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Welcome Home

The rain lashed down against my head just as I took the laststep into my building. Warmth greeted me along with the relief of somewhere dry. Walking up to my door I shook the water off of my shoulders. I turned my key in the lock and walked into my apartment, walking into the hallway, stopping immediately so I don’t make any more noise.

She was stood there in front of the mirror, a tight dress clinging to her curves. Her hair was tied up and she was running her hands over the dress smoothing it out. Her hands caressed her breasts, stomach, waist and hips. I felt desire stir inside me and I leaned against the wall in the hallway watching her, her hand went down to her legs again and she peeled the dress up slightly. Her hands moved over her thighs and went her lacy thong. I watched as she pushed them to the side, her fingers brushing the lips of her womanhood. I surveyed her face as she rubbed her clit, her mouth opened a tiny bit and she closed her eyes. A small moan escaped her now open lips. It was then that I chose to loudly shut door behind me. She gasped and her head turned towards me her fingers still against her clit. I grinned at her.

“Having fun without me?” I ask.

“I was just trying on my new dress, do you like it?” She asked in mock innocence, moving her fingers away from her pussy.

“Yes, is that a new thong too?”

“Yes I picked up something else while I was shopping too” She said, stepping towards me. She started to unzip her dress from the front. I watched her again as she started to reveal a new bra encasing her breasts. I bit the edge of my lip and I felt my manhood start to grow. She stopped in front of me and leaned into my body. I took hold of her zip and took it, sliding it down to the bottom of her dress. It fell to the floor. I looked at her locking eyes with her intense gaze, waiting…

I pulled her around to the wall I was leaning on and held her tight against it pressing my body to hers. There was a small pause, an anticipating breath, a moment of pure adrenaline and excitement… before my mouth descended on hers hard. I bit her bottom lip and pulled it back gently. Her arms wrapped tightly around me and my heart raced, pushing the blood through every part of my body. My cock enlarged more in my pants, pushing a bulge into her leg where her dress had ridden up over her thighs. I pulled it up higher and moved my hand down to her lacy thong. I pulled the sides away from her hips slightly and let them fall to the ground. My fingers took over the task that hers had been doing when I walked in first. I rubbed her clit, wetting my fingers with her sweet juices; I lubricated my middle two fingers with them and felt around her ever wetter entrance. I teased the tightness of it with my fingers and she moaned.

I kissed her again, my tongue invading her soft mouth, my fingers following suit with her tight womanhood. Her nails scraped slightly against my shoulders through the thin material of my t-shirt. Her pussy muscles squeeze around my fingers as I find her g-spot, rubbing it just the way I know she likes it. I watched the sexy rise and fall of her breasts that moved with the increase of her breathing. They pushed towards my face irresistibly. I couldn't resist moving my lips down to kiss around the line of where her bra was. With my teeth I pulled down the bra cup. I traced my tongue in a circle around her nipple flicking it over the nipple itself, hardening. My fingers started to push her closer and closer to orgasm I knew she was close by her moans. The further her nails slid into my shoulders and the more she moaned, the closer she got. I knew her inside out but further exploring her inside was so fucking good…
Her open lips released her constant moans; she started to moan my name. I love that, as she continued her moaning of my name my enlarged cock continued to strain against my ever tightening pants. She moaned louder and louder and her nails dug deep into my shoulders as she told me the inevitable, she was about to cum. My fingers moved against her g-spot faster the juices running down over my hand as she moaned my name over and over again as she found her complete release. She spasmed slightly. Arching her back, she pushed her breasts further into my face.

I looked up at her kissing her breasts still as her breathing slowed. Her hands slid to my chest as she pushed me away slightly stepping into my body, taking control. Her hands remained on my chest as she pushed me towards our bedroom; she pushed me throughout the open doorway until I feel the bed against the back of my knees. Her hands moved again down to my hips, finding the bottom of my t-shirt. She pulled it over my head and threw it to the corner, biting her lip. Her fingers traced the light hair that leads down into my pants, to my hardened manhood. She pushed me down onto the bed. Completely in control, she leaned over me and unbuckled my belt pulling it open. She unzipped very gently over my hardened bulge and pulled open my pants. Her fingers hooked into the waist of my pants and she pulled them down. My dick filled my boxers and throbbed with anticipation as her hand ran over it. She grasped it through my boxers and rubbed it. I couldn’t help a moan escaping from my open mouth. She slowly pulled the boxers down, letting my dick free. It stood at a right angle to my body obscuring my view of her face, until she rose above me.

She straddled me and let me enter her tight, impossibly wet pussy. Her hips rotated, she was grinding on my cock letting it fill her pussy as she rocked on me. My hands went to her hips and I held them, my fingers against her soft warm skin as she rode my cock. Her hands ran over her body again, undoing the clasp on her bra and letting it slip off of her. Throwing it aside she took my hands in hers taking them away from her hips. She pinned them above my head and continued to grind on my cock, running her hands over her body letting me watch as she rubbed her clit, pinched and rubbed her nipples and ran her hands over her stomach, hips and thighs. From her thighs she moved her hands to my chest and ran her fingernails lightly down my stomach making me moan. Teasing me she tossed her hair back and moved her hands up and down my chest, pushing my dick in and out of her now. She rode me, her hands slipping up and down my chest and stomach, her fingernails tracing the skin while she does. I moan over and over as she fucks me, bringing me and her close to the edge as she sped up and went faster riding me. She moaned, her head tipped back entirely as she came on my dick. My dick throbbed in her pussy, so close to cumming I moaned her name as I was about to cum…and then she stopped. My imminent orgasm stopped completely in its tracks, she eased off of my cock slowly and winked at me.

“Thank you for that baby” she said grinning. I groaned, frustrated at her and moved up pulling her body underneath mine. My still completely hardened manhood slid inside her tight pussy with ease. I started slowly, getting deep inside her. I moved my cock in and out of her starting to fuck her. I leaned into her and kissed her hard holding her hips and kissing down her neck to her breasts. My dick disappeared completely into her with each thrust. My cock hit the back of her pussy over and over again my rhythm getting faster. I needed to cum inside of her; pure desire overcame me as I bit down on her bottom lip stopping her mid-sentence. I didn’t need to know what she was saying I knew she was about to cum again. Her legs wrapped tightly around my hips, her heels digging into my ass cheeks as she came. Her tightening pussy muscles sped up my release and as she lay gasping beneath me, I found my well needed release. I came deep inside her and we both moaned. I moved out of her and kissed her quickly grinning to myself as I got off of the bed.

“Baby” She said.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“I can feel your cum inside me…” she sighed. Well I knew what that meant…I moved around again and towards the bed…

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