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Workout Partners are the Best

She needed a workout partner and I was happy to oblige
I finally made the decision to join a gym and try to get into shape. I’m not obese but over the years I have definitely put on a little fat. I stand 5’6 and weigh almost 210, according to my latest weigh in, with black hair, blue eyes and a well-trimmed beard. I have never been the most confident person in the world but since hitting 200 pounds I have found a new low.

The first couple weeks were pretty rough since I hadn’t done much physical activity in the last few years. I decided to go to the gym right from work because it was almost empty and I preferred working out in the evening as opposed to getting up early enough to go before work. Thankfully the regulars were all very nice, always taking the time to say hi and commenting on how great a decision I had made to join up, which helped me overcome my nervousness. Most of the regulars were guys and the couple girls were in good shape but didn’t really seem like my type. Well until I met Sarah that is.

It was my Monday workout and I was doing some bench presses but I guess I had tried to do too much that day. I was almost done my set and my arms were shaking trying to get the bar back up. She must have seen me struggling because she came over to spot me on my last couple reps. She helped me finish the last three reps giving me encouragement the whole time.

Once I finished my set I sat up and turned towards my unexpected helper. She was a pretty girl, maybe a couple years younger than me with her blond hair tied up in a ponytail. She was also a little shorter than me and very petite. She definitely only had an A cup in her tight pink sports bra, though they looked great with her hard nipples trying to poke through. Her midriff was exposed with a nice sheen of sweat on it and completing the outfit was a pair of tight spandex shorts.

“Thanks a lot for your help.” I managed to stammer out with a smile.

“My pleasure. I’m Sarah, “she said with an outstretched hand. I took her offered hand and gave her my name. She had a nice handshake with soft hands. “You need a spotter for anything else today?”

“No thanks. That was the last one for today. Must be why it was a little rough,” I told her with a smile.

“Too bad, I don’t really know anyone here. I just switched from Bodyworks across town because this is way closer to my new place. I was gonna hit the track if you want to join me for some cardio.”

I quickly agreed and we headed upstairs to the track that ran above the gym floor. This may not have been the best idea I had ever had because I haven’t run in forever but who says no to a cute, fit girl who wants to spend time with you. I was more focused on the weight training instead of cardio. We were walking beside each other up the stairs so I didn't get a good look at her until we made it to the track. When we did she started doing some stretches to loosen up and I just copied her. She was a little in front of me though and as she bent over I got an amazing view of her ass.

Up until now I was thinking this girl was cute and nice. But her ass was easily the best I had seen in some time. The spandex was riding up on her as she stretched and I could clearly see her firm, pert little ass cheeks. There was just a hint of bounce to it as she did a couple jumping jacks. Then she bent over at the waist and I think I saw an outline of her pussy lips as she bent over her outstretched leg. I felt myself start to get hard just from watching her working her legs and ass. Just before I looked away she glanced through her legs at me but I am not sure if she saw where I was looking or not.

She turned to me with a warm smile and said “Don’t worry we can take it slow. Let’s try two minutes running and five minutes walking.”

We started off walking side by side. I kept glancing at her out of the corner of my eyes and really started getting horny. I absolutely love petite girls with small tits because they almost always have such nice tight butts. It was a struggle to keep up with what she was saying but I was able to find out that she had just bought her own place after finishing university and getting a job as an accountant. I tried to discretely find out if she was single but after five minutes I hadn’t gotten a solid no yet.

“Time to run,” she said, still smiling. “Don’t worry if you can’t keep up for the whole two minutes. It will come with time.” And then she started jogging.

I kept up with her. For about forty-five seconds. I managed to make it a full minute before I fell behind her. I kept walking as I struggled to catch my breath, but wow what a view as she pulled in front of me. Her spandex was skin tight and her tight little ass was bouncing just a little with each stride. As she pulled away from me I found myself imagining laying her on her back, peeling her shorts off of her and burying my face in her pussy. I snapped myself out of it as I felt my shorts grow tighter and caught up to where she was running in place waiting for me.

We did four more sets like that with me only lasting about a minute each time and her running in place about half a lap ahead of where I stopped.On the way down to the locker rooms I apologized for my poor performance but she just smiled and said she was happy to have the company. I told her my next workout day would be Wednesday around the same time if she wanted to join me for the whole workout.

“I’ll see you there,” she said with that friendly smile on her face again.

She turned towards the girl’s locker room and I couldn’t help staring at her ass as she walked away. Just as she reached the door she glanced behind her and I was 100% busted. I quickly ducked into the men’s locker room as my face went red. I was so upset I thought for sure I would have to switch days if not gyms. I quickly threw on my street clothes without showering and left the locker room.

“Greg, wait. Please!” I heard Sarah calling to me as I walked to my car. I looked back and she was in street clothes too but she hadn’t showered either. Well no getting away from her now I thought. I turned and waited for her to catch up to me then kept walking towards my car with her beside me.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I will do my best to work out when you aren’t here ok?”

“Haha you don’t have to do that silly,” she said with a laugh. She put her hand on my arm as she continued “Do you honestly think you are the first guy I caught looking at my ass? I worked hard for it and as long as it is just looking I find it flattering. So please, please don’t skip our workout on Wednesday. It is so hard to find a work out partner who isn’t the typical muscle head.”

“Thank you, I am sorry. I will try my best to keep my eyes above the waist,” I told her, feeling very relieved. She smiled happily and turned to go back into the gym to grab her stuff. I don’t know why but as she started walking I added “You did amazing work though so no guarantees.”

When she heard this she stopped in mid step, looked over her shoulder with a smile and wiggled her butt for me. I started laughing as she started for the gym again and I got into my car and headed home.

