A Drive to Remember

By Jennyxxx

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Jenny`s drive turned into an ordeal she would never forget when she was stopped by a female officer.
It was a beautiful day and Jenny thought it would be nice to head out for a drive. She set out not really knowing where she was heading, all she knew that she would keep off the main roads and the rest she left to chance.

After an hour into her drive she was in the middle of nowhere, she had the radio blasting her favourite rock music and so didn't hear the siren. Eventually she checked her rear view mirror to see the police car behind, lights flashing.

Jenny felt a bit nervous as she sat there waiting for the police officer to get out of their car. Eventually after what seemed like ages, Jenny watched in her mirror the officers' car door open and the officer get out and start walking over to her car. What surprised Jenny the most was the fact that the officer was alone and it was a female officer and not just any female officer but, in Jenny's opinion, a very beautiful woman. Now Jenny didn't class herself as a lesbian or even bisexual, sure she had had crushes on other women and she even had masturbated at the thought of having sex with another woman.

"Sorry to bother you miss, just a routine check, but we've had reports of this road being used by drug pushers." The officer said leaning in the window. "Would you mind stepping out of your vehicle?"

Jenny opened the door and stepped out; she brushed her short summer dress down, and smiled at the officer. "No problem, it's good to see you are up to a worthwhile task," Jenny replied smiling.

"Are you trying to be funny?"

"Sorry, no I wasn't being....." Jenny tried to say but was stopped mid-sentence.

"Please face the vehicle, place your hands on the bonnet and don't move."

As Jenny turned and faced the car, she was sure that she noticed the officer smile.

"Now, I'm going to have to search you, you have no objections do you."


The officer then moved up close behind her, she could feel the breath of the officer on her neck and then she felt the officer start her search. The officer started gently to pat her down going down each side of her torso, then down her back. The gentle way that the officer was treating her reassured her and she was sure that she would be on her way very soon.

"Turn around," the officer said curtly.

Jenny did so and the officer started to frisk her down her front. Jenny couldn't help but let out a small gasp as the officer started to check her breasts. How could she be getting turned on by being searched, just this mere thought sent a sudden jolt to her pussy. The officer continued her search and seemed to be spending an awful long time on her, by now very sensitive, breasts. She could feel her nipples harden, god this was embarrassing. The officer was now spending just a little bit more time than Jenny was comfortable with.

"Excuse me but ....."

"Be quiet," the officer retorted. "What have we here?" as the officers hands now rubbed Jenny's hard nipples through her dress and bra.

"Please don't," Jenny said pleading "I haven't done anything."

"I've told you before, shut up and spread your legs."

And with that the officer continued with her search. She knelt down and placed one hand on the outside of Jenny's right thigh and the other on the inside and started patting her legs down over the material of her dress. She then moved onto the other leg. Jenny was sure her ordeal would soon be over.

Once the officer had finished her other leg Jenny foolishly closed her legs.

"I didn't tell you to move- now spread your legs again."

Now the officer started at her ankles and very gently started to move upwards, caressing her legs. This was now having a serious effect on Jenny, her pussy was starting to feel extremely wet.

The officer's hands continued upwards, now pushing up her dress. The officer didn't stop there; she moved her hands onto the thin material of Jenny's damp panties and gently rubbed up and down her wet mound. Jenny slowly looked down and saw that the officer was staring intently at her covered mound. She then slowly looked up and stared directly into Jenny's eyes, all the time continuing to massage her sweet, wet pussy.

"Please don't, I don't like this," Jenny managed to say, although her body was certainly beginning to like it.

"Okay I'll stop," the cop said ending with "for now."

"What do you mean, I haven't done anything, please let me go."

"I'm sorry but I'm arresting you and taking you back to the station," and before she could do anything Jenny found herself in handcuffs and being bundled into the back of the cop's car.

Jenny couldn't believe what was happening top her, after about a 10 minutes drive, the car pulled up at a building, there was no sign of anyone else for miles around.

"Please I beg you, I haven't done anything," pleaded Jenny as she was taken into the remote police station.

After the door was locked she was escorted into a cell that contained no furniture except a small wooden bed and a chair, her handcuffs were removed and then she was told to stand in the middle of the floor. The cop the came up behind her and slowly pulled the zip of Jenny's dress down. Then slowly she slid the straps of the dress over her shoulders and the dress slid slowly down her body. Jenny couldn't help but try and cover herself up but to no avail the cop turned her around and told her to put her hands down by her sides. Then she felt the cop start to unclip her bar, as the clasp opened the bra slid down her arms freeing her breasts.

"Turn around," the officer barked and as Jenny shuffled around the cop continues "nice tits and look at those hard stiff nipples. Right, remove your panties." Jenny reluctantly put her thumbs into the waist band of her panties and slowly pulled them down. She was now standing there totally naked being scrutinised by this officer.

