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Working Girl

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Amber earns her money.

Amber placed her hands on his chest as she moved her shapely hips up and down. He felt good, damn good. His thick shaft stretched her tightness like it had never been stretched before. She could feel her orgasm nearing.

She leaned back and moved her hands to his knees. She shivered as she felt his hands move down her chest between her perky breasts. Her body began to tremble. She could not hold back the moans.

She gripped his shaft as her orgasm hit. She gasped loudly as her fluids washed over him, and her body erupted with pleasure. She fell back, used and satisfied.

He rolled her to her stomach and used his hands to lift her hips. He thrusted his shaft back into her. She yelped, she was tender for the long fucking session. It was something she loved about older men. They lasted forever, and she was never left unsatisfied.

He pumped into her with no mercy. His hands gripped her thin waist. His lower abdomen slapped against her firm ass with each inward thrust. She could feel him growing inside her. She knew he was about there.

He pulled out quickly. She heard him moan just before she felt the warmth of his cum land on her back. The next shot hit her ass. She smiled. One other thing she loved about older men was that once done, they would sleep like a baby.

He fell to the bed, his breathing was staggered. She smiled at him, and he smiled back. She could tell his eyes were heavy. She laid her head on the pillow and waited. She fought back her own need for slumber until she saw his eyes close.

She lay there for a moment longer. She heard his breathing slow, and soon he began to snore. She knew the coast was clear. She slowly slipped out of the bed.

She quietly picked up her clothes. She waded her bra and panties up and stuck them into her bag. She slipped her skirt and tank top on and slipped her pedicured feet into her sandals. She quietly walked to the dresser and picked up his wallet.

She opened it and pulled out the crisp bills from their slot. She looked in each little slot and found a couple hundred more. She looked back at her slumbering lover, and smiled. She folded the money and placed it in her bag and quietly left.

A few minutes later, Amber unlocked the door to her small apartment. She headed straight for the shower. She stripped and stood under the hot water while her mind replayed the night.

She had done it several times, and each time it seemed to get easier. The flirting came natural to her. She was confident in her ability to seduce men. She was the typical girl next door and every guys dream. She was young, at twenty one, she had a petite body that made her look years younger. Her blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin highlighted her attributes.

She turned off the water and stepped out onto the cold tiles. She wrapped a towel around her body and one around her wet hair. Her feet patted the floor until she reached the soft carpet of her bedroom. She grabbed her bag and fell onto the bed.

In her mind, she wasn’t stealing. She earned every penny she took. She always targeted older, married men for more than one reason. The most important reason was she knew they would not be as willing to report her to the authorities. Secondly, they would not want more than a one night stand, and last but definitely not least, she loved the way older men fucked.

She counted the money she had taken. Three hundred and fifty dollars. Not bad for a night's work, she thought. She smiled bigger. Three hundred and fifty dollars plus a very satisfying fuck, what more could a girl wish for? She put the money in her nightstand and laid her head on her pillow.

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