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When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

A quick trip to the bathroom becomes better than this kid could ever hope for.
She had to know what she was doing to the guys in the room. That was what Gage was thinking as he sat in fourth hour Spanish class. 16 year old Monica Dunne was seated two seats ahead of him, and one isle to the right. From his angle, and he was sure the angles of a lot of the other guys in the class, he had a perfect view of a pink g-string wrapping around the curves of her hips, and sneaking it’s way into the crack of her ass.

She was a sexual goddess, and Gage could only imagine the things that he would do to her. He envisioned his 9 inch cock driving in and out of her tight pussy as she rode on top of him. She supports herself by holding onto his six-pack abs, her tits swaying back and forth as she bounced up and down.

Of course he knew this was only a fantasy. In the fantasy he had a huge cock and a golden tanned and ripped body, while in reality, he had an average sized six inch dick, and a average built body. He wasn’t fat, nor extremely skinny. Just under six feet, and doughy enough to not be cut, but lean enough to be able to go to the beach and not hide himself. Although nothing special below the neck, he did know that he was wonderfully cute. From the shoulders up he was as handsome as George Clooney and he knew it. It was his facial features that had won him his previous sexual accomplishments. This evened him out to be an average 17 year old guy.

Aside from his body in the dream, the number one reason that he knew it was a fantasy, was that there was no way a girl as beautiful and sexy as Monica Dunne would ever hook up with him. Not just because of his body, but because of social classes. She was a hybrid between a prep, and a jock. She was an athlete: captain of the volleyball team. But her father also owned a local car dealership on the outskirts of town, making her a wealthy heiress.

Her family had money and a balling mansion, which Monica regularly threw parties at (Gage had been to several, but never really spoken with the hostess). Gage on the other hand, was a theater kid. Commonly thought of as either gays, hipsters, or emotional rejects who express themselves by pretending to be other people. The two cliques just didn’t mix well.

He knew it would never be a reality, but while the teacher droned on about the subjunctive verbs of Spain, his mind roamed to nailing Monica on a beach at Barcelona. The only problem with fantasy sex is it gives real results. Before he knew it he was sporting a half boner. He knew this had to end before it was obvious enough that his class mates would notice. He tried to get his mind off of the siren in front of him. SAT’s, gym socks, vagina, video games, milk, tits, damnit! His mind kept coming back to Monica!

He had to get out of there. He took a moment to adjust his dick in his pants so that no one could see his semi-erect dick and excused himself to the bathroom. As he grabbed his book bag and walked down the halls, he let his mind go back to making sweet love to a beautiful girl. Knowing what he was going to be doing in the stall he went out of his way to go to the least used bathroom a ways down the hall.

When he got there he sat down on the toilet and dropped his shorts, freeing his wanting shlong. He thought of Monica again. There she was, walking toward him completely naked. He was laying on a blanket, huge cock hard and ready for her. She straddled him and lowered herself onto his cock. She let a moan escape her lips as she impaled herself on his pole. She let herself adjust to his girth for a moment, then began raising herself up till only the head was left inside her, then driving her body and pussy back down onto his cock. But that wasn’t enough for Fantasy Gage.

He wanted more control. He rolled over and positioned himself on top of her. He grabbed her legs and put them up on his shoulders and began really ram into her. She began to writhe and scream with pleasure. But her scream turned into a giggle. What? Why the fuck is she laughing? Gage was brought back to reality when he realized the giggle wasn’t in his fantasy. A girl was in the boys bathroom.

“Oh my God Ryan. What the fuck are we doing?” The girl that with laughter in her voice.

“I want to fuck you. Right now.” Said Ryan.

“What if someone comes in? What if someone’s already in here?”

“Hey! Is anyone in here?” Ryan called to the room.

Gage panicked. He didn’t want the embarrassment of walking out with a boner to the couple so he kept quiet.

“See, no one’s here Katie. Now come here, in this stall.”

Gage had at this point figured out that he was listening to of Ryan Stan-something, his high school’s track star. He was a senior, and 18 years old, so of course he could get the 16 year old sophomore, Katie Tolken. She was a hot ass cheerleader who wouldn’t give Gage a second glance. But that wasn’t his biggest problem right now. He was stuck with a couple who was as horny as he was. Gage could do nothing at this point but wait. And listen.

“Oh Ryan, you’re nice and hard for me. Aren’t you?” Katie purred.

“Mmmm, fuck yeah I am baby. Now suck it. Make me feel good.” Gage heard her slurp his dick into her mouth.

“Oohh shit yes Katie. You know how to suck me so good!” Gage could imagine her head bobbing back and forth on the jock’s big cock, and he was immediately jealous in more than one way.

“Yeah that’s nice. But get up. Now I want your pussy baby.”

“Good, I’m horny as fuck, and I want your cock.” Gage heard a belt undoing and imagined her struggling out of her tight skinny jeans. Then dropping to thin fabric of whatever micro thong she was wearing that day, if she was wearing anything at all.

“Alright my little slut, are you ready for this?” Ryan asked teasingly.

“Oh God yes! Put it in. Oh fuck yeah!” Gage could tell by her sudden shouts of pleasure that he had just slammed his cock into her. And from the sound of it he had hit home.

“Oh fuck yeah! Fuck yes! Oh baby fuck me harder!” As Gage listened he realized that he had resumed stroking his cock. He was as hard as he had ever been. As he heard the slurping sound of cock driving into pussy increase in tempo, he began to beat his meat faster as well. He heard a hand smacking flesh, and knew that Ryan was now spanking Katie and he fucked her from behind.

“Yeah, take it. Take my fucking cock. You like that? Huh?” Ryan was talking dirty to Katie as he drove into her.

“Oh God yes baby! Your cock fills me up so good. You feel amazing!” Her voice was shaking with every thrust of Ryan’s cock. “Shit Ryan! Right there! Oh fuck yes, more. Keep going! Oh God yes, I’m cuummiiiing! Oooohhh!” As Katie’s orgasm rocked through her body, Gage stroked his own cock, and spurred on by hearing the girl cum. He stifled a grunt and shot load after load of cum from his cock onto his t-shirt as he came hard.

“Alright bitch, now it’s my turn. Get on your knees.” Ryan commanded Katie as she was still recovering from her orgasm. “Open your fucking mouth”. Gage could hear Ryan taking himself to an orgasm. “Uungh! Here it comes!” Gage heard Katie giggle and saw in his mind a big load of spunk hitting in the pretty face and mouth. And imagined how hot she would look as he heard her swallow.

“Mmm, I love your cum Ryan. I love you baby.” Katie said.

“I love you too babe. Now let’s get the fuck out of here. Ryan replied.

Gage heard the couple clean up, get dressed, and walk out of the stall and bathroom. He sat on the toilet for a while, going over in his mind again and again what just happened. He laughed to himself and realized that he needed a new shirt. He took off his t-shirt in the stall and pulled out a sweatshirt he had kept in his book bag. He changed tops and pulled up his boxers and shorts.

He smiled to himself and thought, “I really should be getting back to Spanish class.”

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