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Tags: leather, sweet
Elle gets tied up for the first time.
The leather was soft as it scraped against Elle's skin. Alex tightened the strap, fastening the buckle. He stood over her, his amber eyes alit with a translucent glow. A slight smile grazed his lips as she reached out her unbound hand towards him.

He shook his head, encircling her slim wrist with his larger hand. Pinning her arm against the satin cloaked bed, he began to wrap the second leather strap around her wrist. Pale skin contrasting against the dark leather.

Closing her eyes, she shuttered involuntarily as she heard the buckle being fastened.

Alex ran a hand across her pretty face. He swept her dark hair aside, tucking it behind her ear.

She loved the feel of his hands on her. Rough and calloused against her smooth skin.

He kissed her mouth softly, pulling away slowly. She caught his bottom lip between her teeth, tugging. Her dark eyes shone with a delicious smile. He grabbed her tiny waist, kissing the side of her neck. She felt, rather than saw, his smile, as she moaned softly.

Alex traced his lips over her collar bone, sweeping the palms of his hands over her erect nipples. He gazed at her form, drinking in the arch of her back, as his mouth found her breaths. Licking. Nipping.

Elle cried out as his hands ran along her body. Heat was radiating from his fingertips. Fire seemed to settle where he touched.

He kissed her flat stomach, massaging her butt as he did so. She inhaled deeply, her breath catching as his hands gripped her thighs.

Alex looked at her. She held his eyes. He smiled wickedly. Standing there. Doing nothing. She couldn't move. She was breathing hard. He loved it. The wetness between her thighs confirmed she did as well.

He bent down, kissing her left thigh. Then her right. His hands grazed her cunt.

Elle's hips bucked. She was moaning. His teasing was driving her nuts.

His mouth found her center core. Eagerly he licked her, kissing her clit. He sucked it. Harder, then lightly nipping.

Elle was crying out now. Her moans of pleasure could not be silenced.

Alex answered her cries with his fingers, filling her hole.

She bucked against his hand, as his mouth returned to her clit.

Alex momentarily stopped. Taking a moment to stare at Elle. Her breathing was labored. He smiled again at her, loving how her arms were taunt, straining against her restraints.

He positioned himself between her thighs. Slowly, rubbing his cock against her clit.

Elle gasped as she felt Alex push into her. He filled her completely.

He pushed into her slowly at first. His own breathing becoming labored.

Quickly he picked up the pace. Before long he was slamming his full length into her, gripping her small hips.

Elle's whole body responded to his. Her abs pushing against him, as their hips continued to meet.

Alex bent down and kissed Elle hard and deeply.

They were both sweaty. She wrapped her legs around him. A desperate attempt to hold onto him. Pull him closer.

He grabbed the small of her back, pulling her closer to him.

Elle felt herself start to cum. Alex too was climaxing.

He pushed into her a few more times, before collapsing on top of her.

Elle rubbed her head against him. Nuzzling against his whispered face. Alex sighed appreciatively, laying there a minute, before unfastening her restraints.

Once free, Elle grabbed Alex's face and kissed his full lips against her own.

They lay there a moment each catching their breath. The smiled shyly at each other, entwining their fingers. 

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