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You Came

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A quickie. M/F or is it F/F you tell me... ;)
"You came, you came... you came!" was the only thing I could think of as I opened the door and let you into my room. You stepped in and I quickly closed the door behind you, just in case anyone came up the dorm's hall and saw you.

You hesitated, suddenly unsure now that you had arrived, on what to do next. You looked me in the eye and looked away quickly, your cheeks flushing prettily as you remembered why you had come.

We'd known each other since first year but had never even looked at each other until the other day. We'd started talking online about the assignment and spent half the rest of the night swapping our favorites in music and talking endlessly about everything.

Before you can change your mind, I step a little closer and gently push the jacket from your shoulders with my hands. My eyes are locked on yours as my hands lightly brush down the length of your arms. I watch avidly as your pupils dilate and your breath catches in your throat. I draw you closer to me and cup the side of your face with my hand. I lean close and ever so lightly brush my lips along yours, enjoying the flavor of your gloss and the scent of your hair. I let you go as a small shudder runs through you and you begin to lean into me. Taking your hand in mine, I draw you further into the room, letting your jacket fall to the floor at the door. I lead you to the side of the bed and draw you down to sit next to me, our knees lightly rubbing we are so close.

You start to speak but I rest a finger tip against your lips, silencing you. I stare in awe as you begin to slowly and lightly lick the tip of my finger. My quickly drawn in breath draws your eyes to me and I can feel my pulse begin to thunder as you reach up and slowly unfasten the buttons of your shirt, letting it slowly pool in the corners of your elbows. I try vainly to slow my breathing as I lean closer to run my finger tips over your collar bone and down along the round firmness of your breasts, ever so lightly brushing the tips of my fingers over the swelling nubs straining against the confines of your bra. I smile as you bite the edge of your lip between your teeth and close your eyes, a tiny moan escaping between your teeth as you lean into my caresses.

Gently, I push you back into the pillows as I lie next to you. I softly stroke my hand lower on your smooth stomach as I lean over to kiss you full on the lips. You squirm against me, wiggling your skirt down off your hips and begin to reach for your panties but I stop your hand, raising it to my lips. I kiss the back of your hand before laying it on the bed next to you.

Slowly, I trace my finger tips over the edge of your hip, tracing the line of your panties. One finger lightly traces down between your thighs and strokes upwards once more, feeling the fabric become moist. I grin to myself as you squirm next to me. I lean over you, tracing your lips with my tongue as my hand slips under the elastic of your panties and my first two fingers curl, ever so lightly stroking the hard nub of your clit. Faster and faster I stroke. Your heated breath on my lips making my pulse thunder as you rock your hips in time with my fingers. Faster and faster until you are gasping for breath and writhing, then I curl my fingers even more and slide them both deep inside your wet heat. Rocking my hand, I drive the edge of my thumb against your clit as you cry out, shuddering with the impact of your climax. Slowly, I ease off the tempo until still. I can feel your pulse throbbing against my hand.

I slide my hand out of your panties and lean over you, softly kissing down your chest until I lightly lock my lips over first one nipple, sucking lightly through the cloth of your bra, before doing the same to the other to the sound of your moans.

Carefully, I refasten each button on your shirt and settle back watching as you slowly come back to the here and now. 

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