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Work Trip Fix

Sammie and Phil were away on a work trip together, tented up in separate hotel rooms on the same floor. Phil, a single guy in his mid twenties, had known for a while that this trip was coming. He had repeated thoughts in his head about what it would be like to seduce Sammie, also mid-twenties. The only problem was that she was a newlywed. It was the challenge of somehow sexually connecting with the girl he sat next to for over a year, with conversions never going out of bounds.

Sammie had been at the company longer than Phil. She was probably perceived to be higher on the totem pool. A petite girl, she carried herself with a quiet confidence, a silent swagger. To Phil, shorter girls just seemed capable of carrying such a tone, as the power was packed in their demeanor. Persuasion was done with their personality, a necessary means to help compete with the longer legged beauties. It was this that Phil was drawn to. Not a barbie-doll face, Sammie had a girl next door look. A pale faced, dirty blonde, with small facial features, she never showed weakness.

After the work day wrapped up, they headed back to the hotel. Walking into the lobby, Sammie said, “Dinner in thirty,” in a more verdict tone than proposal. Dinner together, which was common amongst co-workers, lasted an hour or so, with no surprises. They both shared a few drinks. Phil’s attempt to take the conversation elsewhere led to no success. For he was a shy guy anyway and wasn’t the best with steering conversation.

Going up in the elevator, Phil, a tall, slender dirty blonde with an attractive face, had given up the chase in his mind. He seemed to be a worrier, often times appearing apprehensive in the office. His hungry sexual appetite was hidden under his timid personality. To somehow lure Sammie into his room, or to find a way to get invited in to hers, seemed undoable. The thoughts were finalized in his head, no way she had interest, she was just married, shame on him for hoping she was thinking what he was thinking. She had never shown an inkling of flirtation anyway.

These thoughts of lustful resignation populated Phil’s head as Sammie stood in front of him. Seemingly ready to escape back to her room, she waited near the door for the elevator to come to a stop. From this view, Phil had a perfect look at Sammie’s full, heart-shaped ass in her tight jeans. It was a larger ass than normal for a girl her size, as she stood only an inch or so over five foot. Her short hair sat just below her neck, which seemed to go perfectly with her short torso and plump round ass.

Her ass was looking especially tasty to Phil tonight, who just gazed at it, realizing he would likely never get to see it up close and personal. As they walked off, Sammie muttered, “Come in for a minute, I know you want to.”

Phil’s cock immediately bulged, as his brain too raced with possibilities. What did that line mean? Could she possibly be referring to what he was hoping for? He responded with a giggle and almost nervously said, “Why do you say that?”

The next thing that Sammie said was a line that Phil would jerk off to for many years to come. “You know you want to fuck me,” she said sternly.

Phil, trying to hide his excitement, paused, as he could not gather up words to reply with.

So Sammie filled the silence, saying “As long as this never leaves the hotel, okay?”

Phil, still in shock, nodded yes.

As they walked into her room, nothing was said. Phil, still star gazed on Sammie’s ass, was completely overcome. He had a rush of panic come over him. Please don’t cum too fast, he thought to himself. He couldn’t believe what was about to happen.

Phil got the feeling that Sammie wasn’t in the mood for any foreplay. “I just need a good fucking, okay? You know how tough life on the road is.”

The candid remark made Phil even more turned on. He thought to himself, wow, she just wants a good fuck, and is attractive to me enough to let me do it. Knowing that now, gave him a level of excitement he had never felt.

Sammie approached him and stood there with a look of, 'Okay, time to come and get me.'

Phil approached her and started kissing her. On her lips, her neck, her ears. He went at her like she was a lollipop. Phil’s lust level rose as Sammie started, herself, to slip her pants down. She seemed to be the type to not waste any time in getting what she wanted. With her right hand, she rubbed the back of his head, through his hair as she received his kisses. Phil could feel this touch and just the touch alone buckled his cock even more. Sammie, his co-worker, was touching him. She was a woman in control. She got what she wanted and she wanted Phil tonight.

Her left hand now was tugging at his jeans. She wanted his cock inside of her. But Phil wanted to explore first. He nudged her forward to turn around. Her pants now off and backside to him, Phil took a minute to study and worship Sammie’s ass. The same ass he had dreamed off for years was now not behind jeans, it was directly in front of him. He got on his knees and opened up her ass cheeks as if he was opening an envelop with a million dollars.

There it was. Her ass was spread wide open for Phil to see everything he ever wanted. Her holes looked picture perfect, aligned and ready to be eaten. He took a deep breath so he could inhale the sweet scent of her juices. He leaned in and immediately stuck his tongue in the middle of her clit. Opening up her ass more, he slid his tongue up to slide in her asshole. It tasted better than he could have ever imagined. While squeezing her butt open with both hands, he buried his tongue as deep as it could go in her ass. He wanted to be as deep in her as he could go.

The subtle sighs Sammie let out while having her ass tongue fucked were the sexiest noises Phil had ever heard during pleasure. The girl that he had long admired was now making pleasurable noise to him as he explored the most private part of her body. He was so horny he had to give his cock a few strokes with his hand while snacking on his prized hole.

Sammie was now ready for her filling in her other hole and she moved to the bed and laid down on her back. She put her hands under her thick thighs as her trimmed pussy was lifted up just a tad. She wanted it. She was holding her legs apart, as if to say, my pussy wants your pole in it, now. Phil, pulled his shirt over his head and leaned in. As he bent down to give her pussy a final licking and sniff, she pressed the palms of her hands on his chest, lifting him up, as if to say, 'no', its time to put your cock in me.

He wrapped her legs around his hips. He slid his rod in, still not believing he was about to feel the warmth of her pussy tightly fitted on his cock. A moan let out by Sammie comforted Phil and a few moans later, Phil was pumping away. Any nerves had completely evaporated. They shared grunts and they shared some kisses. They held their tongues out to each other, slightly touching them only with the tips.

“Deeper,” Sammie said firmly. “Deeper.”

Phil had now lasted long enough to feel confident in his performance. He was working to his orgasm, when Sammie whispered out, “I’m cumming.”

This was all Phil needed to hear to work to his orgasm. Seconds later, pumping faster, and in full blown lust, he shouted out, “Oh God, I’m cumming for you.” He pulled his cock out and of her warm hole and without hesitation, shot his load all over Sammie’s small, yet firm titties.

When Sammie took both hands and smeared his cum all over his chest, Phil looked down in amazement at what he was seeing. Sammie’s hands, on his cum, on her beautiful petite body. Deep sighs by both then followed. They were both completely satisfied to the fullest.

“Now remember Phil, this doesn’t leave this room,” she said with an accomplished look. No grin, no smile, she got up to put her pants back on. “See you in the morning, Phil.”

And that was it. Sammie got her fuck fix and Phil would forever be grateful he was in the right place at the right time to provide it.

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