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Wife's Fantasy

Wife decides to fulfill her fantasy
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Wife’s Fantasy

After being away from home for work for a few weeks I returned home to find my wife in extreme need of an adult night out. Stressed out from everyday activities like work kids and everyday drama of friends and others. We decide to go out to eat at a nice restaurant and go see the new chick flick playing in town. As usual trying to leave the house is a chore what to get the kids for dinner, what to wear and going over the rules once again, like they don’t already know.

Once we leave since tonight is her night I let her pick the place, usually the same restaurant, the one the serves her favorite strawberry margaritas. We walk in and were immediately greeted by the waiter that obviously knew my wife, from the many times she and her girlfriends had gone out together. We sit down order our drinks and proceed to talk about the kids, work, family etc. We are having a great time when I see the drinks have started to affect her in a way that I love to see. When my wife drinks she gets very horny and can’t seem to keep her hands to herself she is constantly rubbing my chest, my stomach and my crotch. She leans over and slowly and seductively slides her hand from my knee up my thigh to rub my cock getting me excited. We continue our meal with a few more loving touches and kisses; we finish our meal both of us a little tipsy, I try to talk her into going home early for a back massage and some adult alone time but she really wants to stay out and just be alone with me for the night.

We arrive at the theater early pay for our tickets and find a place in the back row near the top of the stadium seating for a better view. The lights dim and the upcoming movie previews start. My wife reaches over and slowly starts rubbing my crotch in a playful and seductive way. Look over and see a coy and playful smile and the want in her eyes. My wife once told me about her fantasy of having sex in the theater without getting caught. I tried a few times with no luck we could never really find the right place to do it. The movie started and I was beginning to grow hard in my tight jeans to her touch. I reach over and start rubbing her beautiful large breast through her shirt making her nipples erect from my touch.

She continues until my hard cock is straining against the denim of my jeans. I feel like it’s going to rip them open to get some kind of release. She sees the despair in my face and decides to help me out by lower the zipper and reaching in and pulling my throbbing member out. She continues to rub my cock lightly driving me insane. Never taking her eyes off the movie she grabs a little tighter and picks up the pace. This continues for a few minutes and then she did something I never expected, she leans over a kisses the head of my cock then looks up at me and smiles again. She goes back down and tries to swallow as much of my cock as she can, she starts bobbing her head up and down. She continues I hear her jaw pop trying to get my thick cock farther down her throat.

While my wife is sucking me to ecstasy I reach over and undo her pants and slide my hand down to her bald spot feeling the heat and perspiration, reaching farther I start rubbing her clit teasing her slightly more each time I run my finger over the swollen spot. I reach farther down and slide my finger in and a small moan escapes her mouth stuffed with my enlarged organ. As I am on the brink of explosion she stops sits up and begins watching the movie again while she stokes my dick. Her other hand is quietly sliding her pants down to her ankles. I continue rubbing her slippery spot sliding now two fingers in she squirms until she can’t take it anymore she quietly whispers in my ear “I need you inside me” she slides over and sits in my lap pushing my cock down between my legs. She spreads she legs apart my cock jumps up and slaps her clit she shutters with excitement. She leans forward just enough for my dick to slide over her clit parting her lips and finding its desired destination. She is so wet at this point it doesn’t take much effort to enter her. She sits still for a moment then slowly begins to grind her sweet ass on my crotch getting wetter with each motion. With the excitement of having sex in public she cums quickly I feel her sweet juice coat my cock and run down my testicles to my ass. She picks up the speed of her grinding I start rubbing her nipples again pinching harder, I undo her bra and slide my hand under her shirt finding bare nipple hard enough to cut diamonds. She muffles her moans of pleasure as much as she can cumming again she floods my crotch again.

I begin to feel the stir in my loins I whisper “I’m gonna come baby “she rides harder and faster wanting me to paint her walls with my seed. I feel the first wave shoot off I can’t control it I let out a moan and begin to get looks from the audience she stays motionless while I continue to shoot stream after stream in her until I’m spent she slides back in her seat and pulls her panties up using the napkins to clean up my mess I left for her. She cleans herself then reaches over and cleans my cock off. We both get dressed and resume watching the movie holding each other she whispers in my ear I can’t wait to get home…

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