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18 Year Old Ashley Gets More Than She Bargain For

Tim and his wife Ann had decided to go out on another date night together. They had been on several date nights lately since they had found Ashley to watch the kids for them. Ashley was a bright 18 year old who was the head cheerleader at her high school. She was an extremely gorgeous looking girl who had a very petite body. She stood 5’2 and about 110 pounds. Her tits were very firm and above average in size. Her butt was fantastic as it was very firm and small. She had no problem getting men to look at her all of the time.

If Ashley had one problem it was that she loved to tease older men with her body. Tim, who was in his mid thirties, had found that out very quickly. Ashley had teased him on several occasions since the first day they met. Ashley made sure she would bend over in front of him on any chance she had gotten. She also loved to flaunt her beautiful chest as she wore very tight tops and gave Tim seductive smiles all the time. When Tim’s wife was around Ashley acted totally different. She looked like an angel to Tim’s wife who just loved Ashley. Ashley was a great babysitter and the kids just loved her also. Tim’s wife also loved the fact that Ashley was available at the last second if needed. Unfortunately this was going to be their last date night out for a while as Ashley was heading away to college the following week.

As Tim and his wife headed out on their last date night Ashley gave Tim her standard seductive smile. It was a little over 10 o clock when they arrived back home early. Ashley said, “Back so soon!“

Tim responded, “Ann wasn’t feeling very well so we had to come back early. “

Ann quickly grabbed some medicine out of the cabinet and headed upstairs to bed. Tim now had to entertain Ashley who was in the living room. Tim sat down on the couch as him and Ashley began to chat about her college plans.

Ashley began her ritual of trying to tease Tim as she stood in the living room in a pose that was very seductive. She stood their showing off her gorgeous ass as she stuck it out towards Tim. Tim was used to all of this as Ashley has done many different things to get Tim’s attention. Ashley kept the pressure on Tim as she bent over right in front of him. Tim’s cock started to get hard as Ashley had on a very tight top and a tight pair of low riding jeans. Her tight little ass was only a few feet from Tim as she suddenly squatted down in front of him to pick something up. Tim was able to see the top of her butt crack as her jeans slid down on her ass. Tim also noticed that Ashley had no panties on as he was able to get a good look down into the back of her jeans.

Ashley then sat herself down right next to Tim on the couch. As they chatted about school, Ashley took things one step further. She laid her hand down on Tim’s thigh and slowly moved it up to his crotch area. Tim’s cock was semi hard as Ashley glided her hand across his crotch. She acted like nothing had happened as she continued to talk about school. This was almost like a game for Ashley as she wanted to try to see how far she could push things with Tim.

Tim was a good sport in the past with Ashley, but he began to boil inside. Ashley had now taken things way further than ever before and Tim was at his wits end about it.

Ashley decided to glide her hand one more time over Tim’s swollen cock as she felt it this time around. Tim could take no more as his adrenalin began to pump through his body. He began to explode as he stood up and grabbed Ashley’s wrist.

Tim said to Ashley, “I am going to pound that pussy of yours with my big cock!”

Tim had totally lost it as he led a stunned Ashley down into their finished basement. In the basement their was no way his wife or the kids could hear them. He grabbed Ashley’s shirt and pulled it up over her head. He quickly removed her bra and now reached down and undid her tight jeans. He yanked them down over her gorgeous tight ass. He had stripped Ashley down to nothing as she stood their with a scared and stunned look on her face.

Ashley knew she had pushed Tim way to hard this time. She just wanted attention and nothing else. She never thought Tim would ever act on her actions but she was wrong. Tim discarded his clothes right in front of her as his 8.5 inch cock was rock hard.

Tim grabbed Ashley and moved her over to the pool table. He bent her over on top of it as Ashley’s ass was pointed right at him. Ashley then said, “I am sorry!”

Tim said, “Spread those legs apart!”

A scared Ashley began to move her legs slightly apart as Tim blurted out, “Move them more!”

Ashley had now moved her legs wide apart as her upper body rested on top of the pool table. Tim arched his back and grabbed Ashley hips with his hands. He pushed his big 8.5 inch cock up against Ashley’s tight little pussy.

Ashley cried out as Tim pushed his hard cock into her. Ashley had one of the tightest pussy’s Tim had ever experience in his life, but he still was able to worked several inches of his hard cock into it.

It was 5 minutes later as Ashley began to cry out loudly. Her body began to tremble as Tim said to her, “You want to cum don’t you! I am going to make you cum good and hard!” Tim began to fuck Ashley hard from behind as she screamed out into a very powerful orgasm.

