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Walking is So Very Healthy

Walking is So Very Healthy

Living in the most liberal town in Kansas has its advantages. For one thing they are a very health conscious group of people here. There are biking, running and walking paths all over town. I am a walker. I walk fast for about an hour every day. It is healthy and I find it is a wonderful way to scope out the local talent, if you know what I mean.

I walk mostly on the trails on the edge of town where the woods are still quite dense, especially in the spring and summer time when the leaves give plenty of shade and also can hide many little secrets. Walk about fifteen feet into the woods and you are in another world. Quiet and most secluded.

During my walks I always wear sweats pants and a tee shirt. Plus socks and walking shoes, of course. But the pants come down so easily and I never wear underwear. Always commando style and ready for action.

I'm not lucky every day. Oh no. But I do get some good loving at least once a week. And since I vary my times and walking places I often get acquainted with some new pussy. I love new pussy. Oh, any pussy is good, but the new stuff makes life so exciting.

When I'm walking I always hang low and with a semi-hard. My cock is always there for the other walkers and runners to see. I don't care. Nothing illegal about having a hard on is there? And I am proud to display what nature has give to me. Others have agreed, it's a pleasure to behold and to hold.

Yesterday I was walking on the south side of town. It was around nine in the morning. As I moved down the path I saw an Asian girl approaching, also walking, pumping her arms and working up that sweat. Shorts and a sports bra, along with her shoes, that was it on her sweet body. Her tits were small but would certainly be tasty. And she had been working out for awhile. Her body was firm and toned and ready for some action.

As I neared her she glanced down to my cock. He was bouncing as he always does and poking out to say hello, so to speak. Her smile told me all I needed to know. I slowed my pace. She slowed hers. Eventually, as we came within about ten feet of each other we just stopped. I looked into her eyes and gave her the magic grin. Works most of the time.

She smiled back and then glanced over to the wooded area to the south. We were on the same wavelength. I started towards the side of the path and into the grass verge. She did too. We were converging on the wooded area farther from the path.

"Hi sweetie, how about a quick blow job?"

"Fuck that my man. I can see what you got. I need some of that in my pussy."

"Let's do this then."

I dropped my sweat pants and my cock sprang free. She flipped up her sports bra and stepped out of her running pants. Her pussy was in a trimmed vee shape. I was down on my knees in an instant and had my tongue up her cunt so fast she squealed with glee. I licked all the sweat off of it and then the cream that was oozing out. I reamed it with my tongue. She was cumming fast and strong.

As I licked her clit and made her have another orgasm she grabbed my head and began fucking my face with her cunt and I started jacking off in preparation for greater things to come. My god, she had so much fucking cum! She must have been saving it just for me. She'd had her fun. Now she was going to get some real fun!

I stood up, kissed her with my mouth covered with her pussy cream and guided my cock to her cunt hole. I pushed it in fast and hard. I knew she was ready. Her hard nipples were right there so I pinched and twisted them with my hands and she moaned with lust.

Ramming deep into her cunt, I made her have shivering orgasms one after the other. Damn, she was a great fuck. Thrusting harder and harder I screwed her up against the trunk of an old oak. Her ass might get splinters but her cunt would get my spunk.

At last I gave her what she needed. She had been cumming for over ten minutes now. It was my turn. I rammed one last time and my seed spilled out of my cock and into her cunt. It filled it so full it was seeping out around my dick as I slowly fucked her, feeling my own cum lubricating my prick, and finally I pulled out and dripped what was left onto the woodland floor. I was holding her up to keep her from collapsing on the ground.

I embraced her. She came alive again. She pushed me away, adjusted her bra, put on her pants and waved goodbye. Off she went. Not even a thank you. Oh well. I wiped my cock off with some tissue I carried with me and I too was off in the opposite direction.

I had to finish my walk. Walking is healthy, you know?

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