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Very Personal Trainer

“Bella?” I spun 'round to see Mr Incredible walking into the gym, his tight black vest showed all his good muscles.

“Hey you, how have you been?” I couldn’t help but purr and reach over to hug him. I’m a personal trainer; physical contact is required in my job. That was the excuse I gave my ex when he accused me of ditching him for “others”, he was and always will be a loser.

Anyway, catching up with Mr Incredible was a highlight of my day. After hosting some girlie dance classes I was looking forward to getting back to serious weight training with this new client.

He was in pretty good shape already, but he was now competing in a title, and needed some pointers from me. I was his original trainer years back, so I felt very excited when he asked me again.

I started him off on a quick warm up on the bike, when the conversation became more personal.

“So, still with what’s his name?” Even though he was peddling at 80rpm, he didn’t even break a sweat or sound out of breath.

“No, we split few months back. I moved out.” I sighed, but smiled. Mr Incredible was smiling too. I had forgotten how blue his eyes were, they are gorgeous.

“Do you mind me asking why?” His voice was deep and strong

“We split because his jealous nature got too much to bear.” I drifted away for a few seconds, remembering how it hurt. Every day I fought with him; there was no trust in our relationship. I had wanted to break it off for years, but never wanted to hurt him. He ended up hurting me, mentally and physically.

Mr Incredible put his hand on mine; I smiled at him and squeezed his hand.

“So I’m guessing now being a single girl, you're fucking a different man each night.”
I stood mouth open at the comment. I smacked his arm, and he just laughed at me.

“How dare you! For your information, I haven’t. Not since him.” I stated in a slightly smug voice, even though I wasn’t feeling smug about it at all.

“God that is a long time. Have you found cobwebs?” His laughed roared out this time, and some of the other gym members turned to see what was going on.

“No as it happens. I’m a girl of today. Don’t you think I have sorted out my needs?” I whispered very softly in his ear. He stopped peddling and turned towards me, leaning in his voice was a soft rumble.

“Now that is something you can tell me all about in the weights area.” He rose off the seat and started walking to the free weights.

It was a secluded area which wasn’t used this late at night. Most of the guys that used it were now at work as doormen.

Mr Incredible lay down on the bench on his back, and I loaded up the bar with 60kg weight. Taking the weight in his hand he lowered and raised it smoothly, I was counting his reps aloud till we hit the mark for the set and he stopped replacing the bar on the holder.

“So what do you use?”

I looked at him with a quizzical face.

“Do you have a vibrator or just your fingers?”

He was being straight faced now and serious. So I would answer him straight.

“I use my vibrator at home, and if I need to, my fingers elsewhere.” I felt slightly red at my answer, I sounded like a sex maniac.

“Do you play when you’re here at work?” His voice was the soft rumble again; I looked around then back down to him and nodded.

“Have you played today?” His hands were now holding the back of my thighs, softly rubbing up and down the Lycra.

“I did earlier, yes.” I whispered softly so no one could hear, and my smile grew across my face. Then he dropped his hands and took the bar again.

“Well, I was going to lend a hand, but seeing as though you are already done, I won’t bother.” He carried on pressing the weight.

I felt deflated by his comment and carried on counting. That was rubbish, how could I get back from that? He was so hot, but I guessed it wouldnt happen.

We didn’t speak about my sex life or lack of it for the rest of the workout;just general chat about work and the competition. I didn’t mind. It was just nice, him talking to me.

The session lasted till 10, so most of the gym was empty except for a few people finishing off in the pool. Mr Incredible was sweaty and red, I had been determined to make him feel the burn tonight and I think I had achieved it.

“Honey, you have killed me, I’m going to hit the showers. I will see you soon.” He leaned in and kissed my cheek and walked away. I couldn’t help but admire his cute behind and broad shoulders.

Oh well, another day finished. Walking around the gym when it was empty was very weird and slightly eerie. That’s when I heard a splash in the pool area. I walked towards the sound, slipping off my shoes and socks, sliding off my leggings and having my shorts on underneath.

I took long strides towards the pool and saw someone swimming around.

“Excuse me, the gym is now closed.” I shouted, the echo bounced off all the walls, but still they carried on swimming. I thought how bloody ignorant, and now stomped up the side of the pool towards them.

“HEY!” I shouted and added a wave; the body rose up and turned to me. Mr Incredible looked even hotter dripping wet, I felt myself getting hot and my smile grew.

He waded through the water towards me, I crouched down.

“You called?” He had a cheeky smile on his face.

I touched his cheek, I didn’t mean to but I just seemed to stroke his right cheek. I took it away after a few seconds, thinking I had made myself look stupid enough today. I began to stand and he got out the pool and stood in front of me. Drops of water were running down his perfectly toned body. I looked up at him and he lowered his head to kiss me. The kiss was soft, with the taste of chlorine a little bit of a turn on.

