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Welcome Home

A Bathroom Hideaway - a quicky
It was meant to be a welcome to the neighborhood party, but was more of a welcome home party. You'd invited many of our soon to be new neighbors, but for us we'd been down to visit many times and over the years had fallen in love with the area. After a lot of hard work and a few years of saving I'd finally had enough to make the trip a permanent move. So for us it was more of a homecoming after being gone to long, then a fresh start away from the big city lights.

It had started with a simple bbq, but several of the neighbors had cracked open a few bottles of their home made wines, jugs being passed from hand to hand it was quickly turning into more of a block party. Kids were running up and down the road and in an out of several houses and gatherings of lawn chairs were appearing in the falling dusk. Two or was it, three bbq's were converted into what looked like mobile mini bonfires pulled out closer to the edge of the road to light the night with their flickering flames.

None of the furniture had arrived yet as it was still a day behind us on the roads, so you'd and your girlfriend had opened your doors to me and my two children; Leah who was 8, and Jacob just turning 4 in the fall. Hours on the road and a big home cooked meal and the darlings were curled comfortably together on the guest bed.

I'd just peeked in on them, and was just about to leave the bathroom to rejoin the party when I heard the floor board squeak just out side the door. My heart skipped a beat, thinking, knowing it was you. We'd been lovers for years but for me a large part of the excitement for the move was that we were soon going to be living not even 5 doors down the road from each other.

Slowly I opened the door the light on behind me, one hand on the frame as I steadied myself. Two glasses of wine after the long trip and I was feeling their effects more then I normally would. Peeking around the frame I glanced down the hall towards the front door. My eyes drawn back to your shadowed form leaning against the far wall one foot up against it as you waited. Tall and broad shouldered, thin from illness, yet very little of your muscle tone lost since your years in the service. Blond with a slight wave in your hair You've got the sweetest caring smile I've ever seen and the most expressive blue eyes. Even in the darkened hall I could feel your eyes lock with mine as the rush of desire raced through my veins.

A moment later I was reaching out to you taking your hand and dragging you quickly into the bathroom, kicking the door closed behind me and locking it, as I giggled softly the wine making me bolder. I looked up into your warm loving eyes and placing both hands on your chest backed you right against the counter. Reaching up on my tip toes I pulled you down into a hard, heated and hungry kiss my tongue diving between your slightly parted lips to tangle with yours.

Your strong arms wrap around my tiny waist pulling me hard against you. Tearing your shirt from the waist band of your track pants my hands slip up your back nails biting into the skin just under your shoulder blades as I pull you even harder against me pinning you against the counter. A low deep animalistic growl coming from the back of my throat our lips mashed together as we kiss.

Your fingers stroke roughly through my hair as I grind my hips against yours. The feel of your rock hard throbbing cock pressed against my tummy through the thin cotton of my summery mini-dress. The rake of my nails down your back sends your senses into over drive as I hastily push the band of your sweats down over your hips. Your large hands grasp my ass easily lifting me as my legs curl around your hips supporting my weight as you spin around balancing me on the edge of the sink. You rock your hips into me as I hook one finger in the crotch of my panties tearing them in my haste to get them out of the way. Your cock gliding between my wet lips as you drive into me in one smooth motion. Your big, well endowed and you fill me completely. I moan loosing control as your mouth locks on the side of my throat your hands cradling my head as your hips slam against me hard and fast. You draw back your stubby nails scraping down my back as you stammer through gasping breaths "Ohh My goddd baaabyy... fuckk meee.. senselesss... fucckk meee bloodyy senselessss..."

"Oohh godddd" I moan. Arching back my hips rocking on the edge of the counter my hands tight on your hips pulling you against me as I bite my lip to keep from crying out.

You can feel me tight around you, my lips dragging up and down the length of your shaft as our bodies slap hard and solidly together with each thrust of your hips. You gasp, "Oh goddd, I haaave to havve you Jennn" whispering on the air between us as you exhale. You dive for my throat sucking and licking sending hot needles of passion driving straight into my brain. Your fingers grip pulling me harder against you, as your hard hungry kisses mark my fair skin as they travel over my throat. Blood pounding in my ears as my hips rock slapping against yours, my juices flowing dripping over the counter making it slick as I slide against you.

Reaching up from behind I hook my fingers over your shoulders as you reach around my hips lifting and leaning me back, my weight forcing me back down against you harder as I hang in mid air over the edge of the counter. Your head bows and the sudden heat of your lips engulfing my right breast causes me to whimper pulling against your shoulders I lift my hips. The electric feel of your tongue flicking rapidly across my nipple makes me gasp writhing against you hips as mine rock back against yours.

"We're not... going to... be able to... restrain... ourselves are we?" You whisper between flicks of your tongue. The gyration of your hips rubbing your fully engorged head all around my cervix my muscles throbbing around the base of your shaft. My nipple slips from between your lips dragging lightly against your teeth as I whimper my back arching backwards forcing me down harder against your pelvis. I bounce harder against your hips while your mouth sucks my my other breast tongue circling and flicking against the nipple my whimpers grow in intensity.

"Ohhh Godddd Noooo" I cry out, the scent of our desires mingling in the air is a sweet intoxication fueling the fires of desire. You lean me back over the counter my hands bracing against the edge grinding against your hips as we fuck. Your lusty growl sending sweet shivers through me. I bite my lip hard enough to draw blood as your fingers pinch my nipple in a tight firm roll. The heat of your eyes traveling over my body as your hips thrust short and fast battering my pussy inwards with every stroke.

"Oh sweeeeet lord love... take me over the edge and hold on tight..." You pound against my hips my body rocking on my arms as I balance against the edge of the counter.

"Oh hunny fasterrr" Your cock pounding faster and faster inside of me, I can feel the familiar tensing of the muscles in your hips. We're both very close to cumming and I can feel the heat in your eyes, you know it too.

Lifting my left hand from the counter,I hook it around your neck pulling closer to you as your grip tightens on my hips lifting me away from the counter. My arms hook around your neck, as you pull me against you your cock pounding inside of me over and over again. You press deep inside of me holding me there as you turn with me impaled on your cock and pin me between you and the wall.

You start to stroke long and deep picking up speed with each thrust. "Oh godddd, yesss Charlie." I cry out throwing my head back as I rock against the wall.

"ohhhhhhh fuck yessssssss Cum Jenn cum all fucking over me!!!!!"

Hot cream shoots out of your long engorged cock filling my tummy till it flows down your legs mixed with my cum. The two drip down all over the floor under where we stand.

"holly shit baby" You whisper as your grip loosens and I lower slightly, now balanced on my toes as the last intense echo's throb through us. My breath still coming in little gasps. Such a sweetly intense feeling of contentment enveloping me as I look up into your eyes smiling softly before pulling you down into a slow sensual kiss.
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