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Wet Massage of Sweetness

Could you resist the touch of Sweetness?

I like to go for massages. Admittedly, I've had an occasional sexual massage fantasy probably from having seen a massage sex porn video. But I never received anything beyond a professional, therapeutic massage. Until I got a massage from Sweetness.

She walked me to a private room. It was candlelit with a big mirror on the wall.

"Undress and lay on the table," Sweetness said. She was Asian, but not as skinny as the average Asian woman I'd known. In fact, she had fantastic curves. Wearing a low cut top that revealed ample cleavage and short skirt that hugged her round butt, I couldn't help but feel a tinge of excitement.

She stepped out and I started undressing. When I released my penis from the boxer-briefs that had held them all day, I noticed my excitement had filled my penis enough for it to look its full sized and still hang without appearing aroused. It was exactly the way you'd want a beautiful girl like Sweetness to first see it.

For a moment, I considered waiting until Sweetness entered to lay down to show off. But that would be inappropriate.

I looked at the table. It was prepped and clean, but it didn't have a sheet for me to slide under like a spa's massage table normally has. There was a small towel folded in an artistic, 3-dimensional way. Was I supposed to put that over myself? Maybe I was just supposed to lie down and let Sweetness cover me.

Suddenly, the door opened.

Sweetness walked in and I was still standing there in all my glory. She looked, but showed no reaction. Putting a hand on my back, she guided me to the table.

I laid down, peeking at the beautiful woman who was about to massage me in the mirror. Most masseuses I had were a little overweight. But Sweetness had a great body without looking too petite to give a good massage.

As I lay down, I realized I was positioned with my penis pointing down, exposing the head and top of the shaft between my thighs. I was about to adjust, but I felt her running her fingers along my back. "Do you want your massage soft, medium, or hard?"

"Medium to hard," I responded.

As her fingers glided down my butt and thigh, I felt my penis growing. Did she notice? Her fingers slid to my inner thigh, getting closer and closer to my penis. Through the mirror, I could see her eyes were in that direction. Then she caught my eyes in the mirror and smiled.

I could feel pre-ejaculate slip out of the tip of my penis as it pulsed with surprised excitement.

Sweetness reached between my legs.

She picked up the towel. OK, I must have just been letting my imagination get away with me. She would cover me now and begin the massage. Except she didn't cover me. She put the towel off to the side and applied oil to her hands.

I've never been left fully exposed during a massage before. It was too exciting to let my face be down in the massage table hole. I kept my head sideways, watching this beautiful woman massage me in the mirror.

She started with my legs. Long, hard strokes. Her hands were warm and wet with oil. As she slid up, Sweetness let her hands press firmly against the inside of my thighs and up against my bare behind.

Fingertips and thumbs would graze against the engorged head of my penis, unashamedly, tantalizingly. I was doing everything I could not hump the table.

She walked to the head of the table, running her fingers along my back and up my neck, and whispered in my ear. "Move your head like this."

She guided my face into the padded hole of the table. I thought I'd be disappointed to lose my view of her, but now I was looking down at her bare, toned legs. She must have slipped off her shoes because her feet were bare too with perfect pink painted toe-nails.

Sweetness pushed the heels of her hands into my back and pushed downward, leaning as far as she could until her breasts pressed against my neck and head. As she pulled backwards, I peeked up to see right down her cleavage.

She gently replaced my head.

Everything she did, whether working me with her hands or elbows was sensual and felt amazing, but none of it prepared me for her climbing on top of me.

I would orgasm in the very telling of the moves she preformed as she massaged on top of me, but I can't skip the way she used her legs.

Sweetness sat with her knees on my back. Then slowly, she opened her smooth legs and slid from the center of my oiled back to the sides and then she brought them back up again.

I had to watch in the mirror.

Each time she opened her legs on me, she would slide down a little further, allowing me to feel more and more of her legs. Her already short skirt pushed up to allow me a great view of her thighs and was barely covering her bottom.

She continued. It was like she was riding me as she opened and closed her legs, going up and down. I felt more and more thigh until, at last, her panties touched my back and I could feel the warmth coming from inside of her.

I imagined flipping over and her riding me like she was doing now, sliding up and down the shaft of my penis. Faster and faster until...

Sweetness started sliding down. As she straddled my legs, she massaged my still bare butt and thighs. Repeatedly, her hand would make "accidental" contact with the head of my penis and top of my shaft.

Then she positioned me so my butt was a little bit in the air and reached underneath to massage me. She wasn't massaging my penis directly, but the sides of her hands were sliding along the shaft and gently rubbing against my balls.

I tried to restrain myself, but subtly moved my pelvis back and forth with her hands.

"You can flip over now," she said.

I suddenly felt nervous, she was about to see everything. In every massage I'd ever had, the masseuse is careful to hold the sheet or towel in a way that keeps your private areas private. But there was no sheet and there was no towel.

I flipped over with a raging, pulsing erection.

"Do you want me to take care of that?" Sweetness said, gesturing to my manhood, "I figured I'd ask before I go crazy on you."

Oh god, I wanted her to crazy on me. My penis was dripping, and not from massage oil. But for the first time, I thought of my wife and what she would think. Surely, letting her take care would be cheating.

"I, uh--" Yes! Go crazy on me! "I only came in for the normal massage service." Idiot! Let her take care of that! "Is that part of the normal massage?" Oh, god! I want you so bad!

No," she said, shaking her head. "That's not part of the normal massage."

Sweetness covered me and finished the massage.

Over the next few weeks, I couldn't get Sweetness out of my mind. In the shower, I would picture her riding my back and imagine flipping over for her to go crazy riding my cock.

