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Wakey Wakey

Wakey Wakey

A lazy fuck is the perfect start to my day...
It must have been early and I was in that half somnolent state, neither asleep nor awake. I wriggled my body a little, savouring the way the quilt seemed to envelope me in its soothing embrace. I turned onto my side, drew up my knees, pulled the cover even more tightly around me and began to drift off again.

I became vaguely aware of the weight of his hand resting on my ribs and I smiled as I dozed, feeling his fingers home in until they cupped my breast and his thumb began to press and rub the soft nub there. I gasped in my sleepiness, feeling my nipple stiffen and I stretched and pushed until my back was pressed close against him. His hot skin and the hair on his chest was even more comforting than the bedclothes. There’s just something so wonderful about being that close to someone you love.

He began to pull and tug at my nipple and I sighed at the electric shock it caused between my legs. He knew just the right buttons to push, pull, pinch. I felt him snuggle against me, his breath at my ear, as his hand moved from my breast and pulled my hair to the side so that he could kiss and nibble my neck. Oh! I love that! As I felt his mouth open and close over my skin and his tongue stroke me, I could feel him stiffening against my buttocks and I dozily pushed back again, but more firmly this time.

Momentarily, his fingers moved back to my breast and they began to describe small, quick circles around my erect point. It lasted all too briefly before I felt his hand feather along my side, over my hip, then down until his strong fingers finally gripped my thigh. He lifted my leg as he pressed his firm cock between my buttocks. As I pushed my hips back and forth, his penis began to part my pussy lips and my wetness increased with the friction of his shaft between them.

He bit my neck then, not hard enough to hurt, but enough to make me inhale sharply and his hand cupped my mound. I felt a finger extend and find my now swollen bud. I heard his breath in my ear, rough now, his stubble grazing my neck as I arched my head back and he began to rub the base of my clit. He dipped his finger between my puffy lips, wetting it with my juices.

No longer able to keep up any pretence of being asleep, I moaned as he brought his wet finger to my lips, coating them with my morning dew and then he whispered in my ear, “Wakey wakey, my darling. Are you ready for me?”

My reply was little more than a guttural moan as I sucked my own arousal from his finger. I replaced his finger with two of my own and began to stroke the base of my throbbing clit while he took hold of his hard cock. I ground my ass firmly back against him now as I felt him align his blunt tip with my aching hole. He pushed.

He eased in slowly at first, pulling back and forth to get his cock good and wet, and I could feel myself becoming dizzier and more elated with every movement. Then he thrust his full length into me and held it there, I could feel him twitch inside me. Then he gripped my hair, tilting my head back and he growled into my ear, “Oh that’s it, rub your little button as I fuck you. Come on my cock, darling. Come for me while I fill you.”

His words and his sheer strength urged me on and I could hear his balls slap against me as he fucked me, harder and harder. My fingers must have been a blur as they rubbed and slipped against my swollen clit, taking me ever closer, ever higher and I felt my pussy begin to pulse and clench his thrusting cock as he fucked me harder, faster and deeper.

He began to pause between each thrust, really pushing his cock as deep as he could into my belly and holding it there. I knew that he must be close. His fingers took hold of my nipple once more and pinched it, really rather hard. It tipped me over the edge and I came, only aware of his grunts as he began to climax too.

He slowed, soft gentle thrusts, relinquishing his grip at my breast and he began to kiss my neck and cheek. I felt his cock soften and slip from my wet pussy. Our juices began to run between my ass cheeks and I ignored them as I turned into his arms and kissed his lips.

“Good morning, love,” I whispered into his mouth.

His hands gripped my ass and he grinned, “So, now you’re properly awake, how about a cooked breakfast for your sexy stud?”

He smacked my bottom and before I had time to respond, he jumped up out of bed.

“Kidding! I’m kidding!” He laughed, “I know my place! Coffee’s on its way!”

As he danced, laughing from the room, I smiled and snuggled back under the covers, already feeling my eyes drop closed.

No rush to get up, not quite yet...

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