Tim quickly turned Ashley over on the pool table so her pussy rested right on the side rail of the table. He pushed his big cock back into her as she cried out again. Tim grabbed and held each of Ashley’s gorgeous tits with his hands as he felt them up. Tim then said to Ashley, “You like this don’t you! Tell me how much you like this Ashley!”

Ashley cried out, “Yessss! I like it!”

Tim pounded his big cock into Ashley for several more minutes as Ashley squirmed about the pool table. Tim subdued her as he grabbed her petite body and held her down tightly on the pool table. Ashley cried out again into another powerful orgasm a few minutes later. Tim was close to cumming himself as he gave Ashley a few more thrust of his big cock. He quickly pulled his cock out of her pussy and moan out as he shot several streams of cum into the air. He was so pumped that his cum landed all over Ashley’s beautiful tits.

Ashley staggered off the pool table as Tim’s cum dribbled down over her tits. She headed into the bathroom to clean up. It was several minutes later when Ashley came back out of the bathroom. Tim waited for her as his cock began to come a life again. Ashley had the most beautiful body Tim had ever saw as her perky tits stood out at him. Tim wanted to fuck Ashley again as he wanted to punish Ashley for her actions against him.

Tim ordered Ashley down onto her knees as pushed his semi hard cock into her waiting mouth. He ordered Ashley to suck on his big cock until it was hard again. It only took about a minute as Tim’s cock had become hard. He grabbed the back of Ashley’s head and forced as much of his cock he could deep into her mouth.

Ashley began to gagged on Tim’s big cock. Tim then pulled his big cock out of her mouth and sat down on the couch. He pulled Ashley on top of him as she slowly lowered herself down onto his cock. She cried out as her pussy slid up and down on Tim’s hard cock. Tim began to lick and suck on Ashley’s beautiful tits. He suck and licked every inch of them until her nipples had harden. He then worked on each of her harden nipples with his tongue until they had become reddened and sore.

Ashley was only working herself only halfway down on Tim’s cock. This wasn’t good enough for Tim as he reached back and grabbed Ashley’s tight little ass with his hands. He began to force Ashley all the way down on his cock as her tight pussy constricted around his cock. Ashley began to rock herself back n forth quickly on Tim’s cock when all of a sudden she began to moan out. She started cummimg all over Tim’s big cock.

Tim rolled Ashley off his cock and had her get on all fours on the floor. Ashley knelt down on the floor as her upper body rested on top of the couch. Tim moved in behind Ashley’s gorgeous ass. He began to licked and sucked on her ass for several minutes as Ashley cried out.

Tim now began to fuck Ashley from behind as his hands grasped her hips tightly. He fucked her good and hard for several minutes as he pushed all his big cock all the way into her. Ashley cried out, “Yes! Yes!“ the whole time as she had never been fucked like this before.

A few minutes later it was Tim’s turn to take things a step further. He pulled his cock out of her wet pussy and began to push it up against Ashley’s beautiful ass. Ashley screamed out as Tim’s cock penetrated her tight little asshole. He worked several inches of his cock into her tight asshole. Ashley felt both pain and pleasure as her body began to tremble.

Tim said, “You like this Ashley? Should I fuck you even harder in the ass?” A few seconds later Ashley cried out loudly as she began to cum hard as Tim continued to fucked her in the ass.

Tim laid Ashley down on her back on the couch. He climb on top of her and stuck his big cock back into her. He fucked her hard as Ashley cried out again, “I am sorry for teasing you!”

Tim said to Ashley, “Are you going to tease me anymore?”

“Noooo I won’t! Oh god your cock feels so good inside me!” Ashley said.

A few seconds later Ashley began to cum hard again on Tim’s cock as she cried out, “Fuck me!”

Tim now had one last surprise for Ashley. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and stood up right next to the couch. He said to Ashley, “Open up your mouth!”

Tim began to stroke on his cock as he pointed it down right at Ashley’s open mouth. Tim was only about a foot away from her mouth when he began to explode. He shot several streams of his hot cum right into Ashley’s open mouth. A few other shots of cum landed on her beautiful face. Tim then made Ashley clean his cock off with her mouth as she sucked whatever cum he had left in him down her throat..

Tim never seen Ashley again after that as she headed onto college. Tim will always remember that night as it was the best fuck session of his life. If Tim had one regret it would be that he didn’t fuck Ashley even sooner than he did.

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