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A Hardcore Crush

A Hardcore Crush

The more she tried to resist, the more he wanted her....
Forward: The next story published will be a counterpart to this one, where the teacher is dominant, so think of them in that light as you read.

Clarissa slumped in her chair in the office, tired from the long day with her students. She smiled. They inspired her, those seventh graders, but today was one of those where she had to do a lot of talking. It was the short story science fiction unit though, one of her favorite during the year. To Clarissa, science fiction, especially short stories, was amazing. Today, the students were both scared and enthusiastic as they hung onto her every word when she read Bradbury’s “A Sound of Thunder” aloud. She grinned; that one was a specialty of hers, with sound effects, threatening voice tone of the harsh leader, and voice inflections that caused them to flinch in their seats.

The best part of the day was when students came to her at the end of class, ones who hated to read, and told her they were going to peruse some short stories online by Bradbury and other authors. “You inspired me, Ms. Riley!” the words were music to her ears, and why she chose to teach in the first place. Thinking down through the years, she had encouraged many to read, write, and just feel good about who they were in their own right. Her desire was to make middle school at least a little less daunting, and her class environment always seemed to be one that her students liked.

Many came back to see her, year after year, during an off period or just hall time. They would slip into her room, seeing how long it took her to notice they were there. Apparently, that was one of the best games lately. The school where she taught was large, housing students ranging from pre-kindergarten all the way to high school seniors. So she saw many former students. It gave her a nice feeling, staying connected to them. Well, most of them. She laughed quietly, as she thought of some that she just wished would disappear, for not all personalities get along. However, she never let on to any of her students that she liked some more than others.

Her mind drifted to one particular student, Matt. He came to see her off and on, year after year. She had written a letter of recommendation for him when he applied to colleges. Matt was a very intense and driven individual, and she was proud of his many accomplishments in his school career. A sadness swept across her as the thought dawned on her that she might not see him again. He chose the University of Texas though, her alma mater. She mused a bit, letting her mind wander. Matt had definitely grown and matured a lot since she’d taught him as a sixth grader years ago. He worked out often, as he was a track star athlete, so his lean muscles always showed beneath his clothing. He was never one to overtly show off, unlike many of the high school boys. He had a quiet self confidence that Clarissa had always loved.

Her thoughts ran a little where they shouldn’t, to nails along chest skin, to what his lips might feel like against hers. ‘Stop it, don’t go there!’ she thought to herself, closing her eyes and trying to forget the image. Well, he wasn’t a student anymore, so maybe she could permit herself a small indulgence. A girl can dream, can’t she? Sighing, Clarissa packed her bag for the homeward journey. As usual, she took a handful of papers home to try and grade. ‘Why do I do this every day, I know I’ll never grade them,’ she thought to herself. Perhaps it was just the gesture in and of itself that made her feel better, like she had good intentions anyway.

Just at that time, Tristan popped his head in the door. “Clarissa, you’ve got to come out to the football game today, the varsity is playing Liberty!”

Clarissa smiled at him, debating. “I’m pretty beat today, Tristan, but I promise I’ll come to another one again soon.”

Tristan gave her the sad eyes/puppy dog look. He’d sat with her last game, and they had a lot of fun watching both the team and talking about life in general. Tristan was very upbeat and lively; just being with him gave her renewed energy. So whenever she was a little down or frustrated, he was her “go to” guy.

This year, they worked on the same team. He was humanities, she was language arts. She had to be careful with him though; she could tell he was attracted to her and he was married. There were just little subtle gestures he did to give himself away, like bringing her a latte once a week or so, putting a hand on her shoulder when she came to him discouraged over something, things like that. They worked well together, developing some cross-curricular units that went hand in hand. The middle eastern/Arabian Nights unit had been a blast. He was very handsome, but she would never cross that boundary with him. He was a really good person, and she was the last one that wanted to ruin anything in his life.

“Don’t give me that look Tristan! You know it won’t work on me,” she giggled, and he sighed.

“I know, I know, but I always have to try at least. I’ll bring you a latte tomorrow morning, I have to go by and pick up donuts for the robotics team anyway.”

“Thank you sir, you’re too good to me,” Clarissa said with a flourish. Tristan just rolled his eyes and looked at her with that smartass look she loved.

“All right, I’m outta here, bye for now girl.” Tristan let the door gently shut behind him.

Clarissa checked her email one more time before leaving, a typical habit. ‘We get way too many emails here at school,’ she grumbled to herself. Her eyes widened; a message with an interesting title. Intriguing. It said, “when you get home.” She opened it, and there were only a few words present, but enough to make her breath catch in her throat. Hurriedly, she got her bag and headed down the hallway.

