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This story is dedicated to my new friend NaughtybyNature after a NICE long NAUGHTY CHAT. I decided to write a story involving us :) Hope you enjoy.

About a year an a half after high school I was looking for a job but nothing was available in the little town I lived in. One day my mom and her sister were talking on the phone and the subject came up. My aunt told her that my uncle was looking for help with his auto repair business. I have played around with cars and got kind of familiar with them so I was interested but would have to move to a different state.

I took a couple of days to think about it and said it's now or never. I packed my crap and flew out to my aunts and uncles, who were very nice people. They gave me a couple of days to get settled in before breaking down the rules. They have a couple of small kids in the house.

A couple of days later we were sitting at the kitchen table and they laid the rules out like: No drinking or smoking, girls in my room and defiantly no foul language. I agreed until they tossed in: As long as you live in there house, you must to go to church. They were big in the church community so since I had little choice, I agreed with no argument.

Days later, my uncle was showing me around the shop and telling me about the cars that he has been working on but ran into problems. We discuss it and came up with a plan for me to start on them on Monday.

Since I was new in town, I didn't know where the good spots to hangout were. So I stayed around the house unpacking my stuff on Saturday; it went by pretty quick. My aunt came in to woke me up so we could all go to church the next morning. I rolled over and looked at the clock it was flashing 5am. All I wanted to do was roll back over and crash but I heard to kids running around getting ready. I got up, showered, then put on my best clothes. Nothing fancy just jeans and a plain black T-shirt.

As we pulled up to the church, there were a lot of people walking inside. I stared in amazement that there were so many people up this early. As we walked in everybody was shaking my aunts and uncles hands asking, “Who might this be?”

They explained that I was there to help my uncle and was going to stay awhile. They greeted me with smiles, hand shakes, and even some hugs. The bishop a tall African American man with a deep voice walked up to my uncle shaking his hand and putting his free hand on his shoulder. They talked for a bit as everybody was making there way to the main area. My aunt took the kids to there Sunday School class. I stood a couple of feet away from my uncle and the bishop.

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw her walking down the hall. I slowly turned my head and stared at her as she walked towards me. She was about 5'5” her jet black hair brushed to the side. Her sexy dark brown eyes stared at me like she was staring into my soul. She gave me a very sexy shy smile which made my member twitch in my pants. I returned a smile.

She was wearing a black summer dress that hug her body tightly showing off her curves. I couldn't stop staring as she walked up to me. She stopped next to the bishop giving my uncle and aunt a hug, my aunt turned to me and introduced her saying 'This is the bishops daughter.'

“Hi, How are you?” she asked with the most beautiful small voice.

“Hi, I'm okay now!!” I answered flashing my shy smile.

“That's great.” Gave me a wink and a smile

The bishop started to sing as he turned to go to the main area. My uncle followed. Then my aunt turned to told me to go with her she'll show me to the young adult group. I looked over at her she took my hand and led me down the hall stopping at a closed door she opened it slowly. There was about ten kids in there sitting on couches, bean bags and fold-able chairs. We walked in the teacher welcomed us and told us to have a seat, I sat on a bean bags across from a couch where she sat. I was listening and scanning the room but couldn't stop looking at her, her long brown legs bending to the floor all I wanted to do was move over and start to lick my way up her dark silky skin.

As I sat there thinking about that my member started to get hard. I tried to stop staring at her but my eyes wondering over to her I stared at the teacher writing on the board for a bit. I noticed her moving around a bit so I looked over at her. She was stretching out her legs guessing they started to fall asleep from sitting there for awhile. I watched as she wiggled in her seat. I smiled at her and she smiled back.

I keep my eyes glued to her and out of the blue she spread her legs wide enough for me to catch a glance of her freshly shaved mound. My member got hard instantly as I scanned the room to see if anybody else saw it but they were into the teacher talking. I moved around so nobody would see the raging hard on I had now. As I looked back over to her she gave me this sexy evil grin.

I smiled shyly back as she lifted her hips off the couch and spread her legs a little further. I could see she was already wet and her big clit was hard. I just stared and my mouth started to water I was about to leap out of the chair and ravage her chocolate body when the teacher said loudly “Let's pray” everybody bowed there head and closed there eyes. I did to but I quickly opened my eyes and watched her as she ran her hand up her thigh then under her dress softly grazing her hard clit.