Sliding my hand back and forth over the shaft and head of my penis, I'd imagine her hands gliding back and forth across my balls and cock. I'd imagine flipping over and having her "go crazy" riding me. Breasts bouncing, hair flying, and thighs squeezing.

I called the massage place and made another appointment, requesting Sweetness.

Again, she looked great. Short skirt, red top that made her breasts pop and my heart beat faster. She led me to a private massage room and I undressed.

Lying on the table, I purposely made my penis point down this time.

Once again, she began massaging me without putting a towel over me. She started with a different leg massage than last time.

She moved my leg up and had me bend my knee. It allowed her to massage along the back and sides of my leg and thighs. It also exposed more of my genitals.

But what was really exciting was that she straddled my foot with it right under her skirt. "Do you want your massage soft, medium, or hard?" she said.

"Medium to hard," I replied and she went to work.

As she massaged my leg, thigh, and ass, her hand would slide and glide across my balls and penis. There was no subtlety in my pelvic responses, moving my hips so I was adding to her contact.

As Sweetness continued to massage, she lowered her own hips so she sat right on my foot. I wiggled my toes lightly as she slid her vulva back and forth over them. Her lacy underwear was silky in the middle. As they moved back and forth against my pinky toe and the side of my foot, I felt her panties get warm and wet.

Sweetness climbed up my back so her legs pressed against my hands. I felt along her leg with my fingers and she didn't stop me. Her thighs were smooth. From my angle it was difficult to get to high, but I reached a pinky up to the lace of her panties.

My heart was pounding. She continued massaging my back as if nothing were out of the normal.

I kept fingering around and started to work my pinky under the lace.

Everything so far was smooth, but she took my hand and slid it down her leg and back onto the table. "It's only our second time together," she said.

She started rubbing up and down my lower back, ass, and thighs.

I gently pushed back as if slowly making love. She brought her hands gently to the head of my penis that was pumping with blood and exposed between my thighs. She lightly rested her fingertips on my member and whispered, "I think you want a soft massage today."

I could feel her breath on the head of my cock and was trembling with anticipation.

She slid her fingers down my shaft and I moaned, feeling the tip of penis engulfed.

"Let me know when you're ready to flip over."

"Whenever you're ready," I said.

"You're naughty today," she said.

Sweetness slid off the table and I flipped. This time, I wouldn't say no to going crazy on me. But this time, she wouldn't ask.

Sweetness climbed back on the table, straddling me. Me cock pressed up against her wet panties. I could feel her labia through her panties as she leaned her lips to my ear.

"We're not supposed to be doing this," she whispered.

She guided my hand to her breast as she kissed me. I slid my tongue across hers and then kissed down her neck and breasts, pressing my face into her cleavage.

"Do you want me to take off my bra?"


She moved the red straps of her top out of the way and unclasped her bra. Taking it off, she unleashed the most incredible tits I've ever seen. She pulled her top under them so they'd be fully exposed. They were large but still perky, practically pointing at the ceiling.

I took them each in my mouth. Then ran my tongue over the nipple of the second. I could feel the tiny hole in the tip of her tit with my tongue. My penis pulsed as she thrust back and forth over it, sliding those wet panties up and down the shaft.

I kissed up her breast, shoulder, and neck, back to her mouth.

Suddenly, the wet warm walls of her vagina engulfed my penis. I looked down to see her holding her panties out of the way. And she rode. Up and down, back and forth. She slid from top to bottom of my shaft, each time pausing at the top and almost pulling the tip out but then thrusting down hard.

Without warning, I pulled out.

"What's wrong?" Sweetness said. "Did you cum?"

"No." Does that mean I'm allowed to come inside her? "I don't have a condom."

"Next time," she said with a smile and slid me back inside of her.

Her breathing became heavy and pumped back and forth, up and down, faster and faster. Little moans escaped her mouth. So quiet, at first, barely audible over the ambiance music.

She was so wet and the walls of her vagina so smooth, as she thrust and thrust. Then she squeezed as she slid up my shaft as if trying to milk my penis with her vagina. I moaned loud at the pleasure.

Sweetness put a finger to my lips. "Not too loud. We're not supposed to do this." She gave me a kiss.

She leaned back, breasts protruding, bouncing up and down and she rode me hard.

I grabbed her ass with both hands.

Pressure was mounting. There was so much pleasure, building and building. I couldn't hold out much longer.

Explosion! "I'm cumming." Two blasts of semen shot out inside of her.

Sweetness quickly pulled me out and deftly grabbed the towel. I continued squirting semen into the towel as she helped, pumping me with her hand. It seemed like stream after stream was shooting out of me.

When it finally stopped, Sweetness applied pressure at the base of my penis and gently but firmly slid to the top to help me empty every last drop.

My penis gave one more throbbing squirt of pleasure.

"You're supposed to let me finish," Sweetness said as she climbed off. "You owe me next time."

She put her bra on and straightened her clothes as I lay there in pleasure. Suddenly, I realized what I'd done. Unprotected sex with this stranger. If she did this with me, how many other men? What have I done?

I spent the next two weeks giving my wife oral pleasure, licking her, sucking her, fingering her, but not allowing my penis in her mouth or vagina. Maybe by giving her as many orgasms as I could, I would be able to pay a penance for what I'd done while I waited in agony for the results of STD testing.

Those weeks were the worst of my life as I wondered if I'd thrown it away and brought disease into my household. But the relief that came when I got the news that all the tests were negative.

I gave my wife the longest, hardest, then softest, then hardest again sex of our marriage afterward. Still, she wasn't as wet as Sweetness.

I'm afraid Sweetness has ruined me for massages and left an invisible imprint on my marriage that I never should have allowed.

This is my confession. A true, graphic story of lust.

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