Tina's Wedding

By Simes6699

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Tina's husband may have caused one extra wedding present.
“Tina and Barry are getting married and I’m a bridesmaid, well, matron of honor. You're invited and their kids are bridesmaid and pageboy.” This was the most buoyant I had heard my wife Liz in ages. Normally, I was treated to the day's digest of what the kids had done in nursery, how bad the shops were and trivia of the day that doesn't affect me.

There was much excitement in the weeks preceding the wedding. Barry stayed with his parents for six weeks before the big day to heighten the pleasure. Tina wouldn't even let me come through the front door.

Then at last the big day arrived. We stayed at the hotel venue the night before. Liz was there for the final girls' night out, the mayhem and trauma of getting the bride ready, makeup artiste, hairstylist, wedding planner, psychotherapist; you get the picture. 

I had quality time with the kids.

Tina looked stunning! The hair, the makeup, she was always sexy, but today she was an inaccessible babe.

 The ceremony went smoothly; all the children, hers, ours and everybody's were well behaved.

The reception was an afternoon and evening event, but my wife Liz decided that we should leave about 8 pm and drive home; who was I to argue?

 I went up to our room to pack my things prior to checking out and passed Barry coming out of the bridal suite. Tina was telling him she would be down in a minute.

I gave him thirty seconds to get down the stairs then knocked on the door and entered.

“How's the blushing bride then, you look stunning”. 

Tina smiled and told me to get out.

 I strolled up to her.

“Don't I even get a flash of stocking, I bet your lingerie is as sexy as the bits I can see.” 

 I lifted her dress to only mild objections. Tina loved sexy underwear and for her wedding day she had excelled herself; her legs were covered by a thin gossamer of sheer stockings, held up by a delicate lace suspender belt; her knickers were of the same design; broad hipsters which swept down into her crutch; the soft silky material her clung around her prominent Mount of Venus. 

“No don't, Barry's just consummated the marriage, here on the bed, that's why my dress is creased.”

I let out a deep sigh and ran my fingers over her labia; her skin was smooth and freshly shaved. Instinctively her head lolled back and her eyes glazed. In a moment I pulled the material aside and slid two digits into her cavern and let them search out her G spot.

My fingers were no strangers to her vagina we had often started our love making like this way; I knew that if I could find her erogenous spot she would be mine.

“No stop it” she whispered, “I've told you, Barry has just cum in me.” But there was little conviction in her voice; by now my trousers were undone and my hard cock was in my other hand; I bent my knees slightly and positioned the head of my penis against her pussy as I pulled my fingers out.

I stood up and my prick slipped effortlessly into her wet hole; the intrusion snapped Tina back to reality.

“You Bastard! Fucking a girl on her wedding day! My husband has only just pulled his dick out and you shove your great big thing in there.” Tina's own words were turning her on and doing the same for me.

This was going to be a quick dirty fuck, we both knew that; each thrust lifted her up and forced her against the wall behind her. 

 “I'm going to fill your tight sweet hole full of some more cum,” I told her; “I'm going to flush your husband's cum out of your gorgeous pussy.” All the time I was gripping her panty covered arse; those firm buttocks encased in soft silk. I felt those muscles tighten as the orgasm overtook her; limp and shaking she lent into me for support.

“My turn now,” I told her.

 “Yes spunk in me you bastard, flush Barry's watery cum out of me,” Tina growled into my ear. “I'm going to make him clean me up before he gets in me again. He will think it's his spunk he's licking, but it will be yours.” 

It was quick and dirty; all I wanted was a fast shag; three or four more hard thrusts and my cock was pumping cum in her.

I slipped my shrinking prick back into my trousers and zipped them up.

“Kiss me you bastard, show me you still love me.” I kissed her tenderly and looked into her soft eyes.

 “Now get out before we are caught.”

I walked to the door and turned to look at her again; she still had the hem of her dress in one hand. I had one last look between her legs; the silk was now transparent with spent cum and her prominent labia clearly visible.

I smiled at her again and left.

Barry worked for a pharmaceutical firm as some sort prototype packaging guru, so everybody expected some reference to this in his speech, what he did say amazed us all, especially Tina. 

“I have a surprise for you all and my wife; we are planning on having another child and unbeknown to Tina, I substituted her contraceptive pills for a placebo I packaged at work. It's a heart treatment really, mostly aspirin so she has no excuses." Everybody laughed, to the assembled guests and relatives Tina started blankly towards the back of the room in disbelief, in fact I was standing at the back of the room and it was my eyes that were locked with hers. Tina knew from the girl talk that Liz has conceived both of our children on the first attempt, so there was no question about my fertility. She sat there, in the most fertile part of her cycle, with two or three good squirts of my semen in her, the thought of my sperm barging Barry’s seed aside on its way to her ovaries was as apparent to Tina as it was to me.

The formal part over everybody mingled. “Be a dear and get me a bottle of diet coke would you,” Tina asked. 

“Plastic bottle?” I asked, she nodded, we both knew about the spermicidal properties of diet coke.

She returned from the toilets with the bottle still unopened and casually sauntered over to talk to me.

“Not drunk your coke?” I asked innocently.

 “My mother in law followed me into the toilet for a chat, girl to girl,” she hissed. “I could hardly stick a bottle of coke up my fanny and flush you're cum out of me with her in the next cubicle could I?”

I smiled.

“If this room wasn't full of people I would hit you.”

“If this room wasn't full of people I would be fucking you against that wall again,” I answered.

“You have done enough damage for one day. I'm probably pregnant already.” 

Our kids were tired and Liz decided it was time to leave; as I shook Barry's hand and congratulated him, then gave Tina a hug and a peck on the cheek.

“You can kiss her properly if you want now that she's all mine,” Barry told me.

Barry tried to give Liz a big playful kiss while I gave Tina a full kiss on the lips; I let my eyes tell her she would never be all Barry's, she smiled.

Kids bundled into the car, seat belts on we set off, within 10 miles two tired children were asleep; Liz turned around to check them; then her hand moved across to my crotch. “I’m going to give you a nice blow job as you drive, the way I used to.”

Great! Liz hadn't done anything like that for years and now when its offered my cock was smeared with her friends cum.

“No Liz, for one thing the kids might wake up and secondly we risk and accident and it's not just you and me these days.”

She sat back in here chair dejectedly and said nothing; a bad sign; when the hand touched my arm gently.

“Your right, sorry, weddings always make me feel sexy and the thought of Barry trying to get Tina pregnant tonight makes me more randy.”