She leaned her head back biting her bottom lip. I couldn't stop staring mouth wide open. They finished praying I closed my eyes then opened them as everybody was getting up to leave. I couldn't stand up with my throbbing rock hard cock in my pants so I sat there. She sat on the couch slowly moving her legs back and forth letting me catch little glimpse of her sweet mound . The teacher was cleaning the board when he turned around and saw us still sitting there.

“Is everything alright?” He asked us

“Yes I just want to talk to our new friend here along for a bit.” she replied

“OK, then I'll let you two get to it.” he said as he left the room

She got up from the couch walked over to the door closing it then locking it. Turning around flashing that smile at me again I couldn't take anymore as she slowly walked over to me. She straddled me on the bean bag slowly bending down on my lap I could smell her sweet essence when her hips moved in front of my face. I grabbed her hips and helped her sit down when she sat down her dress rode up to her hip and I could see her dark puffy mount was wet and her clit was throbbing.

She sat close to me started to kiss me passionately, our tongues were entangled as we sucked each other saliva and she grind slowly on my lap. I could feel her starting to grind harder on my lap leaving a wet spot on my throbbing hard cock. I moved my hand up her body stopping at her nice sized breast slowly running my finger tips around her already hard nipple she started to grind on my hard cock.

She let out moans and gasp of pleasure as I reached down to her wet mound I started to rub circles around her clit, she tensed up as I did so. Her moans became louder and she grinds harder on my hand. I couldn't take it anymore I grabbed her hips and spun her around where she was on the bean bag. Slowly pulling her dress up she opened her legs wide and I could see she was dripping wet.

I helped her pull the dress over her head her boobs fell out. I couldn't stop staring at her big dark hard nipples swaying back and forth. Throwing her dress on the couch, I moved in to suck and nibble her hard nipples. Taking the right one in my mouth I grabbed it with my teeth and slowly flicked my tongue across the tip. She grabbed a hand full of hair letting out a gasp and a moan. I reached over with a free hand pulling and twisting the other nipple. I looked up as she stared into my eyes licking her lips.

“Mmmmmm yeah you like those big nipples don't you?” She said in between her moans

“Uh-huh” was my reply as I sucked her nipple harder

“Oh, baby, that's it!”

I kissed and licked over to the other nipple teasing and making her moan as she trust her hip in the air. I slowly kissed up her body, then licking up her neck and slowly sucking in her left ear lobe she lets out a loud purr. I continued to suck on her lobe as I move my fingers up and down the sides of her body. She gasp when I hit her nipple and I lick behind her ear. My cock was throbbing in my pants as I tried to re-adjust myself but it wasn't working. She saw that it was getting uncomfortable and grabbed my belt and undid it slowly then she undid my button and fly with one hard pull.

Then slide her hand in my boxers fishing my hard cock out. She grabbed my shaft softly pulling it out lightly stroking it collection the per cum on her finger then sucking it off. She pulled me higher so she could enjoy what she did to me. She started to lightly lick my head and then my shaft I let out a low moan.

She licked my balls then moved from the base to the head as she wrapping her lips tightly around the throbbing head. Grabbing my hip and pulled me to her as my cock hit the back of her throat she released my hip then pulled them back. I got what she wanted as I slowly thrust in and out of her mouth. Picked up the pace with long and steady thrust I fucked her mouth. As she sucked my cock I could hear her fingering herself.

I couldn't take it anymore standing up I ripped the rest of my clothes off. She watched as I did this fingering her pussy faster and harder I smiled as she let out moans and purrs of passion. I got on my knees giving her a long kiss I ran my tongue down her body, around her hard nipples and stopping at her hand rapidly fingering herself. I grabbed her wrist pulling it out of her dripping wet pussy sucking her fingers. She pulled her hand to her as she clean it the rest of the juices off.

I moved closer to her mound licking the cress of her thighs up to the pubic area then back down the other side. She trust he hips in the air and let out hard loud moan as I continued to tease her hot mound. I stopped on the pubic area above her clit and ran the under side of my tongue down to her ass crack she gasped and moaned wiggling her hips on my face.

