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Watching Him -Watching Me

Watching Him -Watching Me

Mm such an orgasmic turn on watching a man pleasuring himself...

There is a cool breeze coming in the sliding glass doors of the beach house caressing my skin and making my nipples erect. I lay on my black satin sheets, naked except for the pink satin g-string with the pussy slit. I have my index finger between my legs through the opening rubbing my clit as my other hand is playing with my breasts and nipples. Mmm. I am so horny thinking about my online fuck buddy; the total mind fucking games we play.

I glance at the window when I hear a noise and get very sex-cited, and my pussy starts throbbing when I realize it is the gorgeous window cleaner. He is tall, with dark hair and sapphire blue eyes, a hard body and nice arse. He stops what he is doing when he sees me. I have my eyes half closed watching his reaction as his eyes go wide and his mouth slack.

He does not know I have seen him, so I continue my desire of making myself come, thinking about what my fuck buddy whispers in my ear. The fucking things he wants to do to me and what he wants me to do to his cock and balls with my wet mouth. I am rubbing my finger up and down while watching the expression on the window cleaners face. He swallows hard and then undoes his fly bringing out his swelling cock, making me gasp with sexual excitement; feeling myself breathing heavy as my pussy spasms and becomes wetter.

I continue to play with myself by slipping my finger inside my pussy lips, and run it up through to my clit. It is wet with my pussy juice and leaves a trail; I keep doing that as I moan and groan. I am feeling very aroused and keep watching the sexy man as he strokes his cock up and down to his balls - Mmm!

I sneak a glance at the man from under my lashes, he is stroking his cock and increasing the pace as he moans with his eyes glazed, his mouth wide with ecstasy while watching what I am doing; I am moaning louder and feeling my orgasm building.

“Where’s my Honey when I need him to fuck me,” I moan very loudly causing him to jerk with a start and I see pre-cum drip from the end of his swelling cock tip.

”Honey” I'm whispering, moaning as my finger goes in and out of my pussy lips imagining it's my man doing sexy things to me.

Continuing to look at the man in the window, I see he’s about to explode, so I increase my rhythm to each stroke of his hand on his member. I quiver with sexual excitement as my orgasm is building as I match each stroke with my pussy-fucking finger.

“Oh, oh, oh, babe, I’m cumming, aaah “.

His cock explodes just as my pussy screams for release, throbbing, pulsing and releasing my sticky juice onto my finger.

He comes in the door just as I finish my orgasm, grabs my hands and pulls me up off the bed pushing me up against the wall, kissing me and tongue fucking my mouth as he rubs my clit through my pink satin g-string, pushing the satin down just enough to rub his finger along my pussy lips causing me to shake and moan with pleasure.

I take his swelling cock, pulling him between my legs. Keeping my legs closed he slides his cock through my pussy lips, feeling my juices coating him. He can feel the satin of my g-string under his balls caressing him. I am moaning as he continues to fuck my mouth with his tongue while his hands are squeezing my bum cheeks. As he is sliding his cock back and forth I can feel my orgasm building. He lifts my right leg to gain easy access; slowly slipping his cock into my tight wet juice filling pussy.

I am bucking, pushing onto his cock as he thrusts in deeper. He is fucking me harder, increasing the rhythm as he is about to explode. As I start to peak my pussy muscles squeeze him harder. My pussy suddenly contracts releasing my juices onto his hard cock, and I feel him let go with his hot creamy cum. I arch my back meeting each of his thrusts, moaning very loudly. As we continue to orgasm, our juices are flowing together...

My pink satin g-string is soaked with our joint cum and he goes down on his knees and starts licking the juices through the satin. The feel of his tongue through the material feels amazing on my swollen clit. I am getting very wet and horny as he inserts his middle finger in my pussy and the other into my arse. It is almost too sore to touch, but his velvet soft tongue soon makes me forget about any pain. He slides his hands up under the satin g-string pushing it aside and squeezing my arse cheeks hard as he maneuvers his tongue underneath and starts to increase the pressure on my clit.

I do not know what to do with myself. I am out of control, as my body reacts to the sensations of his fingers and tongue invading both places. I close my eyes and let go with the exquisite feelings. His fingers are working together stroking my g- spot from both sides, while at the same time he uses his tongue, licking quickly around my swelling clit.

I cannot stop moaning very loudly, “Oh my god, Mike don’t stop honey!”

The entire finger and tongue sensations combine and my body is literally shaking, my knees are weak. A few more focused strokes on my g-spot and I soak his face with my juices...

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