The drive home felt like hours; she was anxious to get there and make sense of the email. Clarissa finally arrived, saying hello to her beloved dogs and letting them out. Her front door had a message on it, reading thus: “I’m coming to you, and I will not wait any longer. Signed, your forever secret admirer. p.s. you held an amazing Halloween party that year.” Her breath caught, her heart stopped. That party was with her sixth graders, the ones that were now graduated. She had a secret admirer? What? Many students came back to see her, see what was going on in her classroom, or to get help with writing assignments and essays. But this? A personal admirer?

Clarissa wasn’t naïve enough to not be aware that she was pretty, but she always played the part at school, being fairly conservative in her attire and mannerisms when around her students. Little did they know what she liked to wear under said conservative attire, or what she liked to write about when she got home some evenings. Or about where her mind sometimes wandered when she was idle. Luckily for her, school was almost never idle; sometimes too crazy indeed most days.

The letter caused her hand to shake a little; a shudder passed through her body. She was both aroused and afraid at the same time, a strange sensation. The dogs pulled at her from their leashes, bringing her back out of her stupor. After letting them walk a bit, Clarissa went back inside and kicked off her heels. She wasn’t exactly very tall, and heels made her feel at least on an even scale with most of her students, not to mention sexy. Clarissa loved feeling sexy. She had all sorts of lingerie, even her underwear was not boring. To her, whoever thought of making ugly underwear should be banished to the netherworld, and forced to create beautiful attire for Aphrodite the rest of their lives. Crazy people, what were they thinking?

She sat down, trying to find inspiration for another story. Her fingers were magically drawn to the keyboard once more, her nails lightly tapping as her story unfolded. Unlike many writers, her words seemed to form as she went along, the story unfolding and sometimes surprising even herself. Speaking of surprises, Clarissa sensed something. That feeling one gets on the back of the neck, when buried in intense thought, that something is off…or someone is watching you. Wow, the feeling was intense, there was someone watching her, she could feel it. Tingles went down the entire length of her body, causing a shiver.

She told herself to dismiss the feeling and keep writing, what a ridiculous thought. Maybe she was just jumpy. A few minutes passed; a few more sentences on the page in front of her. Words looked so much more beautiful on the screen, for a blank document was about the saddest thing she could think of. There it was again, that feeling, overwhelmingly powerful. Cautiously, Clarissa got up off her bed. She crept into her bathroom, flipping on the smaller mood light. As she passed her open closet door, she felt hands.

A scream started in her throat, but before it could come out one of the hands clapped over her mouth. She smelled cologne, good cologne, not the Axe crap that she constantly smelled at school. Her heart went in her mouth, and her stomach was…gone. No stomach, no…oh god. No feeling in her legs. She was shaking, everywhere. Strong arms wrapped around her, pulling her into her bedroom. Complete shock registered on Clarissa’s face as she ascertained who her assailant was, none other than Matt, the one who passed through her mind on occasion, distracting her with idle fancies.

“Clarissa, oh how I’ve always wanted to call you that name instead of Ms. Riley…all these years I’ve waited for this moment. You seem ageless, so beautiful, so eloquent and alive with everything. I’ve always been drawn to you, so much so that every time I’ve kissed a girl or touched someone, I’ve closed my eyes and thought of you. I’m going to kiss you, every part of you, tonight. You are mine. I don’t care what else is going on in your life, if you have a boyfriend, too bad. He will have to wait; this time is mine to finally fulfill all my tortured fantasies.”

With those words filling her mind, Clarissa couldn’t react, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t even think. Her head was reeling. Slowly, she felt him back her to the wall, saw his chiseled face come very close to her. His lips were close, dangerously close. She could feel his warm breath tickling her cheek, and it got her even more flustered. Getting her head somewhat free of the fog of utter consternation, Clarissa shakily placed her hands on his chest, pushing him back a little. Matt was surprisingly strong, however.

“Oh no you don’t, Clarissa. You don’t understand. This is not something that you get to make any decisions about, whatsoever. I’m taking you, making you mine.” Immediately after his fervent words, Matt’s lips crashed down on hers, feverishly devouring her, all the years of pent up passion and fantasy finally getting fulfilled caused the beast within him to come alive. Clarissa couldn’t think, couldn’t react. Her entire being was filled with his sheer presence at that moment, her brain emptied except for his lips, so hard yet so soft and sensual at the same time, his tongue probing her mouth, tasting her like some forbidden wine he’d longed to drink for ages.

She felt him place both her hands into one of his, placing them over her head and pinning them to the wall. Maybe it wasn’t so good that her hands were small, she thought in some corner of her brain that wasn’t covered in fog. Roughly, yet sensually at the same time, she felt his hands on her, as he moved along her skin beneath her shirt, feeling her waist, the small of her back. He moaned, pushing himself into her, her body pinned to the wall and her hands above her head. He was strong, and she was helpless to try and push him away at that point.

Clarissa squirmed, trying to get free. The effect he was having on her was totally wrong, he was so much younger than she, and a former student, and all the things combined together made him forbidden. The more she squirmed, the harder he held her, his body pressing into hers, his mouth on her neck, biting, sucking, his hand moving to her breasts, touching, molding.