I flicked my tongue across her anus as she grabbed a hand full of hair pulling my deeper in her crack. I licked fast and hard as she grind her ass on my face. She started to relax as I moved up to her wet mound licking it with one swipe of my tongue she tensed up and cried out with pleasure. I keep licking faster and faster as I watched her grabbing her tits twisting and pulling her hard nipple as if she was going to rip them off. She looked down with such passion in her eyes as I slowly slide two fingers in her and started to finger her hard her hips thrust wildly.

As she bit and sucked her bottom lip letting out muffled cries of passion. I slide another finger in as she rode my hand hard, my free hand was wrapped around her thigh playing with her hard throbbing clit. I licked my fingers and her clit to keep them well lubed up. She started bucking wildly as her body tensed up and she let out a loud moaned and started to squirt all over my face and chest. I keep fingering her as she keep squirting hard she grabbed my hand and held it deep in her pussy.

“Oh, fuck, that was sooo good!!!” she panted out

When she let my hand go I ran my tongue across her hot puffy mound lapping up her sweet juices that were still leaking out. She sat up licking her sweet pussy juice off of my chin and neck. Then had me sit in the bean bag as she bent down grabbing my shaft and lifting it up. She sucked in my left testicle into her mouth, pulling it as she sucked it made my cock twitch in her hand as she slowly started to stroke it long and hard. I lend my head back letting out a low deep growl letting her know that it felt so good.

Releasing it she moved over to the other sucking into her mouth my body became hotter. With her free hand she slips a finger in my ass crack and started running circles around my anus. I jumped as she slowly strokes my hard throbbing shaft and played with my anus. Lifting her head off of my balls she grabbed the base of my shaft then wrapping her lips around my head slowly starting to suck it. She started to suck faster taking my whole cock in her mouth and running her tongue around the head as she came up. My balls started to tense up knowing that I wouldn't last that much longer.

“Mmmm, baby I need you” I said softly.

“Mmmm, yeah you want my pussy?” she said giving my a sexy grin


She climbed up on my lap grabbing my shaft and lowered her pussy down on it. It slide in easily with how wet she was, she grinds her hips back and forth. She started to bounce slowly letting her tunnel get use to my size. Then started to bounce faster and harder her breast were bouncing hard. I grabbed her right tit started sucking on her nipple she let out moans of ecstasy. She started to bounce with such fury as her tunnel clamped down on my shaft. I grabbed under her ass cheeks and helped her bounce on my cock I threw my head back letting out moans of pleasure. She grabbed both tits pulling and twisting her nipples letting out cries.

“Yeah, fuck that pussy!!!!!”

I fucked her harder and faster as she moaned and yelled nasty out things. Knowing I was almost done I grabbed her and flipped her on the bean bag. Starting to fuck her with passionate force she grabbed her ankles pulling them wider. I thrust hard and deep as my testicles slapped her ass.

“Oh, baby, I'm going to cum!” She yelled out “Mmmmm, cum with me.” she said in between breathes.

“Yes....” was all I could say

“Cum in me hard”

I grabbed her hips and thrust hard one last time as my cock swelled up inside her. Shooting my first spurt of thick load deep in her wet pussy. When she felt it hit her cervix she clamped down harder on my throbbing shaft and started to shake uncontrollably. We stared into each other eyes as her orgasm hit her quick and hard. Again long clear streams of liquid shot from her pussy hitting my stomach, hips and thighs. She cried out hard as I continued to fuck her.

My second shot weaken my knees as I did short fast thrust in her she grabbed my hips with her legs pulling me deeper in her as my cock twitched in her tunnel. She was tight and throbbing as it milked the rest of my cum from my shaft. As her tunnel loosened around my now softening cock I bent down kissing her passionately as our tongues danced in each other mouths. We heard some kids running down the hall and jumped up trying to get dressed fast so nobody would walk in on us.

Just as we got done she walked over giving me a long deep kiss then whispered in my ear.

“Sooo will I see you on Wednesday for the movie night?”

“You bet!!!” I replied with a light kiss on her lips and a smile

She smiled back. As we went to leave the room she grabbed my ass and gave me a wink as we left the room.

"By the way my name is Nikki...welcome to our church!!!"

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