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What a Christmas!!!

Christmas gift by my friend's husband
Christmas is a time of merry making and celebrating with friends. But Joanna was alone in her house. Her husband, Mark was away as usual on a business tour and had left Joanna behind to take care of herself and her needs, which called for immediate attention.

The morning of Christmas, Joanna lingered in the bed as she didn’t have much to do. “What a Christmas? This Christmas is the worst ever, nothing to do, nowhere to go, even no one to fuck”, she thought and a smile crossed her face on the last phrase.

Her phone rang she picked up the phone and answered, “Hello”.

“Joanna, Julian here”, a voice chirped on the other side.

Joanna and Julian were childhood buddies. Julian and her husband, George always took good care of Joanna when Mark was away on his oh-so-important business trips. They were the nicest couple and always fun to be around.

“Hi! Julian, Merry Christmas. What’s up babe?” I answered.

“Merry Christmas, dear. Going through the last minute preparations of tonight’s Christmas party; I hope you remember about that”, Julian said.

“I don’t think I will be able to make it. You guys enjoy”, Joanna replied.

“George, darling can you come here and talk to Joanna. That girl I don’t understand what’s happening to her, she is just behaving so detached”, Julian shouted on the other side.

The thought of George made butterflies flutter in Joanna’s stomach, “What is going through me? Dear God! He is such a good friend. How can I think about him in such a way?”, Joanna thought to herself.

“Hi Joanna, Merry Christmas”, George said.

“Merry Christmas! George, I am sorry as I can’t make it to the party tonight. I have something to do”, Joanna replied.

“Like what?”

“Hmmmm. Actually I am not feeling, I didn’t say it earlier as I didn’t want to bother you guys”, I fumbled out.

“Shut the crap up. Be ready I am be coming to pick you up in ten minutes and you can crash here tonight”, George replied.

“George, listen buddy, I won’t be able to..”, Joanna couldn’t complete when George cut in, “Listen Joanna, enough of your crap. I will see you in 10 minutes. Bye”, with that he hung up.

Feeling a bit helpless yet somewhat happy, Joanna put the phone down on its cradle and dragged herself out of the bed and got into the shower. She took a glorious amount of shower gel and rubbed her whole body with it giving extra attention to her breasts and pussy all the while thinking about George. “It would be great to feel his hands and mouth all over me”, she thought and gasped.

Not delaying any further Joanna rinsed her off and came out of the bathroom. She went straight to her closet to ponder what to wear. She wanted to wear something sexy; so sexy that it would draw George’s attention. After much thought she decided upon a red backless frock that just reached above her knees. Laying the dress on the bed, she dried her hair and applied a bit of makeup. She was still groping through her lingerie drawer when the door bell rang.

“Oh my God! He is already here”, Joanna ran wrapping the towel around her.

Joanna opened the door to find George standing outside. A tingle ran in her body just by looking at him.

“Oh my! Beautiful dress”, he winked and kissed her on my lips.

Joanna was just speechless as she didn’t expect his as George was always very cordial. Still in her thoughts she stumbled when she moved to let George in but he caught her and brought her inside closing the door behind.

Once they were inside, George took Joanna in his arms and started kissing her deeply. His demanding tongue found a way into her mouth and started exploring and teasing. Joanna moved closer to him and kissed him back swirling her tongue around his. This was an encouragement for him, as his hands started to untie my towel never taking off his mouth from her.

Joanna stopped him taking a step away from George and looked at him asking, “What about Julian?”

“What about her? I know why you are behaving so detached and indifferent. You need a good fuck darling and I am here obliging you. And I guess we can keep this little secret from Julian and Mark”, George said and grabbed her from her waist and pulled her to him.

I was shocked, at his direct yet-so-true reply. Joanna argued with herself about not doing this. But when his mouth covered hers with-yet-another passionate kiss, she forgot all my arguments and swayed with George.

George took off her towel and moved a step backward observing her nude body. His eyes were feasting on her 36 C cup breast and then moved lower as he studied her shaven pussy. After a few seconds of inspection he took her in his arms and moved towards the bedroom. He laid her on bed and took off his jeans and t-shirt.

Now it was her turn to feast on his well toned muscular body, she could see his already hard member straining through his boxers. He removed his boxers to give Joanna the glimpse of his 9 incher. She was already wet when he lowered himself onto her pussy. He opened her clit to insert his tongue and tongue fucked her.

Joanna was off control now moaning hard and moving her hips as no one had ever done this to her, not even Mark. He rubbed her clit while he moved his tongue inside.

“Oh! George, this feels great”, Joanna muttered as she put her hands on the back of his head and pulled him closer to her pussy.

“I am cumming”, she yelled as juices drained off her into his waiting mouth.

He got up and kissed her, giving her the taste of her own cum, and that was damn erotic.

Without warning he just inserted his shaft inside her and started fucking her. At first slow strokes while he kissed and played with her tits and nipples. Joanna was moaning hard as the slow motion was torturing her and she wanted it fast.

“Faster George faster”, Joanna mumbled.

“Oh yes baby”, with this he increased his pace giving deep and fast stokes.

He pressed Joanna’s knees to her breasts and moved so fast that his balls slammed on her buttocks. His expression showed that he enjoyed this way, the harder the better way. Joanna shrieked with pain and pleasure.

George thrusts became faster with every stroke and with a final stroke he climaxed.

George lay above Joanna panting while Joanna shivered with the impact of his thrusts while she too ejaculated.

After a few minutes they gained their composure and gathered themselves up.

Soon Joana dressed herself and before they moved out of her house they kissed, that promised of more such times.

Before leaving George said, “Merry Christmas Joanna, I hope you liked my gift” and winked.

Joanna thought to herself, “What a Christmas!!!”
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