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Where Were You When The Lights Went Out?

Where Were You When The Lights Went Out?

Getting stuck in an elevator isn't so bad if you have the right company!
He had been watching her since she started at the company 6 months ago. She was gorgeous; her long lean legs ended in a perfectly formed tight little ass that wiggled seductively under the tight dresses she wore. Her slim waist and full tits set high and proud on her chest gave her a deliciously attractive figure. She had beautiful green eyes and long flame red hair that framed her beautiful oval face. With full red lips that were just made for kissing, she was the perfect package!

He worked in the same 10th floor office as this crimson-haired angel and she would pass his desk several times during the day. He would get a perfect view of her as she passed each direction and either way she went, he couldn't help but stop and stare. She was a vision from any angle.

Although it was strictly against company policy, he often thought about asking her out on a date or coffee sometime, but each time he got up the nerve he would see her and his confidence waned. What would a creature like her want with an ordinary guy like him? He was just another paper-pushing desk jockey like all the rest! Surely she had some handsome strong hunk of a boyfriend who would just squash a guy like him if he looked at her sideways!

So he went about his days at work happy just to catch these brief glimpses of her perfection and then after work go home where he could be with her in his dreams. It wasn't the ideal arrangement, and often times he would go home mentally kicking himself for not having the courage to actually talk to her. But his fear of being turned down, or worse being laughed at, kept him from following through with it.

One day while he was at work, an opportunity presented itself that he simply couldn't refuse.

It had been a pretty good day. He had just landed a new client and his scarlet beauty had been past his desk more often than usual, giving him ample opportunity to take her in. As the close of business drew near, he prepared to go home, closing up his desk and heading for the elevator.

As fate would have it though, he got detained for a couple moments by another coworker's question on the new client. So when he did manage to get to the elevator, he had to wait for it for a few moments. As he did, who would walk up to wait for the elevator with him but the girl of his dreams!

She smiled softly at him as they waited and he felt his heart trying to beat out of his chest. He was sure she could hear it standing only a couple feet away. Fortunately for him, there was no one else around to see his discomfort. Then the elevator came to their floor and the door opened. Being gracious, he allowed her to go in first with him right behind her. The door closed, leaving the two of them in the elevator alone.

With a small lurch the elevator began it's journey down to the ground floor and everything was going along as usual. He kept his eye on the blinking row of numbers indicating what floor they were on. He didn't dare look at her for fear he would be found out. She just kept her eyes on the floor, neither speaking to the other.

Suddenly the elevator stopped and the lights went out. The emergency light clicked on giving the two of them subdued, but usable light.

"No! Oh my god!" she said, the panic in her voice clear.

"It's ok," he said, "the elevator will start up again in a minute or two."

"No, no you don't understand! I hate elevators as it is, and being stuck in one..."

"It's ok. We'll be out of this elevator soon, I'm sure. Meantime I'll keep you company."

"Thanks. It's just... I am scared. I don't do well in small places," she said.

Seeing an opportunity to help his fantasy girl, he summoned up all of his courage.

"If you want, we can sit down and I could... hold you while we talk?"

"Thank you, I'd like that," she said. The two of them sat down on the floor of the elevator and he put his arm around the girl's shoulder, pulling her in close.

"My name is Mark," he said, "We've never really met."

"I'm Angela, it's nice to meet you Mark," she said.

"Angela... angel. It fits you," he replied, "Sorry, names and their meanings are kinda my thing."

"Thank you, that's very sweet," she said smiling. She curled up next to Mark and leaned her head onto his shoulder. Mark inhaled her soft perfume and closed his eyes. "This must be a dream! " he thought.

"Mark, can I ask you a question?" she said, after a few moments.

"Sure, Angela, what is it?"

"Well... please don't be embarrassed or anything, but I was just wondering why you are always watching me."

"W... what! I... I..." he stammered, his face turning bright red.

"Please it's ok! Don't be embarrassed, I shouldn't have said anything!" she pleaded, looking up into his eyes, "I think it is very sweet. Besides, to be totally honest, I like that you watch me. I consider it a compliment that you pay so much attention to me. Not every girl has such an ardent admirer!"

"Well I didn't mean to stare. I didn't think you saw me. I'm sorry if I upset you," he said quietly.

"You didn't upset me, Mark. Like I said I thought of it as a compliment," she put her hand on his thigh to reassure him. "Besides... it looks like your friend is paying me a compliment as well!" she said smiling.

Now he was really embarrassed. "Oh my god! Oh I'm so sorry!" he said, moving away and then standing up quickly.

"Please come back Mark," she said softly, "and don't be embarrassed, please. It's quite flattering, actually."

Angela held out her hand to him and Mark returned, taking her hand then standing in front of her.

"My goodness," Angela said licking her ruby lips, "that looks uncomfortable. Here let me help you." Her delicate hands rubbed the growing bulge in the front of his trousers. Mark stood perfectly still - if this was a dream, he didn't want to do anything to wake from it! Angela caressed his cock through his pants until he was fully erect and hard.

