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Trying on Sally's new sundress

Watching Sally change leads to a quiet quickie in the dressing room
I watched Sally wiggle her skirt to the floor. She had already removed her top to expose a cute black bra. I was treated to a nice view of her decolletage as she bent over to push down her skirt. My cock began to harden in my jeans as I examined how the pale skin of her breasts met the top of her bra. Her covered breasts hung and jiggled enticingly as she bent over. I shifted my stance as my groin started to become tight and uncomfortable.

Sally stood up and stepped out of her skirt, she adjusted her black panties by snapping them into place. Seeing the outline of her pussy through the thin fabric of the front of her panties, in some ways more more enticing than actually seeing her pussy, did not help me to get my growing erection under control. I fidgeted, aroused but uncomfortable.

"See if you like this dress," Sally said as she pulled a yellow sundress over her slim body. The dress slid into place and she turned to look at herself in the full length mirror that covered the wall across from the dressing room door. My gaze fell to how the dress nicely shaped her rear.

"I like it," I answered, "you look really good in it."

She smiled and looked back at me. "I guess this is a keeper. My ass looking okay to you back there mister?"

I laughed. "Yes, your ass looks delightful from back here." I took her hand and guided it to my covered erection. "You can feel the evidence of how delightful it looks."

Sally's hand slowly rubbed the front of my jeans. My mouth gaped open in pleasure.

"I'm gonna cum in my pants if you keep that up," I said huskily, "not that I'm complaining."

Sally stopped rubbing my groin and looked at me. "No way," she said glancing at the dressing room door, "Can you take me quietly?"

I nodded. Demonstrating just how quiet I could be. Sally knelt and undid my jeans and then pulled them and my underwear down to my ankles. My cock popped out, glad to be released from its tight confines. I gasped as she engulfed my penis in her mouth and I felt her tongue circle its head. Pleasure flowed out from my shaft across my body. I put a hand on the wall to steady myself. My breathing deepened and I felt my abdomen tighten.

"I'm seriously gonna cum," I said trying to hold back my impending orgasm.

My cock slid wetly out of her mouth. The air cooled its wet shaft.

"You seriously need to be quiet," she whispered back. Sally stood, pulled up her dress, and bent to slide her panties down to the floor. Stepping out of her panties, she sat on the bench in the dressing room with her dress hiked up and her legs spread. I gazed at her pussy as she examined my cock thoughtfully.

"I'm not ready to take that inside me," she said softly, "not yet." Her hand moved to her pussy and began to slowly move up and down.

"You can watch me get ready," She whispered. "You can watch me rub myself and make myself wet for you. Do you want to watch me masturbate?"

Indeed I did. I watched Sally's hand move up and down while pressing hard against her pussy. The effect of her rubbing soon resulted in soft moans as her breathing deepened. My cock throbbed in its need. I gripped my shaft tightly with my right hand and began to gently stroke.

"No," Sally said closing her legs and standing to knock my hand away from my cock, "you'll spurt a big mess all over my pretty new dress doing that." Sally leaned against me to whisper in my ear.

"Besides," she said softly, "I want to feel you cum inside me. I love the feeling of that."

Sally turned away toward the the mirror. She hiked up her dress and bent over placing one hand on the mirror. I moved up against her, my cock probing. Sally used her free hand to guide my cock to her opening and I slid into her warm wetness until my abdomen pressed against her soft rear. I paused, enjoying the feeling of my cock thrust deep inside her.

A knock at the door startled us both.

"Hello, can you please hurry. People are waiting."

Sally stood, my cock slid out of her, and pushing down her dress walked to the door. She opened it slightly.

"I'm nearly done," Sally told the clerk, "I'm going to take this sundress, can I wear it home?"

"Yes," the clerk answered.

"Great, I'll be right out," said Sally as she closed the door.

Sally slid the dress over her head and stood in front of the mirror in just her bra. Facing the mirror she bent and I entered her again.

"You need to hurry," she whispered, "or we'll get caught."

I thrust with energy, feeling her every contour through my cock again and again. My abdomen softly slapped against her rear as I thrust. I held onto her hips with my hands. As I thrust, I slid my hands up her firm stomach to cup her breasts. They felt warm and soft as I caressed them with my hands. My fingers worked to find her nipples through the fabric of her bra. When I did, I pinched her nipples between my fingers causing her to gasp.

"Oh, that's it, yes, pinch my nipples harder" she breathed, "I'm cumming."

Sally's back arched and I exploded inside her. In waves of pleasure my cock pulsed cum deep inside her pussy. I could feel my cum push into her wetness. I continued to thrust until my orgasm began to subside.

I leaned over and kissed her cheek. "God that was great," I whispered, "Let's go home."

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