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Tina's Play Day-Party Girl Journals #2

A woman gets the suprise of her life in a public place...

Tina’s Play Day-Party girl Journal # 5

As Tina settled back in her big comfy chair and closed her eyes in pleasant tiredness, she grinned. Running through her mind were images of the last couple of weeks. She laughed out loud in her apartment as she listened to the song “My Baby’s got a secret.

“ Something’s coming over me, My Baby’s got a secret with me. Happiness lies in your own hand, and it took me much too long to understand, until you shared your secret with me.”

Just a short time back she had been introduce to a whole new world, a brand new life, and a brand new wonderful family. She had been with one man for many, many years, and was denied the love and sensual affection that every woman craves and deserves. After meeting this group of wonderfully horny individuals, her life was changed forever. She was introduced to the Lifestyle, meaning the Swing or Sex Positive Lifestyle, where people all shared their sexual expressions freely and openly. She had never experienced the joys of open loving with multiple partners, and it was like opening a vault door, releasing all the treasures inside.

Just 2 weeks prior, she had met some of these people, and it began with an instant message welcoming her to their group. It escalated from there.

She began talking with a core member of a couple of Lifestyle groups, and the woman’s openness and sensuality made her so hot that she could barely stand it. This woman was sensual and mischievous, and had a way of making her pussy almost Drip with her words.

“ Tell me some deep fantasies, Tina. Tell me what would excite you the most, sexually”

By the time that she met this woman they called Mama, Tina had told her many a long treasured dream, including some secret thoughts as well, and she was ready to experience almost anything. Mama promised her that she would help her realize as many of them as possible. She met Mama, and felt warm and safe when she was enfolded in her big warm arms for the first time. Her naughty grin put her at ease immediately, and Tina was so excited with meeting all of the new friends at the small party.

Tina experienced group-sex at her first Lifestyle party, and met some fantastic people. They welcomed her with open arms, and soon had her writhing on the mattress as hands roamed her body and fingers delved deep inside her hungry pussy. She was reeling from the sensations her body had just been through when everyone decided to take a break. As she lay there, Mama chuckled at her. She had been sitting on the couch watching all of this, and was becoming hot and aroused herself. She motioned to Tina to come to her. She chuckled at Tina’s dazed but happy expression. She had Tina lean down, then straddle her lap to touch and talk to her. Tina was panting happily, and a bit tiredly as well, but she felt great.

“ Did Mama not tell you it would be marvelous, Baby girl?” she cooed softly while caressing Tina’s pretty titties.

“ Yes Mama, you did!” replied Tina. “But I feel bad that I couldn’t cum just yet. I guess I’m a little too nervous, still”

“ But that felt sooo good in that little pussy, didn’t it? I know you are a little nervous, but when you can relax, that sweet ‘little pussy’ll cum all over the place. Mama’s going to see to it that you get pleasured allll weekend. It’ll be one you won’t soon be forgetting, I promise you. We’ll full fill as many fantasies as we can, Baby. You’ll see.”

She began kissing Tina softly and seductively then. Tina was lost in sensation when Mama began to kiss and bite into her neck, while Tina gently hunched against Mama’s tummy. She didn’t even feel Mama motioning to someone behind them in the dimly lighted room. Suddenly, Tina felt something nice and hot rubbing in between her exposed pussy lips from behind! Her new-found friend, the Energizer Bunny, had been standing back and watching the two women on the couch where he had been stroking his long, hard, cock a bit. At Mama’s motioning, he slipped up and began to rub that big cock all over Tina’s pussy.

Tina gasped out as Mama began, “Ooooh yesss, bet that feels marvelous to your wet pussy, doesn’t it? Tell Mama, Baby”

“ Ohh Mama, that feels so good.” Tina moaned softly.

“ Do you want him to fuck you, Darling? Ram his big cock deep up inside of you to fuck you good and hard, my love?” Mama whispered.

Tina groaned out, “Yes Mama! I want him to fuck me hard..make me cum…please. It’s been so long. I need to cum good!”

It was then that EB positioned his big cock outside of her pussy and rammed home! Tina cried out with pleasure, as he began to fuck her the best he could in that position. The movement of their bodies aroused Mama even more, and she too moaned in heat as she squeezed Tina’s titties in her soft hands. Tina bit into Mama’s shoulder in pleasure.

“ Ohhh soo good..” Tina kept moaning as he plowed as hard as he could into that sopping wet pussy.

His legs on the couch were rubbing Mama’s, so she reached down to caress them as he fucked Tina. She wished that she had a double butterfly viber at that moment, that way Tina could be grinding her pussy down on hers while EB fucked her, and the vibes would have brought all of them off at once.

EB stopped and said, “Let me lie back here and you come get this cock, Baby”

He lay back on the mattress on the floor, his big cock sticking straight up for her.

You didn’t have to tell Tina twice, she kissed Mama once more and moved over to mount his hard cock.

In the meantime, Mama grabbed up her large vibrating toy, and was playing with it against her clitty while she watched Tina wedge that big cock into her pussy. Mama pressed the high powered viber against her pussy while she watched Tina move her ass around and around, grinding her pussy on that big meat buried inside her pussy. Tina hunched and fucked him hard while his fingers dug into her ass, urging her to fuck him as hard as she wished.

Mama was rubbing the viber on her clit, and the sensations make her clit explode, and keep On cumming for several minutes.

EB said, “Now see what you did? Hear Mama cumming over there? YOU did that..”