As soon as I got home I hopped into the shower to wash the sweat off. As I was soaping up I began to picture Sarah’s ass as she was bending over to stretch. I got hard almost instantly and grabbed my rock hard shaft, imagining it was Sarah’s hand. I pictured her pulling down her shorts for me and sticking two fingers deep into her wet pussy. I imagined she was so wet I could hear her fingering herself. Then I pictured her on her hands and knees as I started fucking her doggy style. That did it for me as my dick erupted, spraying cum onto my shower walls. I quickly cleaned up my shower and myself and went about my regular evening activities.

All of Tuesday and Wednesday at work just dragged as I looked forward to my workout with Sarah. Every time I started daydreaming her ass would pop into my head. I jerked off four times on Tuesday and on Wednesday I was thinking about her right before lunch and I had to wait five minutes for it to go down before I could leave my desk. Finally my work day was done and I packed up my things heading for the gym.

I saw her waiting for me in the common area. She was in her spandex and sports bra again and she jumped up as I came through the doors.

“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting. I’ll be two minutes,” I told her walking past towards the men’s change room.

“Oh don’t worry I was only here for five minutes before you got here. But I want to sweat so hurry your ass up!” she replied as I passed her, punctuating her hurry up with a smack on my ass. I paused in shock for a second and felt my cock stir, then quickly continued while laughing and shaking my head. I quickly changed into my workout clothes and was back out of the change room with ten whole seconds to spare.

We made our way side by side to the weight area and got started after a couple minutes of stretching. We were doing our arms and shoulders though so there was little bending over on her part. We chatted and flirted a little while we warmed up then hit the weights. Everything was great for most of the workout, with us talking about our jobs and lives, flirting a bit, quick touches and sideways glances but no outright signs from her. I was so horny by the time we got to the last workout, lying down tricep extensions or skull crushers, I felt like I was ready to explode. As I lay down on the bench for my final set Sarah stood over me ready to spot me.

Glancing up I could clearly see her pussy lips outlined in her spandex. She had a bit of a mound too making me think maybe she wasn’t all shaved down there. She must have been as horny as me because as she leaned closer I could smell her pussy. Glancing again I thought it seemed a little wetter near her pussy lips but it was hard to tell because we had both been working hard and sweating. I barely managed to get my ten reps in while breathing in her arousal.

Putting the weights back on the rack I turned back to her to see what was next. She was looking at me with what I think was desire in her eyes but the look was quickly gone. Before I could say anything she asked if I wanted to try running again. I said sure and we headed upstairs.

As soon as we got upstairs Sarah started stretching her legs and once again I was treated to her bent over, with her ass sticking out in front of me, just begging to be spanked. Her spandex had ridden up her ass crack again and I could see her beautiful firm ass cheeks in perfect definition. My dick was fully erect by this point and I shifted it so that it was in the waistband of my shorts but it would still be hard to miss. As she bent over an outstretched leg she glanced back at me and see me standing there asked me if I was going to stretch first.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I walked up to her as she stood up and started turning towards me. I grabbed her by the waist and stopped her, turning her back against the wall. I used one hand to push her harder against the wall and she braced herself with her hands starting to say “What are yo…” when my other hand circled around her tiny waist and started rubbing her pussy through her spandex. Her question turned into a moan as she pushed her ass back into my cock. I pushed back, grinding my hard cock into her ass as I rubbed her pussy through her spandex.

We were both moaning and grinding as I slipped the hand that was masturbating her past her waistband and into her shorts. I went right for her pussy, confirming that she maintained a small bush, and stuck two fingers deep inside her. She was so wet they slipped right in and after a couple thrusts I added a third. I pulled them out and found her clit, rubbing it to moans of pleasure.

“Yes yes, play with my clit,” she said in a low growl as she pushed against my hand. She used one of her hands to reach behind her and grab my cock, jerking it through my shorts. “Fuck yes, fuck yeeeeesssss!” she cried a few seconds later as she came hard, covering my hand in her juices.

Sarah wasn’t done though. She was still stroking my shaft and she turned her head to look at me. “I want you to fuck me with your hard cock big boy. Fuck me hard. Make me cum again.”

I wasted no time dropping my shorts and underwear. Then I slowly pushed her shorts down to about halfway down her thighs and pushed her forward a bit. She pushed her ass towards me and the smell of our sex filled the air. I rubbed my dick across her slit a couple times to get it wet then plunged it all the way in.

I slipped in right away because she was so wet from her orgasm and as my balls smacked against her legs her pussy clenched down on me. I pulled out and thrust in again starting to build up a rhythm. She pushed back against me on every stroke and clenched herself around me making her hot wet pussy tight around my hard cock. I slapped her ass as I fucked her and she growled low again telling me to spank her harder. I obliged as she put her head down just saying “Yes, yes fuck me harder! Yes!”

I began thrusting harder and faster, punctuated my thrusts with hard smacks on her ass cheeks. After only about a minute she screamed “I’m cumming, don’t fucking stop!” and her pussy really clamped down on my dick. As she came again around my cock I thrust into her and exploded, filling her with my cum.

As we caught our breath we looked around for the first time. Thankfully no one else was in sight. We quickly pulled our shorts back on but there was some cum on the track. Laughing we wiped it up with our workout towels. We breathlessly made our way down to the change rooms.

“Wow that was amazing,” she said and then leaned in to kiss me passionately. “I’m so happy I found a good workout partner.”

“Me too. That was the best sex I’ve ever had. We should work out more often,” I replied with a smile on my face. “Maybe later tonight?”

“Well you are supposed to give your muscles some rest between workouts and I have a work meeting tonight but I have a home gym we can use if you want to come by tomorrow night?” she said with a wink and a smile. We exchanged contact info walked out to our cars together, kissed passionately again and drove away.

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