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Wake Up Call

Hey guys! This is my first story; let me know what you think. I'm opento anyone’s opinion.

I wake up in the morning and slowly open my eyes. I see you sitting there watching me sleeping, it’s really sweet. I look over to the bed side table and see its only 6am on a Saturday morning and wonder to myself why we are awake. I want to give you a cuddle and kiss so I start to sit up and find I can’t, I panic a little and you comfort me and whisper in my ear, “now baby this is for being such a cock tease my little cock tease”. I pull at my hands and find that they are tied to the bed, I can’t move, you then grab a tie or something I can’t quite make out what it is and you cover my eyes and tie it up so I can’t see.

You start off by kissing me deep and sweetly, and I think to myself this normal, but as soon as I thought that the kisses turn hard and rough, full of passion and control. You work down my naked body, first you stop at my nipples and nibble, suck and squeeze them then you kiss down my belly back to the soft and sweet kisses. I have no idea what’s going on, I can’t see and you keep changing your mind and driving me insane, I don’t know what you’re going to do next and man does it turn me on. You get to my pussy, which is waiting dripping wet in suspense. Waiting on you next move, begging to be touched.

You continue your soft and sweet kissing, while slowly putting a finger into my dripping wet pussy, you tongue comes out and soon you sweet and soft kisses turn rough and full of passion, and your finger fucking me. My body starts to shake, you keep this pace but slip another finger in, and I am just about to cum and stop, saying not yet. You flip me over so I am on my knees still tied up and I still can’t see, you then get on your knees and ram into my pussy, then pull out, you do this a few times, I hear you reach for something, then I realize its lube as you squeeze some into my virgin ass.

I hear you reach for something else you grab my orange dildo and slowly slide it in my ass, as your slowly fucking it for a bit till you decide that you want to fill my pussy as well, you ram my pussy again this time not pulling out, all the way you fuck me deep and hard, it makes the bed shake. You are stilling working on my ass, you build up the speed and soon I am coming, it’s so hard, my knees shake and I nearly collapse, it is so intense I have never felt like this. You take the dildo out of my now fucked ass and continue fucking my very sensitive pussy till I come again, you’re close to coming but you haven’t had enough. You squirt some lube into my ass and slowly insert your hard cock into my ass you grab my vibrating dildo and put it up to the highest level and ram my pussy with it. You pick up speed and soon your fucking my ass hard and fast, while controlling the dildo in my pussy, you pull it out and ram it deep and hard and pull it out slowly, you do this again and again, and each time while you ram my pussy, you ram my ass with your rock hard cock.

Just as I am about to come you pull out of me, my whole body is shaking and is so sensitive. You then flip me over and spread my legs and them they are wide apart, I can’t move them. You then with the tip of your fingers slowly make your way up to my hands, stopping to play with my sensitive nipples, you untie one of my hands and hand me the dildo, and you told me to fuck myself while you fuck my ass, you fuck me deep and hard, but you want full control again, so you take the dildo off me and fuck my pussy with it, I am so close to coming again, and I am begging for a release and you need to come bad. You pull out of my ass, and pull the dildo as well and ram my pussy deep and hard with your rock hard cock, making me come hard and fast that very second, you fuck me hard and rough then come deep inside my pussy. You then untie my legs and take off the blindfold then kiss up my belly to my lips and kiss me soft and gentle, and then we cuddle and drift off to sleep.

Find out what happens after maybe :)

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