The officer was staring straight into Jenny's eyes and then slowly her gaze moved down her body until it came to rest on Jenny's well-trimmed pussy. She then moved forward and standing almost nose to nose with Jenny she slowly cupped Jenny's wet mound.

"We need to see if you have anything stashed in here," the cop whispered in Jenny's ear. She ran a finger up and down her wet, swollen lips and slowly by exerting a small amount of pressure one of her fingers entered Jenny's moist pussy making her involuntarily gasp.

"You like that don't you"

Jenny shook her head slowly

"I think you do, and your cunt certainly does." She then slowly pushed a second and then third finger into Jenny. The cop curled her fingers up and started to move them slowly in and out, with each stroke she forced them a little further up until they reached Jenny's G spot.

"MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm," was all Jenny could say

The cop then pulled her fingers out of Jenny and brought them up to her mouth and right in front of Jenny started to lick her juices from her wet fingers.

"Now I know you liked that and that was just for starters, now lie on the bed."

Jenny moved over to the hard bed and lay down her eyes not leaving the officer as watched her start to strip. First her jacket was quickly removed and discarded. She undid her blouse and let that fall to the floor, next her trousers were undone and allowed to slip over her hips into a heap on the floor. Her bra was deftly unclipped and this was thrown onto the pile of discarded clothes. Her panties were slowly peeled off leaving her standing there in front of Jenny naked. Jenny had never been this close to a naked woman and couldn't believe how horny this other woman looked. Her pert breasts were topped with large hard erect nipples, she had a trim waste and her pussy was clean shaven.

This woman now moved over to Jenny and straddled her head, then knelt down and with her hands she spread her hairless pussy lips. "I want you to lick me, I want your tongue to run over my wet cunt, I want you to suck and bite my hard clit, I want your tongue deep inside me, and I want it now," and with that she slowly lowered herself down onto Jenny's mouth.

Jenny had no choice, she pushed her tongue into this other woman and slowly licked up the length of her wet slit, she tasted sweet.

"Harder," she was commanded and so she forced her tongue deeper into the officers warm wet pussy. She alternated from biting her clit to sucking it as hard as she could and then forcing her tongue deeper and deeper into her.

The cop was now starting to pant, "Yes, yes, yes, don't' stop, don't fucking stop, I'm going to cum all over your pretty face"

Jenny could feel this woman's pussy start to convulse and then she came, Jenny could feel the juices from the woman's pussy spreading over her mouth and face, she gulped down as much as she could. She needed help herself, her own pussy needed attention and so she spread her legs a little and started to slowly run her own fingers up and down her own aching pussy.

The cop lifted herself off Jenny's face an turned to watch her fingering herself before moving her head towards Jenny's and kissed her. Gently at firs,t then more passionately tasting her own juices that were spread over Jenny's face.

The cop then moved away and continued to watch Jenny play with herself.

Jenny now turned the tables "Do you like what you see? Do you like to see how wet you have made me?" Jenny then pulled her lips apart allowing the cop to see her wet cunt. "Do you like to watch me, do you like to watch my fingers pounding my moist wet cunt, do you want to watch me make myself cum?"

"Yes," was all the cop could say quietly, “Do it."

This was all the encouragement Jenny needed and she set to work with both hands. Two fingers of one hand were pounding in and out of wet hole, whilst the fingers of her other hand were rubbing her clit harder and harder until she arched her back and she came hard, her juices pouring out between her fingers and pooling on the wooden bed.

"I want you to taste me," Jenny said after she had come back down to earth.

 "Please I need you to lick my cunt and I want to taste you as well."

The cop moved over to Jenny and gently laid herself on top of her so her mouth was above Jenny's mound, she immediately felt Jenny's tongue start to work on her own wet slit, licking up and down the length of her lips forcing them apart. She immediately buried her own head between Jenny's spread legs her fingers pulling apart her wet folds allowing better access for her tongue, she was gently chewing Jenny's engorged clit then pushing her tongue as deep inside as she could.

As both started to cum they both worked harder on each other's pussies. Forcing their tongues as deep as they could, biting each other's hard clits until, as one, they both came, covering each other's faces in their own juices.

After a few minutes the cop got off Jenny, Jenny sat upright and the cop kissed her hard, both of them tasting their own juices on each other's faces.

"Right, get dressed," the cop said to Jenny. "I've given you a thorough search and your clean, I'll take you back to your car," and with that the cop left the room.

Jenny couldn't believe it, she had given herself to this woman and now she was being cast aside. Angrily, she dressed making sure she had a memento of this memorable event, the still wet panties of the cop.

The cop was in the next room; she dressed into a clean uniform and checked to make sure she had the whole affair recorded. She briefly watched a couple of minutes of the film watching herself fingering Jenny, watching Jenny playing with herself and then the two of them, in a 69. Just watching the few brief moments had her with hand rammed into her panties again. She managed to compose herself; she would get this woman back to her car before satisfying herself again.