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Wash Away the Blues

A long business trip leaves him lonely, but a surprise is in store.
“So, where are you? How soon will you be home?” his wife asked with bubbly anticipation.

Brad’s features tightened into a wince. No matter how little he had wanted to hear the news, it was far more difficult to deliver it. “Baby, the office called.”

Cathy groaned and all the joy left her voice. “You’ve already been gone a week. They can’t be sending you someplace else.”

“They need someone in Chicago tomorrow, and I’m the only one close enough to get there by car. The weather is delaying flights everywhere, and they don’t want to risk it. I’m already in a rental and on the road. I should be at the hotel by nightfall.”

“This isn’t fair.”

“I know,” he sighed, and then tried to soften the blow. “They promised me a four-day weekend once I get home.”

“Well, that’s something, I guess. Are the roads bad?”

“Just keeps getting better the farther north I go. Probably be dry pavement in Chi-town, even though they had more snow a few days ago. Chicago’s good at clearing the streets.”

“Okay. Be careful anyway. So, when will you be home?”

“If all goes well, I’m hoping to catch a flight tomorrow evening.”

“Not soon enough. I miss you,” she pouted.

“Miss you too. I need to pull over and get gas.”

“Send me the information about where you’re staying when you stop, and call me when you get to the hotel. I don’t want you distracted while you’re driving.”

He chuckled at her mothering him. “Will do. Here’s my exit. Love you.”

“Love you too. Bye.”


When he awakened, Brad had a raging hard-on and a smile on his face. It didn’t last long, though. The smile and the vivid dream about Cathy faded, dissolved by the beeping of his alarm.

He kicked off the covers in frustration, knowing he had to get over it before his meeting. Somehow, he had to summon up the energy and motivation to put on the charm. As frustrating as this trip was – the first extended absence from his wife – it was also a stepping stone. If he pulled this off, there was a distinct possibility of a promotion in the near future.

It was cold comfort in the empty, unfamiliar bed, though.

The company had at least put him up in a nice place. The coffee had started brewing to be ready when his alarm went off, thanks to a timer. A few minutes later, he laid out his clothes in preparation for a shower with a welcome boost of caffeine.

A tone sounded from his phone and he checked the one word message, “Up?”

“Getting in the shower now. Thanks. Love you,” he quickly tapped out before heading to the bathroom. She had saved his bacon more than once with those texts and phone calls. Morning person were the last words anyone would have ever used to describe him.

Of course, it also reminded him that he still had to spend at least one more day without her.

Shaking that thought away, he climbed in the shower and let the warm cascade of water wash over and invigorate him for a few minutes. At last beginning to feel human, he lathered up his hair, and then leaned into the spray to rinse it away.

Brad started and cried out when arms wrapped around him from behind. Soap stung his eyes as he spun to behold the last thing he would have ever expected.

Cathy giggled and said, “I couldn’t have timed that any better.”

He could only stare in near disbelief as the spray began to hit her and run in rivulets down her body. She lifted one hand to smooth her rapidly dampening red hair while the other caressed its way down from her neck to her large, beautiful breasts.

He finally found his voice after a few moments. “Cathy? But how did...”

She stepped closer, biting her lower lip in the sexiest way. “You don’t have much time. Are you going to ask questions, or are you going to fuck me?”

Her embrace and her kiss had an urgency that danced on the border of violent, but his was no less so. They grappled in the warm spray, hands roaming over each other’s backs and buttocks. Her breasts were crushed against him, the stiff points of her nipples pressing into his chest even as her nails dug into his back.

She pulled her lips from his and gasped. In a rushed, almost growling tone, she said, “Do it. Fuck me. Now.”

She spun as he released his grip, proving that she hadn’t lost an ounce of her flexibility over the years as she bent over and planted her palms on the edge of the tub. With her gorgeous, round ass presented to him and glistening, he dug his fingers into her hips.

Balancing on one hand, Cathy reached back between her legs to guide his tip to her folds, but he didn’t need it. By the time her fingers touched the head, it was already poised at the entrance of her canal. She sucked in a high-pitched gasp and he growled as he sank balls-deep into her.

Her fingers went to much better use rubbing her clit as he pulled back and slammed into her again. Water spattered in all directions from the collision of their needy bodies – the loud claps echoing back from the walls. Her heavy breasts swung erratically from the power of his thrusts, and she cried out with every deep penetration.

Her tightly clinging walls felt hotter and wetter than ever, and he soon felt the first tingles of an approaching orgasm in his tip. Clenching his teeth against the far too long denied sensation, he slowed the pace of his hips.

She was having none of it.

“Faster. Harder. Give it to me!”

“Feel too good,” he growled in a rush.

“Fuck me, baby,” she countered, her tone a mingling of command and desperate need.

With a silent promise to make it up to her later, he surrendered to the inevitable. Cathy loosed a wail as his cock plowed back into her depths. His balls tapped her flashing fingers. He grunted and growled with every desperate stroke. The tickle in the head of his cock became an itch that spread rapidly down the shaft. He knew he only had a few more thrusts left before he erupted.

The sudden tightening of her walls around him caused him to falter and let out a surprised, broken groan. Cathy screamed and lurched as orgasm claimed her with ferocious intensity.

Overcoming the tight squeeze of her climaxing pussy, he regained the rhythm of his hips even as his breaths came in quick, growling gasps. His wife’s screams of ecstasy jumped in pitch and volume every time he slammed into her.

“Give it t-to m-m-meee!” she squealed as her slippery-fingered hand slammed down onto the edge of the tub for balance.

Brad roared as his fingers dug into her hips, pulling her back as he thrust into her. Their flesh collided with a report that sounded like a thunderclap in the confined space, and his cum surged up.

“Yes. Yes. Yes,” she whimpered as she felt him swelling inside her.

Over and over again, he groaned as powerful spurts erupted in her depths and pooled around him. Spastic, involuntary twitches of his hips sent both of them soaring to new peaks. After what felt like a gallon of cum had pulsed from his throbbing shaft, they both jerked in beautiful agony at the same time, and he slipped free.

Gasping for breath, he leaned against the shower wall. Through half-lidded eyes, he watched his wife slowly slip forward until her head bumped against the opposite wall. His cream was already welling up from her gaped canal and running down her legs into the swirling water below.

How long he remained panting with his eyes closed was beyond his ability to determine. He came crashing back to reality with a tight-throated groan when soapy hands wrapped around his softening organ.

Cathy let out a moaning chuckle as she washed him, and then forced him to turn so the suds would rinse away.

“God, baby,” he groaned as the aftershocks faded.

She drew out each syllable in a long, satisfied moan when she agreed, “Mmmm hmmm.” Then she slapped his butt and said, “Now go get ready so you won’t be late. I’m still dripping. You really filled me up.”

As he climbed out on wobbly legs and reached for a towel, he heard her over the shower.

“Feeling better? Ready to knock them dead?”

He laughed. “Fuck yeah.”

“Good. Go take care of business and then get back here. We still have a lot of catching up to do.”

Shivering as he toweled dry, he couldn’t have agreed more.

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