“Oh god, you’re so much better than I ever imagined in my dreams, holy shit you are sexy Clarissa. Please, tell me you want this too, that you will allow me to fulfill my fantasy, my desire. Please!”

Her body felt like it was on fire, the way he was touching her, and the sheer fervor in his voice was electrifying. He moved away from her, quickly pulling her to the bed, waiting for her answer. Clarissa looked him in the eyes, and nodded her assent; she knew deep down that she wanted him as well. That was all he needed. As he was moving the computer aside, he saw the screen, saw a story up that she’d been working on. Clarissa blushed furiously as he read a little.

Matt turned to her. “I had no idea my sexy teacher was so…talented in other areas. You’re even hotter to me now.”

He pushed her down, the force of his passion driving him to intense lust. It radiated out from his eyes like liquid fire. Normally green, they were darkened from his current state of mind. So sexy, she thought. Climbing on top of her, Matt removed his shirt and undid the buttons on her blouse slowly, enjoying savoring her as much as possible. By the last four buttons however, he could no longer contain the beast. He ripped open her shirt, tossing it away. A groan escaped his lips as he touched her, hands needing to be all over her skin at once.

Clarissa tried feebly to cover herself. Something ignited inside Matt when she did that. His mouth went to hers, taking over her lips, her tongue; her very essence seemed to have seeped into his mouth, so passionately did he kiss her. His mouth went down her body, quickly and hurriedly he removed her bra, which he admired before animal took over and wanting what was beneath it. Matt always fantasized about what Clarissa might wear under her conservative clothing. Clarissa moaned and moved beneath him as he attacked her breasts, drawn by a force beyond his ability to control. He sucked, caressed, and fondled them until she thought she would die right there, so intense was the pleasure he gave.

“Matt, why…” no sooner had the words come out of her mouth than his finger went in, quieting her.

She sucked on his finger; an almost automatic response, then bit softly. Matt went crazy. He removed her skirt so fast she didn’t even know how it happened, opened her legs, and drove his tongue into her folds, tasting her, drinking in her essence. A complete animal, nothing left of his logical brain, he thought he had died and went to heaven tasting her. He sucked and licked, trying to slow himself down. But the fantasy of her for so many years coming to fruition did not allow him to be slow; he had to have her. Matt wanted to see and hear her climax badly. Animal, lustful badly.

He worked her so hard, Clarissa squirmed and moved beneath him, driving him crazier. Her moans that escaped her lips were maddening. When she climaxed from his frenzied attack, Matt thought it was the most amazing thing he’d ever seen or heard in his life. Rock hard, he moved up her body, his eyes burning with such intensity as he looked into hers that she couldn’t breathe. Not to mention Clarissa had never climaxed that hard in her life; her whole body felt like it was floating. Matt was fully on top of her, Clarissa could feel his heat, his passion.

He growled, deep in his throat, then his words came. Animal words, feral, heated. “I’m taking you now, I can’t hold off any longer. I’ll have my way with your mouth on me later, but right now I want to be inside you, feeling every part of you, getting as close to you as any human ever could. I’ve longed for no one but you for years.”

With those words, Matt pressed himself into her. Clarissa gasped, he was so big and it had been a long time. She had always been tight, and it seemed to drive Matt even more insane if that were possible. All he could do was moan and gasp, his eyes locked with hers, his hands shaking and holding her so tightly, as he drove his throbbing member into her fully, feeling her enveloping wetness. Beginning to thrust, Matt’s body moved on hers, feeling every curve beneath him. Clarissa was close to climaxing yet again from the sheer animalistic movements he made. Matt drove in and out of her, faster and faster, her body reacting like it shouldn’t, giving her over to the dark side, Clarissa moved with him, matching every thrust.

Soon, Matt looked at her with even more intensity and ferver, then passionately kissed her lips - an all consuming kiss that drove her into the inferno with him. If I go to hell for this, thought Clarissa, then so be it, I cannot stop his crazed passion. She felt his body tense, as she gripped his butt hard, and heard his sounds as he released, looking into her eyes; her very soul. That topped Clarissa’s list for sexiest moments ever recorded in her life. She climaxed at the same time, she couldn’t help it, and her tightness and wetness mixed with his hardness.

The oblivion hit both of them, hard, and it took a long time to come down from it. Matt finally calmed some, the beast satisfied for the time being.

“Clarissa, my fantasies didn’t even come close to what the reality was like with you. You’re the hottest teacher on the planet.” She blushed, not knowing what to say. “I take that back. You’re the hottest woman on the planet.”

He smiled. Clarissa reddened further, and told him to shush, so she could let her heated cheeks cool down.

“You’re mine now, you know, this is not the end of my time with you. I’m going to come back again, and again, and again….”

Which is what the words in the email stated, I’m going to come back to you, again, and again, and again….

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