Feeling his tongue exploring my mouth, circling my tongue bar it felt so sexy. I began thinking where else that tongue could be. I had to pull away, I was in work and thought that we could be spotted, so I walked toward the changing rooms, and he followed me. I lead him to the male showers, as I knew these were empty. Standing in the door way, I slowly stripped down to my underwear. Thank God I had chosen wisely in the morning. I looked at him and saw his trunks had a huge bulge growing; neither one of us had any doubts about what we wanted. I motioned him to come closer and we walked into the shower cubicle. He shut the door behind himself and turned to me.

“Get them off or I will rip them off.”

I looked down at my underwear and back at him and smiled.

He didn’t waste any time grabbing each cup of the bra and ripping it in two and sliding it down my shoulder and hanging the rag on the hook, then the thong was coming off. I stood back till my back was on the tiles. They felt so cold on my back. He ran his massive hands up the back of my calves, and then my thighs then he began massaging my cheeks. My nipples were rock hard and I felt so turned on by his moving hands now sliding to the front of my thong, under the waist band. The tearing noise was making me even wetter now and he could see I was wet, his massive hands were now between my thighs and softly began teasing my pussy lips, then parting them and his tongue flicked over my clit. His tongue was quick at lapping against me, I was breathing hard with each lick and then I put my leg over his shoulder and still licking, he slipped one of his fingers into my hole. I cried out; it felt so big in my tight hole.

“Bella baby, you’re so tight. It has been too long.” He looked up at me and then stood in front of me; I stood on my tip toes to kiss him. He stopped kissing and looked at me and then slipped his trunks off. His cock was so hard and swollen. I dropped to my knees and opened my mouth wide as it would go and sucked on it. He leaned back and moaned, so I took as much of his cock as I could in my mouth without choking on it. He loved what I was doing with his cock, I went faster. Now he was hitting the back of my throat but I held my breath back as he did. He was gasping now. I was so wet and started to play with myself as I heard his moans. Sliding my finger round my clit and then rubbing it. I sucked and teased his end faster, tasting his sweet pre-cum, his breathing got harder and faster.

“Baby stop. I don’t want to come yet.” He pulled me up on to my feet then his hands were underneath my cheeks lifting me off my feet. I wrapped my legs around his waist. I never had a man lift me up with so little effort, but then again I had never been with a man as big as him.

Still kissing him, his fingers now explored my soft pussy lips again finding my wet hole, and he now lowered me onto his cock. I cried out, I thought his fingers were big but his cock was twice the size. I muffled my shout by kissing him, sliding all the way down. He filled me so tight. I was held by him and he was fucking my tight pussy slowly but so deep.

“I want you to come over my cock baby, play with your clit.”He held my ass tight and gently bounced me and I reached down to find my hard bud and started rubbing, I then stroked his fat cock which stretched me so wide. I was amazed how deep I was taking his fat cock; I rubbed my clit harder and bounced harder on him. Then he pulled me close to him, his arm now round my waist, sucking and biting my neck pushing me closer.

I screamed out as my pussy gushed down on to him, I felt weak and wrapped my arms round his neck holding tight. He held me tight and kissed my neck and cheek then kissing my lips.

“Are we the only ones here baby?” His eyes were deep blue; I stared for a second before replying,

“Yes you were the last, which is why I was kicking you out.” I smiled, then stroked his cheek and kissed him. Still holding me, he walked into the changing room and stood me up then he sat down on the bench. He told me to turn and was faced with a mirror, I saw what he wanted and I loved it.

I sat back on his lap and raising one of feet on to the bench I was going to be riding him reverse cowgirl. I lowered down on it his standing cock, feeling him tight in me. I was still pulsing from my orgasm and he could feel it to. Then raising my other foot supported by him, I was now in a squat with my legs wide open and he wasted no time thrusting up and banging deep into my pussy. It was hard and fast, and the noise of my wet pussy being pounded hard by his cock was amazing.

My breath was taken away by the image in front of me, it was so sexy. I reached down to touch his sticky cock that was pounding deep into me. Then I slipped my finger over my clit, feeling my g-spot being pushed by hard cock I rubbed it hard and in time with his thrusting cock.

Now I dropped to my knees riding and bouncing my body on his, we watched ourselves fucking, he grabbed my breasts hard both of us banging hard. I carried on rubbing my clit thoroughly I was coming hard now, and soon he did holding down my hips filling me up. I was slumped forward catching my breath, and enjoying the feeling of cock twitching in my already pulsating pussy. I felt his arms round my body and softly kissing my shoulder and back, squeezing me tight.

I had now been drained of energy and I think he had too. I stood up and walked towards the shower the water was hot and felt good on my hot skin, through my hair and down my body washing away my sweat and smell of sex.

“Hey gorgeous, that was so good.” Mr Incredible was now behind me washing my back, his hands slipped soap down my back around my hips then cuddling me.

“I got to confess, I wanted you since I first laid eyes on you, and I can never remember your name so you were nicknamed Mr Incredible.” I smiled at him and wrapped my arms round his waist and stood tall to kiss him again.

“Did I live up to the name?” He grinned, and I felt his cock against my thigh beginning to swell.

“Yes you did and more.” I kissed him again before I was lifted up again into his arms.

I now love working late in the gym, especially when Mr Incredible comes to workout.

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