And at that he too began to holler out, as did Tina, and the sounds of pleasure echoed in the small room….

Now here it was two weeks later, and she had had several experiences with EB, and various friends that she met through Mama, and members of the lifestyle. She and her new friend Bear, Big Daddy and Mama had a wonderful day, and they all sat in a restaurant having a delicious meal. They all talked and laughed, and Mama kept giving Tina sly smiles, and a wink here and there to make her turn red. After they finished their meal, Tina excused herself to go to the restroom. Mama said she would accompany her. The restroom was a large one, but crowded with the many patrons thronging around in there. They waited patiently, and Tina went in and used the bathroom. Mama was waiting for the larger Handicapped stall. When most of the patrons came and went Mama said, “Tina? Could you come help me with my Bra in the back please?” and stepped inside the large stall.

Thinking nothing of it, Tina said “Sure” and stepped inside too.

She hung her purse on the hook and turned around. Swiftly and silently Mama moved, and much to Tina’s startlement, pinned her up against the far wall, putting her hand over her mouth with a grin and whispered, “Shhhhhh Sweet Baby” into her ear.

She then bent to begin biting Tina on the neck and fondling her titties right there. All Tina could do was stand there and moan behind Mama’s hand. Mama then kissed her deep and passionately, her tongue delving into to Tina’s mouth. Before Tina could react, she lifted Tina’s skirt and began diddling her pussy through her undies. Tina gasped as they heard another throng of tourists coming into the bathroom. It got loud in there momentarily from the many voices of all kinds all talking at once. Mama grinned at Tina and had her move over to another wall. She whispered for Tina to place her left leg on the toilet seat and brace herself by placing her hand on the door. Mama lifted her skirt and stroked her fingers up and down across Tina’s pussy, making note that her panties were becoming moist from this action. She slipped her fingers inside Tina’s panties, and finger stroked her pussy; particularly her now hard clit.

She curved her fingers upward and stroked her two fingers in a sweeping motion, thusly massaging the G-spot and in this open position it make Tina’s pussy feel Fantastic! Mama rammed her fingers in deeper, to begin circling her uterus as well, and Tina had to bite on her hand to keep from crying out in pure pleasure. Around and around Mama’s fingers circled Tina’s pleasure spot, and Mama’s hand was nearly coated with juices. There was a song on the overhead speaker, and it seemed appropriate for the moment. Madonna’s “My Baby’s got a secret with me.”

It made Mama smile, as she twisted her fingers up inside Tina’s sweet pussy.

All of those people coming and going, and No One ever knew or suspected a thing was going on in that occupied stall. No one ever knew that Tina was experiencing something new to her, and totally Taboo. Mama leaned up to bite on her nipples through the material of Tina’s shirt, as felt Tina’s leg begin to quiver. She had Tina soooo close to cumming right there in a public place, and it was tremendously exciting to Her as well, for her clit tingled and throbbed as she now finger fucked her friend nice and hard. She brought Tina almost to the edge, and Tina unknowingly bit into Mama’s shoulder.

“ Ohhh Mama, fuck me..” she whispered “Make me cum,,ohhh please”

“ If I had my strap on, I’d be bending you over that toilet right now, fucking you right here with all of those people out there. None of them would know that I had my cock ramming into your tight little gash, and I’d be fucking you soo very hard, forcing it into you all of the way in, and I’d make both of us cum right in plain hiding of everyone!”

“ Oh My God!” Tina moaned out, as her whole body began to quiver as the near orgasm raced thru her pussy.

Swiftly, Mama jammed her fingers in as deep as they go, and Tina’s whole body spasmed as her orgasm ripped through her pussy right there in that public place, with all of those ladies outside just mere feet away! Mama held her body against Tina so that she wouldn’t fall, and kept going until Tina gasped and panted. When Tina's eyes rolled and her quivering ceased Mama chuckled and whispered, “To be continued, I assure you”

She kissed Tina deep, then removed her foot from the toilet seat, and smoothed her skirt. After washing her hands in the small sink in the stall, she bent and put wet mouthings all over Tina’s concrete hard nipples, causing round wet circles on Tina’s pink shirt, and chuckled at Tina’s dazed expression.

She said out loud” Well that’ll work. Thank you Miss, for helping me. Shall we go get dessert now?”

She snickered as she pinched Tina’s nipples until they stood hard and proud.

She opened the door as if nothing had occurred, and smiled at a startled looking patron who looked confused at two women exiting the same stall.

Mama said “Hi, how ya doin’?” and kept on walking.

She opened the door for Tina as another throng of women entered. Tina held her purse up against her chest so no one else could see the wet spots on her shirt.

She took her reddening face back to the table with Mama striding confidently behind.

Daddy took one look at her face and burst out laughing. Bear turned and did a double take at Tina, not seeing the problem at first. All he saw was her pleased flush face, and red cheeks. He looked at Mama when she sat down, and saw her Cat-like smile. He snickered and said, ”You Didn’t…did you?”

Mama just grinned and wiggled her eyebrows up and down.

He almost roared as Tina’s grin lit up her pretty face. Her nipples went hard all over again. Tina said in a small voice playfully, “I got Mo’lested in the bathroom, and OMG was it good!”

Daddy looked over at Mama and shook his head. He grinned and said, “Can’t take you two girls No Where. Cant even let ya go to the bathroom alone!” He teased.

On the trip home, Mama continued to make Tina’s delight experiences and fantasies come true…but that’s another story. ;]

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