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This happened yesterday lunchtime with my boyfriend
I’m standing in front of the sink washing dishes. I don’t hear my lover come in and jump a little as he wraps his arms around me from behind. I smile as I realize who it is and go back to washing. He pulls me back against him pressing his hard cock against my ass.

He starts kissing the side of my neck gently, holding me tight against him. I move my hips back and forth slowly, allowing his cock to slide back and forth across my ass. His embrace on me lightens, his hands move to my sides, slowing moving up and down, his fingers lightly caressing me.

His lips move upward and start kissing on my ear, sucking on the lobe. He pulls on it gently with his teeth. His hands start to lift my shirt off. Slowly he slides it up my body. I raise my arms allowing him to remove it.

He reaches in front of me, cupping my 34B breasts, massaging them through my bra. The lace feels coarse on my hardening nipples.

He starts kissing on my neck again. Then down to my shoulder.

He never stops rubbing his hard cock back and forth along my ass.

His hands slide down across my stomach. His fingers barely touching my skin as he moves them lower. He starts unbutton my shorts. As he moves his hand into my shorts pushing my panties to the side… seeking what he desires.

I push my ass into his hard cock, arching my back as though he will take me there. My hands reach back to his body, feeling his sides and working towards his hard cock. I start to unbutton his jeans. All the while he is playing with my pussy, making me wet. I push up against him as I unbutton. Feeling him, wanting him, knowing he will be in me soon. My eyes close with the desire of what I can feel of his body and what I feel in my grasp to come.

As the buttons come undone, I pull the jeans to the side; all the while he is kissing my neck. I pull them to the side and move into his boxers, feeling the head of his cock, caressing it and slowly stroking as I move down. I moan as I want him even more, now that I have felt him against me and in my hands. He continues to play with my breasts and pussy, kissing my neck from behind as I slowly turn towards him.

My bare breasts push up against his body as I pull him into me. He grasps my ass and lifts me towards him. I gasp in excitement, looking him in the eye, with a smirk of enjoyment of what will come. He slowly moves his hands down my sides removing my shorts, all the while kissing me as he moves me to the counter.

He lifts me onto the counter, standing in-between my spread legs. He leans down, pressing his lips to mine. His tongue darting in and out of my mouth, probing. His hands are running up and down my thighs. I am playing with his cock. One hand is pumping up and down the shaft, the other massaging his balls.

I wrap my legs around his back and pull him into me as I guide his cock into my wetness. I moan with pleasure as he enters me. I can feel his pulse through his hard cock as it is buried in me. He pulls out slowly, letting me feel every inch of him. When just the tip is left in, he thrusts himself back into my so hard can hear the cabinet doors bounce. I lean back a little as he starts ramming his cock in and out of my pussy.

I reach down and rub my clit as his cock works in and out of me. I can see him looking down, watching his cock pump in and out of my pussy. I rub my clit faster, pressing hard against it as I feel an orgasm building.

His hands move to my breasts, pinching my nipples, rolling them in between his thumb and forefinger. I am moaning loudly with each of his thrusts. My body tenses, arching my back as my pussy quivers into orgasm.

He keeps fucking me hard, pounding his huge cock in and out of me. My head is bouncing off the cabinet behind me. I can see goosebumps building on his chest. It is a sure sign that he is close to his own orgasm. I really start rubbing my clit fast, trying to cum again with him. He grunts as I feel his cock shooting hot cum deep into my pussy. The feeling of him exploding deep inside of me is enough to send me over the edge. I can feel my body tingling as I cum again.

I sit there staring at him, he looks totally happy, covered in sweat. I can feel his cock softening in me as he leans forward kissing my nose. He pulls out and steps back, I can feel juices running out of me. I run a finger through them and bring it to my mouth, tasting our pleasure…