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Trying to stay quiet

Trying to keep her quiet, while her brother, and my roommate were sleeping in my dorm room.
First story, please go easy but constructive criticism would be great.

Names and places have been changed to protect the not so innocent.

(Just a little back story, I was engaged to Lynn at the time, we were both 18. Lynn was about 5’4” 115 lbs, and a dancer/cheerleader in high school. About shoulder length blonde hair with light hazel eyes. Tits to die for, perfect perky 34 C’s . I’m about 6’4” 195 lbs at the time and in pretty good shape from scholarships funning track and cross country, plus other intramural sports. )

Being the end of spring semester I had my room all packed up ad ready to go. I had plans to stay with Lynn for a few days, and store my things at her parents’ house for the summer until I returned for fall semester. So for one last weekend, I had Lynn make the hour drive up to my college to help me out, and had also invited her brother 15 year old brother so he could see some of the hot girls on campus and on the other floors of my dorm.

After watching some tv, Lynn laying next to me, Ethan setting up a spot to sleep under my bed, and my roommate Paul starting to snore (Paul was an exchange student from Africa, Lynn and Ethan could never understand, I was the only one who ever could), I shut off the tube and we all rustled around for a minute to find a comfortable position to sleep. We all said our goodnights and the room went totally silent except for the small sounds of the air conditioner’s motor humming.

I can’t say for sure how long it was after we had quieted down, but I just remember Lynn starting to wiggle around in my bed, I thought she was just getting comfortable next to me, little did I know she had actually worked down her pajama bottoms, gotten off her bra, and even slid her panties down to her toes and back up to my nose. With her back still against my chest she moved the panties up to my nose, and gave the most devious of smirks. I was instantly hard and ready to shove all 7 inches up as far as I could. Lynn very gentle turned her head and whispered, “hey, lets get a little naughty.”

I couldn’t believe her, Ethan under us, my roommate next to us and she wanted quickie hot sex. I was in, as she reached back sliding my boxers down just enough, she grabbed my cock and started slowly stroking me. I decided to turn up the heat, I ran my middle finger across my tongue, once around her right nipple that could have cut glass, down over her belly button, and slowly across her pussy lips that were moistening by the second. I ran my finger up and down her slippery slit a few times before I pushed it up into Lynn, while I worked her clit with my index finger and the same time.

“Hhhaaaa oooo my ggooodddd baby,” was the only whisper I heard before I had to shush her and she bite down into her pillow. As we heard my roommate stir we froze, waiting just long enough to know he was still sleeping. When she thought it was safe she reached between her legs to grab my throbbing cock and guide it into herself. No waiting needed because I had already gotten her so dripping wet.

I started slowly pushing into her gently to get a feel for the noise my bed would be making in that silent room. Faster and faster each pounding trust. I could just barely hear the bed bolts creaking, and my sack slapping against her ass before I kept a steady pace. Lynn lifted her knee just ever so slightly to allow me to plunge into her deeper in between biting on my hand and biting her pillow to stay as quiet as possible. I could feel her hand move down to her pussy where she started rubbing her clit while I slammed her tight pussy over and over.

Lynn’s pussy walls started constricting tighter, as I heard her take in a sharp breath and hold it in as her body quaked in orgasm of ecstasy. I kept fucking her through two more incredible orgasms each better than the last before I felt my balls tighten, I finally pushed my dick as far as I could and released stream after stream of cum deep inside Lynn, so much so I shivered.

We both finally drifted off to a breathless sleep with me still seated deep inside Lynn’s tight pussy. The next night was the last I would see her for months, so we planned to make it worth out while.

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