved closer now her icey blues looking back at me losing myself in them, the world could of ended right there and I would be too blind to see it. My attention only focused on her, nothing else mattered to me but this gorgeous amazing woman. Her large chest breathing deep and heavy before she spoke, "You know I have missed you so much sugar." The next thing I knew I could feel her nails rubbing softly behind the back of my head before leaning in and meeting her lips, the soft fruity taste of her drink still lingered in her mouth, the sweet sensation of saliva alcohol and strawberries flooded my tongue and nose with its aroma. Our breathing heavier now, I leaned into her laying her back on the couch as I moved over her, moving my hair out of both our faces I reached back down to kiss her to feel her soft pink flawless lips slap lightly against my own.

My lips moved down to her petite warm, neck licking and kissing the side of her throat making her body shiver and tighten up, her fingers massaging and caressing the back of my hair. My cock now fully hard to point it hurt having it in my jeans, I moved my lips over her ear speaking softly in a whisper "Oh baby, I'm so hard for you right I want to feel your hot lips over my fucking cock!"

She breathed in deeply as she listened to me talk nasty to her, "Mmm sugar let me taste that cock, I wanna feel your salty load down my fucking throat." I gave her one last long kiss before moving off her, Vicky sat up and slowly moved a petite hand over my crotch, my throbbing erection clearly visible through my skin tight jeans.

She trekked her fingers along the outline, teasing me while watching my facial expressions. Even her fingers were giving me jolts of sensations that would make my body shiver, her eyes looking at me the whole time smiling at my enjoyment. After much teasing, her hands moved to unzip and release my cock from it's tight prison that confined and constricted it. Flopping out, Vicky's eyes grew wide upon seeing my brick hard cock. She giggled for moment covering her mouth as she moved her hand over it running her fingers in a circular motion over the head.

"Good lord baby, I forgot how big you were." she said making me blush a little at the compliment. She moved her lips over my head, slowly stroking it as she slowly moved an inch over the head swallowing it into her mouth. "Ah fuck Vicky!" I moan softly, leaning my head back as I felt her tongue swirl and tease the head of dick. Her hot saliva lubricated the shaft as she slowly took in more of me inside her mouth, using her tongue to tickle and massage me. All the while never taking those fucking amazing blue eyes off me, just seeing me enjoying the heat of mouth must of been getting her off as well.

I moved my hands over her t-shirt pulling it up over her breast, no bra constricted those fine tits of hers, allowing my hands to freely caress and massage. Her nipples hardened in my palms, I moved my thumb and forefinger to light pinch and twist her nipples to feel them get fully hard for me. Vicky smiled and twitch at the sensation, I felt my cock tighten up, and the need to release in her mouth grew from my groin up to my stomach.

"Oh Vicky I'm gonna cum baby!" I yelled grabbing the back of her head tightly as I firmly rocked deep into her throat, I leaned my head back as I released my load of hot sticky jizz into her mouth. Her vocal cords tickling the tip of the head as it tickled and added to the overwhelming sensation. Vicky smiled after pulling off my still rock hard cock, wiping her mouth of the lingering cum that had slipped past her hungry mouth. I pulled her up to me to taste our mixing taste, salty and bitter sweet, contending flavors fighting for dominance in our conjoined lips, I felt Vicky moved her hands down brushing past my cock as she raised her little mini skirts past the opening of her hot snatch that my dick now throbbing and hard craved to fuck until I couldn't cum anymore.

Vicky pulled away to whisper softly and lustful in my ear "Fuck me, I want that cock to fuck me harder than it ever has baby." She pulled back to lean in and me again as she pulled me down over the couch forcing me on top of her, I moved in between her legs as she opened herself wide for me to plunge my cock into the dripping wet cunt that needed and craved me. I felt the separation of he hot pink flesh slip around and swallow my cock until it vanished into her body. I leaned over her to thrust deeply, all the while those eyes of hers following my cock as our well toned stomaches moving and grinding against each other.

"Oh fuck me yeah!." Vicky screamed now closing her eyes for the first time to finally enjoying the full length of my cock. Losing myself in my enjoyment of her sweet pussy I was in my own world with this incredible woman, a mix of sassy and erotic to mix together in this sweet delicious brand of ecstasy. Just caught up in a crazy moment of hot fucking I did not care who heard us, for what it was worth to me we were the only two people on the planet enjoying this hot moment. Already my cock swelled and rose to cum again, I leaned down grabbing the back of her hair again using my palms as a sort of pillow as she opened her eyes once more, meeting those incredible blue opals with my own.

"Oh yes fuck yeah give it too me!" She screamed now louder than ever
"I'm gonna fucking cum babe!" I replied now moving as fast as my hips could move thrusting hearing and smelling the sex that emitted from our grinding.
"Cum on my face baby, I want it!" Vicky howled as I pulled to cum she moved over me as the hot sticky sperm splashed hard in her face, her tongue moved over what spots she could reach. I shook as I felt a pulse in my cock as I emitted onto her until the left side of her face had taken all of my load. I collapsed onto the couch my dick now beginning to go soft, but knowing full well Vicky had only begun her sexual feeding of me, and I was a meal she intended to savor all nigh, and all I could think about was those sexy blue eyes watching me cum all night for her...

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