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We will it

Spring is in the air for two lovers
It was one of those Spring days that can almost make you think Summer has arrived. The blossom on the trees and the occasional breath of cool breeze betrayed the fact that the year was still young. But as the sun bathed us in an unfamiliar warmth, the clear blue sky above seemed to stretch on forever.

Heather lay beside me on a picnic blanket. Sunglasses hiding her eyes as she relaxed and drank in the beauty of the day. I sat beside her, reading a book. Occasionally glancing at where her dress rose up just far enough to permit a glimpse of soft inner thigh.

"What are you reading?"

I turned the book cover so she could see.

"Read me some of it."

I cleared my throat. I don't know why. Just a subconscious tic I guess. Or maybe it's because I knew what I was about to read. I began reading.

"Such are the days that shall be! but
What are the deeds of today,
In the days of the years we dwell in,
That wear our lives away?
Why, then, and for what we are waiting?"

Heather rolled onto her side and looked up at me. Her foot stroked up and down my leg. With one hand she removed her sunglasses, while her other hand moved to my crotch. Cupping and then gently squeezing.

I put the book to one side and lay down beside Heather. Her hand moved from my crotch to take my hand in hers. She silently guided my hand underneath her dress, slowly pushing my fingers inside the waistband of her panties. All the while she kept her gaze fixed on my eyes. I love her eyes. Blue with a hint of steel about them.

I shuffled closer to her. Half lying on her. I hurriedly pulled her dress up, exposing first her tummy, and then her breasts. As I fingered her pussy with one hand I freed her breasts with the other and my lips found the nipples. Sucking greedily.

All thoughts of the book were gone. All I could think of was Heather. Her breathing becoming more rapid. Her face flushed. My ardor palpably boiling over into pure lust.

Heather's hands fumbled with my belt and undid my jeans. She used her feet to pull them down far enough to free my cock. I didn't stop ministering to her pussy and her breasts. I was focused on her body and her pleasure. My wet fingers moved from her pussy to her clit. Circling and stroking that engorged bud. I felt Heather arch her back in pleasure beneath me. I pulled her panties aside and pushed my cock to her pussy. A brief moment of resistance soon gave way allowing my cock to push inside her. Stretching her tight pussy as each inch passed inside.

My fingers moved through her long bountiful hair. Pulling it away from her face so as not to interfere with the kisses that I was laying on her lips with a passionate fervour.

I began fucking her hurriedly and forcefully. The blanket beneath us rucking up and exposing the grass beneath. The jeopardy of being outside and vulnerable to being discovered seemed a million miles away from the reality of the here, and the now.

"Use me," Heather gasped, reveling in the sensation of my cock filling her.

Responding to Heather's urging I thrust myself into her faster and deeper. Each thrust met with as gasp. Gasps that rose in pitch and volume with each successive thrust, as we both searched for that moment of release.




Heather's legs crossed around me. Binding me to her. Pulling me tighter. I felt the tell-tale pressure, the sensitivity, the tingle that told me I was on the verge of cumming. I couldn't fight it. I didn't want to fight it. I wanted to fill her.

I could feel Heather's arms around me and her nails raking up my bum and my lower back.

I felt the pulse that signaled my orgasm. Almost immediately Heather yelped as she felt that first shot of hot sticky cum inside her. Her arms linked behind my back, pulling me tight and almost squeezing the breath from my body. As more cum entered her pussy I felt a tightening around my cock as her orgasm flooded through her like a tsunami.

I sucked her lower lip into my mouth and then kissed her neck as we came together. Blissful and ecstatic. I felt transported out of this world and into somewhere better. In the company of the woman I love.

We held each other for a while. Not speaking. Just lying there. It felt like the most perfect moment. But a moment was all it was. As we came down I became aware of the cool breeze on my bare skin. It caused a chill where my skin had become wet during the course of our love making. I withdrew my cock and I felt Heather reach a hand between us. Her fingers gathering the sticky fluid that we had produced together, as it seeped out of her. She rubbed it slowly over her clit before bringing her fingers to my mouth where I eagerly sucked on them.

The moment had to end, as all moments do. We both re-adjusted our clothing and sat up. I laid a kiss upon Heather's cheek as she glanced around us. We hadn't been seen. Would we have cared if we had? I don't think we would.

As I reopened my book, the next words I read seemed appropriate. Appropriate to explain why we did what we did. Why we seized the moment without a backwards glance.

"There are but three words to speak
'We will it,' "

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