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Time for a swim - Part 1

A late night swim turns into something else.
“We should go for a swim.” Jan jumped up and stumbled over to the pool. Joel and I just looked at each other smiling. The three of us had been drinking all afternoon, and into the evening. Jan was a light weight and had been trashed most of the day.

Joel stood up and shook his head. “I didn’t bring my suit.”

Jan just laughed. “Go in your boxers. I’m going in my pants and bra. What about you Carmen?” she winked at me as she pulled her top off.

She knew I had a thing for Joel. He was 5’11 with dark hair and eyes and a great tan that showed he was a true Italian. We had fooled around once before, but I had been too drunk to remember. I’m mostly a shy girl next door type. I’m 5’5, brown eyes, and red blonde hair, kind of chubby, with 38d tits.

“Sure I’ll go in but I don’t want my pants soaked.” I started to strip down to my new cupcake bra, with matching thong. Jan jumped into the water and splashed us. I laughed at her and followed suit.

The water was colder than I imagined. My nipples becoming instantly hard, I started to shiver. Joel looked at me. “You cold?”

I just nodded my head for fear of my teeth starting to chatter. He reached over and grabbed my waist pulling me towards him, and hugging me to his chest. “Oh you are cold. I wonder how I can get you warm?” he whispered in my ear as his hand went up to pinch my hard nipple. I cried out.

“What’s wrong Carmen?” Jan called from the other end of the pool.

Joel pulled my legs around his waist. “She just stubbed he toe” His had slowly drifted down my stomach to the top of my panties. I pulled myself closer to him, wanting him to slip into my pussy. “Hey Jan why don’t you see how many flips you can do under water, I think you can only do two,” Joel challenged her.

“You’re on!” Right as her head hit the water he pushed his finger into my warm hole. “Guess you’re not cold everywhere.”

I grabbed his hair and smashed his lips down onto mine, gasping as I ground my hips against his hand. He pushed me away for a second then ripped my panties off my legs. “This should work,” he whispered just as Jan broke the surface. I could feel the tip of his hard cock pressing on my slit. I slid down Joel’s waist just enough to get his tip in. He groaned loudly.

“What is it now?” Jan asked as she swam close to us. It was dark enough that she couldn’t see what was going on below the water’s surface. I just shook my head enjoying the feel of him in me. “Well I’m getting a drink you guys want anything?” Joel shook his head and watched as Jan left the pool.

“You had better fuck me now, and hard.” I was shocked that I just said that, but I didn’t care. I wanted his cock deep in me. I felt him slide deeper in me, my pussy gripping him.

“Shit you’re so tight.” He moaned in my ear.

I bit his neck as I felt that I was about to cum. “Harder. Slam that cock in me. Make me cum.”

He did as I commanded. I screamed as I felt the first waves of my orgasm hit. Joel slowed his pumping. We heard Jan run back to the pool area. “Is everything okay?”

This is just the first part of my story; tell me what you think…

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