"Mmmm..." she said as she felt his hardness. "Do you mind if I make myself a little more comfortable?" Angela got up on her knees and began removing her blouse. Slowly and seductively she peeled away her silk top and then she unfastened the front hooks of her pink lace bra. With a flirtatious look up at him, she opened her bra, revealing what he had, up to this point, only dreamed of.

Mark's eyes got big as he gazed upon this girl in front of him. With his mouth agape, he drank in the sight of such a beautiful woman, half naked and wanting to please him. He couldn't move and he couldn't speak.

Angela smiled, her eyes sparkling, even in the reduced light. "There that's better. Now let's see about making you comfortable shall we?" She reached up and began unfastening his belt and zipper, then in one deft move, she pulled down his pants and boxers. His cock, now hard as steel from the events of the last few minutes, sprang up and stood at the ready.

"Oh my... look what I've done. You poor baby!" she said with a come-hither smirk. Wrapping her tiny hands around his throbbing cock, she leaned forward and kissed the tip of his cock softly. She looked up for a reaction and saw him standing there, eyes closed and holding his breath, not even daring to hope for what might come next.

She engulfed his cock in her hot mouth, taking him as deep as she could until his pubic hairs tickled her nose, then slowly drew back, her soft lips sealed tightly around his member.

His gasp at the feeling turned to a soft growl as he felt her sucking at him, while her tongue massaged the underside of his cock. He moaned his approval as she began slowly moving up and down the length of his cock, bobbing her head slowly at first, then working into a medium-speed rhythm.

As her mouth worked him up and down, her hands worked in synch, rotating and squeezing him and coaxing him to release his hot, sticky seed. She moaned as she felt every bump and ridge of his cock in her mouth and her moans only served to excite him further.

Her mouth felt so wonderful and as much as he would have loved to spend the rest of his life just like this, he didn't want it to end so soon. Besides, it wouldn't be right not to return the favor! So with all the resolve he could muster, he pulled out of her mouth.

Angela looked up at him curiously, "What's the matter, honey?"

"Nothing's the matter... I just want to taste you now!" he said. He got down on the floor next to her and gently laid her on her back. He leaned over looking into her soft green eyes and kissed her passionately - something he had done numerous times in his dreams. She tasted sweeter and softer than even his dreams could imagine.

Angela moaned into his mouth as she opened hers to allow his tongue to come in and play. Taking the cue (and hoping he hadn't read things wrong) he placed a hand lightly on her breast. She moaned again, louder this time and put her hand on top of his, pressing down and letting him know she wanted his hand there. With this as her permission, he began mauling her breast, squeezing it, sinking his fingers into the creamy soft flesh, and pinching and pulling on her hard nipple. Now it was Angela's turn to enjoy the ministrations of her playmate!

Mark had dreamed of such an encounter with this auburn angel for months and now that he had his chance, he was going at it with gusto! Leaving her soft lips behind, he replaced his hand on her soft breast with his mouth, taking her stiff, aching nipple between his teeth and nipping at it gently. Angela gasped and clutched the back of his head, shoving his face harder into her breast as she arched her back a bit. Seeing her reaction, Mark began chewing on her bud in earnest. Angela began moaning and twisting as he feasted on her delicate meaty breast.

"Mark! Oh my god, please... please fuck me. I want you inside me! I need you inside me, please!" she cried.

Mark raised up from his meal of breast meat and looked at her. The need in her eyes told him all he needed to know. He rose up on his knees and took hold of her skirt waistband. She raised her hips up and he slid the garment off smoothly, tossing it on the pile of clothes already in a corner of the elevator. Now dressed only in her panties, stockings, and heels, she lay before him, legs splayed open, inviting him in.

Her pretty pink lace panties promised delights untold, but he didn't want to just dive in like a greedy child at the dessert bar! No, this called for skill and finesse. He wanted her to think of him as a lover, not some incompetent oaf. So instead of ripping off her panties and barging in, he restrained himself and chose to play with her a bit more. He began rubbing her puffy pussy lips through the satiny material of her panties, teasing her swollen clit and gently pushing just the tip of his finger into her.

The effect was exactly what he wanted. Angela went nuts under his touch. As his fingers toyed and teased her dripping pussy, she began writhing and twisting, moaning and grasping at the elevator floor in an attempt to stem her growing passions. She had wriggled and scooted herself into a corner of the elevator and now with him between her wide open legs, she had nowhere left to go. She was trapped between him and the corner and he had her at his mercy!

He wasn't showing her any however. He had her right where he wanted and he was going to give her everything he had. Mark had dreamed of this and he didn't know if this chance would ever present itself again, so he was going to make the most of it! He rubbed her soaking slit and fingered her throbbing clit as she moaned and begged him to fuck her. He would fuck her, that much was certain, but he wanted it to be memorable. He wanted her to watch him from now on like he had watched her! He wanted her to dream of this moment as he had for so long.

Finally when she had just about lost any sense she had remaining, he relented. She lay on the floor in front of him gasping for breath, still twisting and contorting from the sensations, and pleading with him.

"Mark please! Oh god, please fuck me, Mark. I want you, I want you inside me please!" she whimpered. He smiled. How many times had he wanted her to say that? How long had he waited for those words to come from those perfect lips?

