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Young man for Ellie

Lady( early forties) has a thing for younger men

Ellie Stanton aged forty-three, had, since her divorce, hungered for the amorous attention of younger men. Being fucked by a young stud fulfilled her lustful needs. Given her petite build, long flowing hair, and delicate girlish features, looking young was a deception she encouraged. Trouble was, younger men were, so frequently, unsure of themselves. Ellie had often hoped that someday she’d find an experienced young man to dominate her.

That day came, when her son, Mike, introduced her to Chris Carlton, and her breathing paused. He was gorgeous, standing there in a t-shirt, and thin summer pants. Tall, handsome with dark curling hair, and the build of a quarterback. His blue eyes bathed over her, and her moistened panties confirmed her feverish response.

His warm smile hypnotised her, as he asked Mike, “Surely, this has to be a girl-friend. Where’s your mother?”

“Told you, Mrs. Stanton, a real charmer,” Vince, Mike’s other friend, said.

The young men had lunch and left for the rock concert some twenty miles away. As Chris climbed into his car, Ellie, thought he looked back, before driving after Mike and Vince.

Ellie was so roused by the raw promise of Chris. Normally, she’d avoid Mike’s friends, but, for Ellie, something sensual lay behind Chris’s frequent glances. Oh, come on, Ellie, it’s your imagination. That imagination could be used in the shower, where a vigorous finger job often relieved such frustrations.

Naked, with her long hair unpinned, she had turned on the shower when the front doorbell sounded. “Dammit,” Ellie said out loud. Her imagination couldn’t wait. Angrily, she grabbed her silk robe, pulled it over her naked body and hurried downstairs.

Trying to control her temper she flung open the door.

It was him, Chris, standing there, with that warm smile, and what looked like a heart-stopping bulge in his summer pants.

Momentarily stunned, Ellie could only mutter, “Oh, hello.” Yet, shocked, she wasn’t. Overwhelmed, oh yes. Alive, alert, and moistening even more as Chris stepped inside, kicked the door shut, and gestured at her, now gaping, robe.

“I had to come back,” he said huskily

“You forget something?”

He nodded, his eyes fixed on her, as he said, “This!”

He instantly stroked through her long hair, before reaching under the neckline of her thin robe and pulling it apart. Momentarily, he viewed her exposed body.

His eyes were lasers as they heated her every fibre. Her streaming inner walls pounded to the tune of her beating heart.

“Just as I thought, neat little breasts.” As he spoke one hand had moved over her left breast, drawing a strangled squeal from her. Could he know how sensitive she was there? Her blood was coursing wildly through her veins.

Ellie saw his other hand had unfastened his belt, and his pants and boxers were being pushed down. Now it was Ellie’s turn to stare in wonder at the huge solid cock that pointed in her direction. Breathing became so difficult.

Everything had happened fast. Not twenty seconds since she’d opened the door, now, here they were, near naked, still in the hall. Chris moved in on her, bent and his lips found hers, his tongue forcing its way into her welcoming mouth. Oh, so dominant. Just as she had longed for.

Ellie found herself being pushed back against the wall, as Chris’s hand left her breast and slid directly to grope along the moistness between her thighs.

Breaking the kiss, he said, “You’re ready for this, aren’t you?”

Ellie, eager to grip that wonderful erection, knew that she wasn’t going to get the chance, as she gasped, “Yes. Oh, yes.”

What happened next was, despite her vast experience, totally unexpected. Chris bent his knees and Ellie sensed the heat of his cock on her inner thighs.

Then, Chris straightened his legs, driving his shaft madly into her, lifting her off her feet, riding her up the wall. Ellie had an instant orgasm. His hardness filling her, was immense, driving her wild with a passion she could not recall. Chris was in total control.

For Ellie, it was pure magic. His fantastic rod thrust back and forward. Her feet were on and off the ground. How many times had she orgasmed? Ellie had lost all track of time, all track of any sensibility other than the pleasure from his rampant cock. Life was marvellous. Chris was sensational. That was when she began to wonder when he would cum.

Not immediately was the wordless answer as Chris straightened further, her feet left the ground once more, and he walked with her skewered on his cock. Happily, she wrapped her legs around him. In the living room, he moved to a low sofa, bent to sit her on it, pulled out of her, leaving her feeling desperately empty.

She sat there, disappointed, as his massive cock, all slick and shiny, waved in front of her face. She looked up as he commanded, “Take it in your mouth.” Was this the dominance she wanted?

“But it’s all—"

He broke in, “It’s only your own stuff,” and there was no doubt that this was the youthful dominance she had longed for. Her mouth closed around the creamy tasting erection.

She sucked avidly and heard his breathing quicken. The electrifying touch as his fingers found her clit, warned her of another orgasm. Sucking even harder, made his hips jerk against her face.

Then, with both hands, he clutched her buttocks, lifted her, drew his cock from her mouth before plunging it full length up into her, striking her cervix. The joy of having her cunt filled again more set up their mutual orgasm. Their joint vocalisations of ecstasy rose around them, as their juices mixed.

Lying in the afterglow, they knew that it was over. Mike might come looking for him. Exchanging phone numbers offered the only dim possibility of a future meeting. Ellie had been fulfilled, and, as Chris drove away, she told herself, ‘Now for that shower.’


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