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A TA teaches a new freshman a lesson... in sex

Thursdays are confusing. I’ve never really gotten the hang of them, personally. But they have nothing on the opposite sex. Baffling, irrational, oblivious, were all words that I use to describe most of them. Julian was no exception (I am female BTW). I first met him in one of the freshman comp classes that I TA (yes, I know, English is a dead-end major- so what?), and we got off to a great start.

Well, actually, not at all. He was cute, nice face, good hair, a little bit of weight around the middle and muscle tone that indicated moderate exercise. It was a crush, alright, and the classic butterflies-in-stomach feel. No surprise, I have a thing for teaching young attractive guys. As a single grad student I’m not exactly committed to anyone (save my numerous creditors I’m trying to break up with), so my mind immediately flitted to sex. My mental image of pulling down his boxers and gazing at his polished cock was shattered by the fact that one of the students had a question about the proper formatting of quotation marks.

I was undaunted by this, however, and resolved to fuck him, irregardless of grammar. He wasn’t a big fan of talking, so it seemed, so I attempted to corner him when class let out. This didn’t work, though, as he bolted right out the door. I had to gather my things up first, and by the time I had gotten out he was long gone.

Fortunately, I TAed his class three times a week, so it was only a matter of time before I ran into him again. I didn’t even have to wait that long, though, as I ran into him getting lunch later that day. Working my way through the line, coming out at the end I realized that to my good fortune he was sitting alone.

I walked over and sat myself down next to him. He pretended to be engrossed in his cell phone, but only succeeded in drawing attention to the bulge in his pants.

“Doing alright?” I asked- a really pathetic pickup line I don’t recommend any of you use, FYI.

“Oh, I’m fine. You?” Julian replied. His voice was like that of a clear, low, resonant bell.

“As well as a grad student could be said to be doing.”

At this point there was an awkward silence.

“Uh, so, what’s your dissertation topic?”

I nearly facepalmed right then and there. Pretty, 23-year old girl with nice boobs and curves has introduced herself to you, is now leaning right in towards you, and he asks about my bloody dissertation?

“I’m doing an analysis on the forward to Huckleberry Finn, and comparing it to another essay on the so-called “evils of rhetoric””.

“Sounds interesting. What are you doing right now?”

This was, if anything, worse. I decided to try to clarify my intentions.

“I’m studying you.”

“What? You didn’t tell me you were a sociologist! Wait, couldn’t you be a psychology undergrad?”

“Physiology, actually.”

“You don’t strike me as the med student type.”

I then decided to go blunt as a hammer.

“I want to fuck you.”

“What? You like me?”

The point was finally getting across. Maybe this would stop being romantic comedy and start being erotica now.

“So… uh…. You want to go out for coffee?”

I sighed, stood up, and grabbed onto his arm.

“Look, if you want to come, follow me.”

I had a feeling that double entendre not withstanding, he still really didn’t understand what was going on. I pulled him into my apartment and closed the door.

“So, got some coffee?”

I didn’t even bother responding to that one. I busied myself for a moment, neatening up my bed and getting out my sexytimes towel. I realized that he was staring at my panty line. Well, it was time, so I undid my pants.

“Oops,” I said, unconvincingly.

He began to turn away, blushing, but I pulled him in for a kiss. To my surprise, he wasn’t really a bad kisser. Some guys do it really awkwardly, and there was one who just slobbered all over my face, but Julian had a nice, full, forceful kiss. Falling back onto the bed, I made my next move, reaching my right hand down into his pants. I felt a nice, smooth cock, but bypassed it for the moment and gave his balls a little tussle.

Starting a little, he started to undo his pants. As he pulled down his briefs, his cock came out, nice and stiff, about six inches long. My favorite size. Pausing for a moment, I moved all around his cock and balls, licking them with my tongue while slowly moving my hands up and down his shaft. For his part, he stuck his hands in my shirt, tussling my breasts.

As I continued stroking him, he began to make some small moans. His cock seemed red as fire, and his hands wandered freely all over me. Then, suddenly, he spurted out cum on my shirt. Which of course gave me a perfect excuse to pull it off. I watched his cock come back to full strength as he gazed at my now rather soggy panties.

Getting the idea after a minute, he pulled my panties down my legs, at which point I shook them off. He attempted to undo my bra, but I had to help with the buckle in the back. He then looked at me, and figuring his expression, I said, Come on in.”

I rested with my head up on the pillow. He paused for a moment, then slowly probed around my nicely trimmed bush, and found my vagina waiting for him. He slowly slid it in, a look of ecstasy coming over his face. I began to moan a little.

Then he started really moving. In. Out. In. Out. The friction was pure pleasure. I reached my hand down to play with my clit too, something he seemed to be ignorant of. He did play with my boobs, though, which only added to the intensifying ocean of pleasure that I felt washing into me.

Then I climaxed, shaking, contracting and contorting. Pleasure filled me, and moments afterward so did his cum.

Leaving his cock in me for a few moments, he pulled out. I licked his cock clean- his cum had a nice flavor, although it might have just been the sex. Or my pussy.

“Return the favor!” I demanded.

Unlike some men, he actually did it. He licked up his cum and my juices all mixed together on and in my pussy, and even sucked on my clit when I indicated- which, of course, made me cum again, even better than the first time, shaking and quaking in pleasure.

His only verbal response was thus:

“I thought I broke you!”

“I’m better than ever- the sex was great, and I am also on the pill.. so don’t worry.”

That was the last thing I said to Julian because he stuffed his jeans back on and started waddling at high speed back to wherever he stayed. But I had what I wanted, and after a brief shower and some clean clothes resumed my life. That is, until my next fuck.


Dedicated to a Cute Chinese Cisco Color Guard Chick I know.


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