He grabbed her panties and slid them swiftly off her hips and as she watched, he smelled the musky aroma of her desire. Tossing the flimsy underwear aside, he pulled her thighs apart again and pointed the tip of his raging cock at her glistening opening. He ran the head of his cock up and down her slit, just inside her pussy lips, lubing it up with her own juices and teasing her a bit more in the process, He rubbed his cock over her clit and she lost her mind!

"Oh fuck, Mark! Fuck me now... Give me your cock. Oh shit..." she cried, grabbing at him as she wrapped her legs around his waist. She was possessed and she needed him now.

He pushed the head of his cock into her slowly, a little at a time. He didn't want to hurt her and he didn't know her size yet. So he eased into her deeper and she groaned as his cock began splitting her. Finally, he had pushed his full seven inches into her and was laying on top of the girl. He stayed there for a couple moments as she got used to him, then he began pumping in and out of her. Slowly at first, he soon set his own rhythm and was pushing into her like an oil derrick looking for oil.

Angela lay there on the floor of the elevator but to her, she was flying high above everything. She reached out and tried grabbing at the floor clawing at it with her long painted nails. Giving up on that she grabbed at him, pulling him closer to her and biting his shoulder as the intensity of her need grew beyond her.

"Mark, oh Mark... please, please make me cum! Oh Mark please," she cried as she neared her crest. Mark began to piston in and out of her faster, driving himself deeper into her and pulling completely out, only to dive in hard and fast again. The sensations of being emptied and then refilled with his thick hard cock were maddening and it was only moments before she plunged headlong over her cliff.

"OHHH MARRRK!" she screamed as the first wave hit her. She was immediately awash in the whirlwind of a tremendous orgasm, the elevator room spinning wildly out of control and she clung tightly to him as the only stability she had.

Her orgasm along with the clenching her pussy muscles were doing to his cock were enough to bring him to boil as well. He continued to pump into her even through her orgasm but now he was about to unload.

"I'm... I'm gonna cum!" he panted. He thrust a couple more times as he spoke.

"Yes, Oh Mark give it to me. Give me your cum, baby," she said urgently.

He pulled out of her quickly and moved around to her head. Angela opened her mouth and prepared to receive his cum. He jacked of a couple strokes before the first white ropes of his hot cum splashed into her mouth and across her sweet lips. She greedily swallowed everything he had to offer her, only missing when his spasms caused him to jerk uncontrollably. He spilled a little onto her breasts and chest which she let sit while she took his still pulsing cock in her mouth sucking the last precious drops from him, sucking him clean as he withdrew again. She licked his cock clean then picked up his spilled cum from her chest and breasts with a finger and licked it off.

She lay there on the floor smiling up at him as she slowly regained her breath. But Mark hadn't gotten enough quite yet! He moved around between her legs again and leaned forward.

"You've got to taste me, now it's my turn to have a little dessert!" he said. Nestling down between her soft creamy thighs he took a deep breath, inhaling her musky scent once again. Having him smell her arousal turned Angela on even more. Then he went to work, fastening his hot mouth to her slick, wet slit and slipping his tongue between her soft folds. Angela's eye flew open and her mouth dropped as she felt his tongue burrow into her. He added a couple fingers inside curled upwards to massage her spongy g-spot and Angela went crazy!

"Oh Mark! Oh my god, Oh yes, baby, right there!" she cried as she began squirming and twisting under him again. Mark began licking and lapping at her, pushing his tongue deep into her hole and then flicking her clit with the tip of his tongue. He sucked her clit into his mouth, nipping at it gently with his teeth and pinching it between his lips. Everything he did produced a new and increasingly more erotic feeling for her, and her passions were quickly at the boiling point again.

Just as Mark was getting ready to push her over the edge into yet another orgasm, a voice was heard shouting from outside the elevator.

"Hello! Is everyone all right in there?"

Instantly Angela clamped a hand over her mouth as Mark sat up on his knees. They looked at each other and broke out laughing. After a couple minutes, Mark composed himself enough to reply to the voice.

"Yeah, we're ok in here. Can you get us out?"

The pair got up and hurriedly began getting dressed again. They couldn't be caught, quite literally, with their pants down! Once dressed and composed, they sat there on the elevator floor and he wrapped her in his strong arms.

"Damn, I was just getting into you too!" he said.

"Don't worry honey, you were great! Thank you for making me feel better and for... everything," she said.

"I should be thanking you, Angela. You are so beautiful... you were wonderful. I only wish we could have had more time."

Just then the doors opened and their rescuers helped them out of the elevator. As they stepped down onto the floor and were allowed to leave, she took his hand.

"You know, Mark, we could finish this if you'd like to..." she suggested looking up at him.

He looked her in the eyes. She was so beautiful. His heart leapt for joy... she wanted him!

"Your place or mine?"

The above story is a work of fiction. The names,characters, places and events in it are products of the author’s imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

My sincere thanks to sweet_as_candy for providing Me with the cover picture for this story. It fit the storyline perfectly and makes the story so much better!

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