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What have you done for me lately?

Bitch sister in law gets her cumuppance.
The holidays are a bummer for me, I hate hanging out with my in laws, and typically I end up staying home alone for Thanksgiving and Christmas while my wife and kids visit her sister.

We have been married almost 18 years and dated 2 years prior to that. Her older sister lived with us for a while and while I was always respectful of her, I knew she was quite the slut. She liked to party and have a good time which she did with a string of different men during that time.
She is also a bitch who thinks that money is everything and has a “What have you done for me lately” attitude.

Early on when we double dated I noticed that she liked to grind her pussy into my crotch whenever we danced, while it was good for my ego and she did have a nice ass I was too much into my wife to want to ruin it with this slut.

Eventually she got married and even then she carried on numerous affairs, her husband it seemed didn't seem to care or maybe he enjoyed being a cuck. On a few occasions while visiting I caught her being felt up by friends of her husband on another the husband of her best friend was quickly zippering his pants, I think she might have been blowing him.

She was vocal in conversations about sex and like to describe in detail her preferences.
I started to avoid them for other reasons however; like the off color jokes they made about blacks, “oh you are not black, you are Jamaican” would be their response to my challenges, and of course my kids were half breeds while theirs were Latinos. This hypocrisy irked me to no ends and was further compounded whenever her husband drank, all kinds of bigotry spewed from his small mind. On the surface he was a likable guy however never knew if the ‘Jekyll’ in his personality would show once he got started drinking.

Typically if they visited, I would leave the room after polite exchanges, watch sports in my room or do something so I didn't have to be around them.
Things were slow at the office due to the Christmas holidays so when I woke up with a scratchy throat and called in sick, it didn't pose a problem.

The boys were in school with 2 days left before their vacation, my wife had gone Christmas shopping for with my daughter.

I lay in bed feeling lazy and is usually the case I reached for my phone to read a few stories on Lush, I admit I was quite turned on and very horny and began to pleasure myself. Typically I sleep dressed but with small kids you can never predict when they might suddenly enter the room, since I knew I was alone I stripped down and was slowly stroking my erection.

My sister in law had done her shopping and made arrangement with my wife to stop by and leave the presents hiding them there for later. She had a key and would let herself in.

I was totally unaware that there was anyone else in the house, the story was having its effect on me and I was oblivious to any sounds.
My cock was now beginning to enlarge to its full length and girth, I slowly stoked it up an down, my balls large and heavy were feeling the stirrings of the erotic tale.

Laying in bed (being a lefty) I turned slightly to the right with my back to the door, I never heard the footsteps approaching and was caught by surprise, I don't know how long she had been there watching but when I shifted a little I heard a gasp, it was then I turned and saw her.

She froze, maybe because I had caught her or maybe when she saw the size, in any case I didn't stop what I was doing, I disliked her but I didn't hate her so I watched to see what she would do. Her feet moved trance like towards the bed as she moved closer to get a better look..
 “ would make twice my husband” When finally she spoke.

Reaching out to touch my cock she wrapped her fingers around its base, then she added her second hand as if measuring, I seized her hand and used it to continue jerk me off. She started to get in bed with me but I had other plans. Getting off the bed and pushed her to her knees, with my cock I slapped her face.

“Abra tu boca bitch” Open your mouth bitch I demanded.
She complied and I began to stuff my cock deep in to her mouth.

She started to moan, lifting her dress she started to feel herself but I slapped her hand away telling her she was to focus on getting me off, and I didn't give a fuck about her. My pent up animosity made me very hostile to her; I wanted to get her back for the real or perceived ill treatment over the years.

I knew quite a bit about her over the years and had even seen her get fucked in the garage of their house by one of her husbands buddies while he lay drunk and coked out on the sofa. She once told my wife that her husband would fuck her ass sore when he was in that state, a tidbit my wife let slip one day, but I never pursued for fear that she would accuse me of wanting to fuck her sister.

I watched this slut lick and suck my cock, then I told her to gently take each of my balls into her mouth, I quite enjoyed dominating her, her eyes closed slightly and her mouth curled into a smile as she sucked each ball, with the cock throbbing and jerking in her face I began to rub it around her face, smearing her spit and precum on her face. Her eye shadow smeared, running  down her face gave her that cheap whore look and turned me on even more so I put my cock back into her mouth holding her by the back of her head I forced it between her thin lips.

I watched as inch after inch disappeared, till she began to choke, I chuckled a bit before letting her up, then after she had regained a little composure I plunged it past those brilliant white pearls crushing her lips with its large mushroom head.

She was quite adept at the task, and once her mouth had become acclimatized to the size she began to work it with fervor, running her tongue around and around the head she nipped and nibbled then she pursed her lips sucking strongly on the head before plunging back down.

“... chupe Ahogate” - choke yourself, I told her and watched her force herself to swallow my cock.

“No puedo ... es muy grande”- I can't its too big.
“...por eso mi hermana siempre tiene una sonrisa” - so that's why my sister is always smiling.

Instead of replying I began to fuck her mouth more intensely stretching her lips as she tried to keep up with my movements, then I slowed and told her to stand while I dropped her panties down to her ankles, I turned her around hiking her dress up to her waist so I could see her ass.

I did not intend to fuck her at least not this time but to leave her with enough curiosity to want to come back. I fingered her pussy a bit and inserted one then two fingers into her arse, she didn't flinch but she trembled and shuddered at the liberties I was taking.

“Dime si te gusta ... you like it in the ass don’t you” she moaned and nodded her approval.

Back on your knees I ordered her and hold your dress up so I can see your ass, now suck my dick but don't use your hands.

“Lick it” “nice and slow”. I enjoyed see the bitch on her knees, I can remember the countless times I had caught glimpses of her half nude body when she lived with us, her door was always ajar and I could get a clear view from the kitchen. She had very small titties with large nipples but her ass, was the type you see in telenovelas large and very round.

It excited me too give some ‘cum uppance’ to her husband by having her suck on this ‘nigger cock’ payback is a bitch. She seemed to be enjoying herself her head bobbed up and down as she suctioned her lips tight around my cock, I could tell she was wet between her legs, her hands kept trying to touch herself but I held them pinned behind her back not allowing her any relief.

Grabbing a handful of her thick black hair I once again lay back on the bed pulling her down with me, her lips never released their prize as I began to thrust upwards.

This grudge fuck was beginning to get the better of me, and soon I was pumping her face like a machine, my boiling seed soon came bubbling up erupting from my loins and deep inside as she tried to keep pace.

Our enthusiasm created a few miscues and I ended up squirting the first rope like a rifle shot across her face and blouse, the second wave was more accurately received in her mouth as she clamped her lips around the head to control the remaining deposit.

Removing her panties from her ankles I cleaned up the cum on her face. I then folded the soiled panties stained with mascara, cum, and her pussy juice.

“I think I'll keep these”
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