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Long awaited...



The plan was to meet, once your house was clear so that we had every avenue and space to play. The time is 8:57. I am sitting in my car at the end of your street, reading the messages from you as you count down the minutes before we see each other again. It had been six days. It felt like years.

I crave your touch, your body against mine, the softness of your lips in the kiss then the hardness of your teeth as you bite my lip, that’s where I remember who you are. And what you need from me.

I shift the growing hardness in my pants, threw the car into gear to do another quick lap around the block to keep me moving. I could have made myself cum just reading through our messages from the last few hours but I needed that not to happen. There are so many other places I would do that within the course of the next few hours.

9:01 clicks past, I get the message. “Ready, Come in.” My favourite words.

I wander up the driveway, willing myself to remain calm and not show how excited I am, how horny I am, how much I want to wreck you the moment you open the door. You open the door as I get to the door and we embrace, I get to feel your body against me again, you look up at me pleading with your kiss, for me to start.

As much as the first time, it still scares and excites you when I do.

I turn you into the wall next to the door and push the door shut, I hold you by your neck and kiss you on the cheek, then whisper in your ear what are you waiting for, what do you want. I hear your gasp. This is the moment you have been waiting for. It begins, my alter ego has surfaced and he’s here for you. I can practically see you getting wet for me and not a piece of clothing has been moved out of place yet.

But that doesn’t last long. The gym tights you wear are pulled down then off, your panty covered ass standing firm for me. I leave your braless, t-shirt covered body for now because I’ve already found the subject of this meeting. I know you want it. I rear back with one hand and bring it down hard on your right cheek of your ass.

The noise that escapes you is the drive and I land two more in quick succession, seeing handprints start to rise in scarlet red on your pale skin. I unbuckle my pants and drop them far enough for me to pull my rock hard cock from its confines. I pull your panties down and off your legs as you quiver under my touch.

You are dripping, actually dripping. Your own delicious juices are running down your inner thigh and covering your inner lips. Pushing in behind, you I slide my cock through your lips and out the front and slowly start a rhythm, quickly covering my shaft with your juices.

Then I lean you forward far enough that the angle is perfect enough and slide myself fully inside you. As we both sigh at the feeling of us together, you of the fullness, me of the velvet tightness. Now its on again, that pause of lovingness is done, now we are here for the animalistic fucking that we both crave.

I grasp a handful of your hair and arch your body back to me. I put my other hand deep on the crease of your hip. Using these for leverage to repeatedly bury myself as deep in you as I can. Your moans, dirty words and just my name over and over spill out of your mouth giving me all I need to continue putting your body through its paces. I can feel you tightening yourself around me as I pull out as if you are empty without me. Then when I force back in the moan of content and pleasure you give, tells me I’m right.

I need to be deeper. I pull you by your hair and turn you around to hold your ankles in front of me, all the while holding myself in you. As you bend, your body tightens again as your muscles move to different positions while accommodating my cock inside you. Now I bend my knees down and push up, feeling another few inches deeper. Feeling you grunt at the change and your hands grab back to my legs. Feeling your grip tight to show how it feels.

I ravage your body like this for not too long because my fucking is causing you to lose your balance. I pull out and push you to your knees. Pushing your legs together and straddling your ass and legs before lining myself up with your dripping slit again. I quickly run my tongue from your clit to your little asshole before I fill you again.

From here I reach under and grab a handful of your breasts, massaging them in my hands, finding the nipple between my fingers and pinching. You squeal as I bottom myself out into your pussy. My pelvis flat on your ass and then push a finger into your ass after wetting it in my mouth.

This sets you off, you reach under your body as I start a solid rhythm of taking your body stroke by stroke, ass, pussy, tits you’re now mine. Your hand joins my throbbing cock as you find your clit and rub it hard. My balls are soaked from your wetness and you find them and massage them in between flicking your little button.

We are both so close and I know what will work. I pull my finger out of your ass and you moan in disappointment…

But I’m not done yet.

I give you two huge smacks across both cheeks of your ass, I feel your pussy clench around me with the surprise and the force of the impacts, then in the lull when the sting is kicking in, I spit in your ass again and push two fingers into you. I push you down flat and ride your little body for all I’m worth. I feel you fall over the edge as your body starts to spasm. You try to tell me you’re cumming but the words fall apart before they leave your mouth.

Your thigh muscles are clenching and unclenching as the waves of orgasm start to hit you. Your hand trapped on your clit as this happens sending more pleasure across your body. Your already tight pussy is contracting hard around me. I push all the way in. Sending your eyes into the back of your head, the wind from your lungs, all the words from your lips and myself into a new zone of pleasure.

I pull out of you and quickly replace my cock with more fingers to keep your oversensitive craze of pleasure continuing as long as possible. My own orgasm hits and my dick starts spurting long hard streams over your ass and back. I grab it and milk it all out as my body sends me into aftershocks that only you can cause me. I stop all my movement in you, letting you settle in as the shocks start to slow.

You collapse on the floor and I fall next to you. We lay in exhausted silence for a few minutes with only our heaving breath to be heard, before you look at me with a flustered, red faced, contented smile and you whisper to me, “Glad we got the door shut.”

The time is 9:14.

One of many for today. Not a bad way to start a day of sex with my lover.



Round 1 for Thursday completed. Soon to come is ‘For Her’ and ‘22’


First Submission, please comment and critique.





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