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Weekend cottage with friends -Pt 6 -Sunday Morning

I woke up to a pleasant surprise
I woke with a hand on my cock. It wasn’t mine. It wasn’t Julie’s — she was asleep next to me with the cheeks of her bum pushed against my thigh.

“Who’s that?” I whispered.

“It’s me, Anna” came the whisper back.

“What are you doing? What do you want?”

“I’m feeling your lovely hard cock, silly. And what I want is you. You’re the only one who’s not fucked me yet and I’m still horny.”

“I can’t refuse such a lovely invitation but Julie’s asleep and pretty fucked in every sense of the word so we’d better not wake her.”

“Get down here on the floor by the bed, sweetie.”

So I slid out of the covers and lay beside her. She didn’t let go of my cock. I felt down her bare body as I kissed her in the darkness. My hands found her breasts and reached her hard nipples. I tweaked them one by one and then kissed them and sucked them silently. She sighed but I shushed her to stop her waking Julie.

As I searched farther down her back there was what seemed like string but was her G-string panties. I gently squeezed her bum cheeks as my fingers found her crack. My cock twitched as much as it could in her grasp and she stroked her hand up to my helmet and down again. It was difficult to hold back a loud groan.

I explored further with my fingers to her slit, her very wet slit and eased the tip of my finger inside.

“Lie on your back,” she quietly said into my ear.

My cock was pointing to the ceiling as she straddled me. I could feel her pulling her panties to one side as she slid her wet cunt down onto my cock. Bliss.

I reached up into the darkness to her tits and rubbed my thumbs over each nipple. I knew she liked them played with. I licked my fingers and went back to her nipples. She let out a small scream as I rolled them between my saliva-wet fingers.

Then she began to gyrate her hips side to side; front to back; up and down; slowly, then a bit faster then back to slow. She was in control. She’d said she’d needed a fuck and she was taking one. I tried to suppress a grunt as she was moving faster.

Then the bedside light came on and Julie said, “Can anyone join in or should I just listen and watch and frig myself off?”

“Please join us.”

“I think I’ll do both,” she said as she got off the bed. She moved to sit over my face, not close enough for me to lick but I could see her beautiful shaven vulva inches away as her fingers came down and opened herself up. She gently circled her clit and petal lips and I could see her becoming moister to the point of dribbling.

My tongue was out waiting to catch a drip. She put two cunt-wet fingers into my mouth for me to smell and taste her. I licked and sucked on them hard. When she took them away, first one then two fingers slid into her hole and she began to pump in and out of herself. My face was sprayed with droplets of juice.

All the time Anna was riding my cock. She must have been touching Julie’s tits ’cause I heard Julie tell her to squeeze them and pinch her nipples.

I knew I wouldn’t last long before I shot my cum into Anna. She was moving faster and moaning and Julie was finger-fucking herself like there was no tomorrow. First Anna screamed she was coming as her cunt spasmed around my cock. That forced me to let go shot after shot of cum inside her. Finally, Julie came — “Fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck” — and squirted her cum over my face again and again. I just opened my mouth and drank in the nectar, trying not to choke.

We all stopped moving and the heavy breathing subsided. Gradually we eased ourselves apart and climbed into bed and under the covers. I lay in the middle with a very big smile on my face and a head on each shoulder as we fell asleep.


We took our departures reluctantly breaking the spell after a fantastic, mind-boggling and memorable weekend!

We all got together again a couple of years later and it was great but for some reason it didn’t come up to the expectations set on that first time. The unknown had become known.


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