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Way To End The Day

A good meal and a hot shower are a great way to end the day for a commercial truck driver.
The steady drone of the big diesel for the last couple of hours has about made both of us drowsy. The traffic tonight has been sporadic, either light and moving along at 70, or heavy stop / go construction tie ups that really try a truck driver’s patience.

The day is going to end soon, over 600 miles logged and we can retire for the night. It hasn’t been all that cool in the truck as the A/C has had problems keeping the temperature just “moderate” and not all that “cool”. Schedules and time constraints have not permitted us time to even stop for a meal.

You have quickly learned that a truck driver’s “balanced meal” is all the snack food stuff he can carry at one time to the counter, “balanced” in both hands and arms. Our last loading / unloading experience was in a dusty environment and some dust swirled inside the truck. In summary, we are very tired, dirty and somewhat sweaty, and hungry for a good meal seated in a comfortable seat that is not bouncing constantly.

The large, high sign lighting the night sky, designating the truck stop three miles ahead is a welcome sight. As we pull into the parking lot, both of us are now on alert for a pull-through parking spot. I can and have on too many occasions had to back into a space. It really is not that hard in the daytime, but I’m tired and getting a bit blurry eyed, so we literally shout our joy at spotting a parking space I can pull into. And it is real close to the building. That, in itself, is a real bonus. A quick glance at my watch as I set the park brakes on the rig shows I only had 15 minutes more time available to work / drive today. We are tired, we are dirty, we are hungry and we are “down” for the night! The next 10 hours are required “off duty” time to rest and sleep.

After taking a few minutes to finish my paperwork for the day, we grab our bags, climb down out of the cab, and walk hand-in-hand to the inside of the travel center. We decide that getting ourselves “clean and shiny” is the first priority. We agree that being and feeling clean will make our meal more enjoyable. With only one shower available (the other 11 showers were in use or being cleaned), we agree to take it as a couple and get an extra set of towels for you.

This particular truck stop/travel center has large, private restroom and shower facilities for commercial drivers and really is rather nice. Since they normally cater to the solo drivers, we had to get an extra set of towels for you. They are still warm and fluffy from the dryer.

The sight of you undressing gives me a delightful view of your body via the full length mirrors on two walls. The motions you go through as you pull off your shirt, reach around and unfasten and remove your bra, pull off your shorts and panties…these all excite me as I am again visually reminded of the beauty of your ripe body. It doesn’t take me but a moment to pull off my shirt and drop my shorts. We are naked, together, and looking forward to our shower…together…naked.

After adjusting the water temperature, I let you in first to get wet and start soaping. You soon step aside and allow me to get wet and start washing myself. The sight of your body all soapy and wet is enticing and I turn you around facing away from me and begin to wash your back from your shoulders down to your feet…slowly, with lots of suds.

Your body feels so smooth and slick under my bare hands. As I start back up, I reach both arms around you to wash and soap your front side from your feet to your breasts. NO spot is left untouched and as I slowly, gently wash your pussy my cock comes into contact with your wet, suds covered ass cheeks. As I begin to soap up your breasts, you lean back against me and seemingly turn your bottom upwards and push back against my growing cock. I feel your nipples getting firm under my cleansing touches.

Your pressing back into me is a bit awkward and you brace against the wall with your arms and hands held high. I lean over and quietly ask if you would like me to shampoo your long hair for you. Your answer is to moan quietly and press your curves back against me even harder and to wiggle that soapy butt against my cock and pelvis.

I take the shampoo bottle from the shelf and pour a good dollop of soap into my hand. Then I start to rub it into your hair and this creates a lot more suds that flow down between our bodies. I take my time running my fingers through your soapy hair and give you a good scalp massage that extends down your neck and across the top of your shoulders. Your slick back side wiggles in an inviting way against my stiffening cock. I slide between your cheeks and poke out a bit in front of you as it slides back and forth following your slit.

You take your right hand off the wall, still bracing yourself with the left, and reaching behind you to me, you gently begin stroking my cock and balls. You lower your head down and I begin massaging your breasts and pinching and pulling on your already hard nipples. Your passion is increasing, your breathing becomes rapid and your moaning is louder. Finally, you reach down to guide my slick cock into your open pussy.

As I slide through the shampoo suds into your pussy, I grab a handful of your hair and tug backwards. Your eyes are closed to keep soap out, so you don’t see the hard expression on my face. It has become one of pure lust and desire for your tight pussy and body. You bend over now and shove your ass back into me as I reach down and grab both of your breasts and pull you tightly to me. My “O” is rapidly rising and erupts when I am as deep into you as I can be in this standing position in the shower. A few more strokes of my cock and you join me on that “O” plateau of lust and frenzied sex.

After calming down, you turn around facing me and I take the time to thoroughly rinse your hair while you hug me with your head laying against my chest. The suds flow down your back and run down your ass and between your legs before disappearing down the drain. The flow also rinses away the froth from our sex act.

After getting out of the shower, I help you get your body and hair dried using your hair dryer to speed up the drying process. We dress in fresh, clean clothes and find our way towards the restaurant for the only sit-down meal of the day. I can’t help but notice you are walking just a little bit “different”.

It is so nice to be able to sit down to a real meal, not particularly romantic considering the locale, but “real” food served by a “real” person. The meal is good and filling. During the conversation, I ask about the way you just “walked” from the shower. It seems I didn’t get you as dry as I thought. You say you are leaking from our shower sexcapade. I find it funny and you get that cute, sexy smirk on your face and say, “It's OK, I’ll take care of it later.”

As we start towards the exit after dinner, we pass restrooms and I offer to wait on you if you want to “fix your leakage” problem. You decline and say it’s not all that bad. There’s that smirk again.

Once back in the truck and together in the bunk, we settle for the night wrapped in each others arms and love. Good night kisses slowly become more insistent and you start to “complain” about being leaky and push my head downward. I see now what the smirk was all about. You are wanting me to kiss and lick your pussy “clean” of our sex juices from the shower. I don’t waste anytime. I try to be thorough and kiss, suck, and lick our juices clean from your pussy. This brings on another “O” from you as my tongue catches a “run” across your taint.

We drift off to sleep with my head using your inner thigh for a pillow and your warm mouth and tongue on my cock … my, what a WAY TO END THE DAY as the idling diesel engine lulls us to sleep and gently vibrates our bodies.

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