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You and I

Interactive story for the ladies pleasure
We enjoy a passionate moment.

Let me bend you over and slowly lick your hot slit from the back. Sucking on your clit using my lower lip to peel that little piece of skin back. I work it with my wet tongue all around the lips. You begin arching your back and pressing towards me, so my tongue slips inside you. I wanna lick every inch of your beautiful body, so I repeatedly slide my wet tongue across your anus. Then slip it inside your vaginal walls. As I taste you, I feel you start to cum. So I place my lips around your throbbing clit and slowly suck. As your legs get weak, I grab your ass cheeks to hold you up. As you bite your bottom lip, you spread yourself.

As I slide my tongue down and across your anus it shoots a tingle up your spine. I feel your body tremble. I ask, "Do you like it Baby?" You moan, "YES DADDY!" I then make my way up your spine as if I was the quiver. I rise toward your neck, as my penis rises more also. You feel the thick head on my cock slide between your wet lips as you slowly grind your body against me, wanting me to enter you. I won’t let it happen just yet. So I turn you around and kiss you, slow and firm. Firm, but caring. A real man's kiss.

As we make our way to the wall behind you, you grab me. I pull your hands away. While placing them over your head, we interlock hands. Still kissing you, I pull away to make my way south. As I pass by, I watch your nipples rise. I kneel down and put your right leg over my shoulder. Then I take my hand and grip your ass and press you towards me. You moan and quiver, quiver and moan, as we look into each other's eyes.

Still palming your ass, I rise to kiss you. Chin dripping wet from your juices. You slightly open your legs and I put my stiff shaft between them. You squeeze tightly! My horny cock reacts with a throb! Your juices flow down, leaving it wet.

I take my hand and cup it on your beautiful breast. You place your hands to the back of my head as you gaze to the stars. I trace your areola with my tongue. We both moan! Your nipples rise and firm up.

You then push me away and sit me down on the sofa, looking into my eyes as if you're telling me to relax. You grab a hold of my dick and slowly wrap your lips around the shaft. As you stroke me and roll your tongue on the head of my dick, I moan! You love how it feels in your mouth.

It turns you on pleasing me, and I look down to see you dripping wet. So I provide some temporary comfort with placing my fingers inside you. You gyrate on them! I then pull them out and taste you. You elevate to kiss me. As you do I slide you down on top of your Love Throne.

We are holding each other, and slowly grinding away. Your breast is readily available in front of me, so I kiss them both while squeezing your ass as we sex away. This is so good I am about to bust, so I switch it up and take it to the bedroom.

I lay you down on your stomach and place your left leg at a 90-degree angle. Then I whisper in your ear, "Arch your back Baby." You do so as I slide inside you. I give you LONG, HARD, PASSIONATE strokes of love for what seems like forever. You repeatedly cum on my dick, leaving wet spots on the sheets. I look down at it and it's glistening wet from your juices.

As pressure builds I place my right hand onto the small of your back. My strokes get firmer, as if I am trying to prove a point. I whisper in your ear, "Baby this pussy is so good." And then I pull out to taste it one last time. While still in that position, I put my tongue back inside you trying to fill the void that I have made.

I suck your clit and eat your ass, wanting you to enjoy this much as possible. I then plunge back inside you, not with that same rhythm I left off with. As you look back at me and we kiss, I tell you, "I am about to cum!"

You arch your back and reach behind, squeezing my ass to keep me inside of you. As we bite each others lips we CUM together! And then we spoon until we gain the energy to return to our day.

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