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Too Good to Be True

I experience a hell of a night with the man of my dreams...
I stumbled into a hotel bedroom with my gorgeous boyfriend, Matt pawing and ravaging my neck with kisses. My hands were all over him as I stripped him. I yanked down my his pants and found a fully erected rock hard cock. Mhm, it looked so delicious. Matt and I fell onto the bed, still fuly absorbed with one another. He laid me on top of his face and licked all the sweet juices from mywet pussy. I grinded my ass into his face. Ahhhh, his tongue felt so good, as it stroked my clit in quick succession. I bent down and kissed the swollen part of his dick and licked up the precum. His tongue dipped in and out of me as I stoked his cock and licked it like a lollipop.

I got up and melted into his arms with a smokin hot French kiss. I played around with his tongue, while he carassed my stiff tits. I locked my arms around him and moved up and down, rubbing his dick across the surface of my V-plate. He sucked on 36DD breasts hard and I moaned in ectasy. I swung my feet around him and reached under.

He looked up in shock and I smiled seductively. "Wait, I still need a condom, baby, " he said, startled. "I'll let this one pass, " I purred. I put the tip onto my hole and sat down on his cock. I took all 9 inches into me. He groaned and laid me down. He pounded my pussy like there was no tomorrow. He trusted in so deep. "Not..So...Rough," I panted. "I know you like it rough, babe," he said with a wicked grin. I panted hard and shivered with all the feelings of pleasure coursing through me. "If that's the way you want it, then go don't stop fucking me til I say so," I screamed between gasps.

Oh god. I was so ready to cum. I knew he felt me tensing up, because he starting pumping even faster. My insides clung to him, relishing every inche of that goodness. I bounced up and down slapping his face with my breats and being slapped in the near my cunt by his balls. God damn it, this stuff was just so good. The orgasm built up and up and I prepared for its explosion. My nails buried itself into his hair and hot wet cum shot out like a water gun and dripped all over the sheets.

Matt continued thrusting in and out of my wild and hot cunt. The beautiful swollen head always buried inside. I arched my head back and closed my eyes, fulling appreciating the pleasure and ectasy. He started slowing down, until I complained. Matt moved a little faster. It was still a slow pace, but grinded real good. "Baby, I'm about to come," he told me with a worried look. Awww, my lil baby's worried for me. I smile and cry to him, "Give me all your cum, I want every single drop inside me. I don't give a fuck about being pregnant."

Obviously, he decided to listen to me, like a good boy. He thrusted in way deep, harder, more aggressive, fiercer, deeper, and filled with more love than ever before. His penis swelled inside me and squeezed out hot, fresh cum and filled me up. I pushed down even more; it was quite a feat. The juices ran out along our legs. He let out his breath when it was over and told me these sweet words, "I love you, forever and always, honey." He cleaned me up with his tongue and we laid on the bed, kissing and embracing, still naked.

The morning sun was beginning to rise and I didn't have a care in the word. I didn't give a damn about my job, or my home, or if I would become pregnant. All I wanted was this sweet after-sex moment.

To top it off, Matt slid his hand into his pants pocket and got down on one knee. "Hillary, honey, I swear to cherish and love you always and to give you the best sex countless times. Will you marry me?" In his hand was a box with a engagement ring so beautiful that it rivaled the face and body of Matt. I flung myself at him and kissed him with my tongue and all and embraced him with all my love. He looked kinda startled, joyful, and even a bit of relief. He took my hand and slid the ring onto my finger.

He murmured, "Engrave this into your ear, I love you.....Mrs. Matt Willows."
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