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A housegirls awakening

A housegirl learns to serve the Manor
I become a housegirl, in a large beautiful mansion. Only problem being I am not quite domestically talented. Now, the master of the house feels all the young girls under his watch can learn quickly if disciplined appropriately. Of course, this leads to me getting several spankings every day.

Eventually the house master decides I shouldn't be allowed to wear bottoms at all. So I now have to walk about, doing my duties and chores in just a fitted blouse and shoes. Everyone can see my naked ass as I go around the house and grounds. Of course, this leads to all sorts of situations... especially from the other house girls who like to tease me. Hold me down and tug on my nipples until I start to get wet. There's no time to wash, so I'm left dashing around smelling like arousal.

One of my duties in tending to the lady of the house. I help her prepare for bed by brushing out her hair and removing and hanging her clothing. I must have been distracted, because the brush tugged her hair one too many time. She became quite flustered with me and pulled me across her lap. Taking the hairbrush from me, she swatted me until my little cheeks turned bright pink. All my twisting must have stirred her up a little, because after I hung her clothing and took out her nightgown, she spread herself on the chair and motioned me between her legs.

 Not wanting another spanking, and knowing the other girls had done it before, I quickly bury myself into her muff to find it warm and musky. I work my tongue in between her lips, hoping if I please her I might earn my skirt back. She pushes her mound harder against me, so I push back and slide my tongue into her cunt. I had been told what she liked. And had practiced with the other girls several times. She moaned and called me a good little slut. I grinned and moved two fingers into her wet, and felt her spasm a little. She said she didn't know how she'd ever get by without her sweet little house girls.

 I went to bed, still with no skirt, and waited for the other girls to fall asleep before rubbing my clit, so pent up from the day, using the scent and taste of the lady of the house from my fingers to climax.

Today I've been ordered to help prepare a meal for Masters guest this afternoon. I like helping in the kitchen. The cook is nice and gives me a treat if I don't make too big of a mess. Maybe I was hoping to get into trouble, because I certainly didn't earn a treat that day! I spilled a bag of rice, left food out that some mice got to, didn't set the pots to boil as I'd been asked and snuck a piece of cake.

Now, the cook is quite forgiving of me, because I am so sweet to him and let him tie my nipples up and spend my time in the kitchen topless. But he hates being questioned! I was put in charge of slicing yellow squash and zucchini for the dinner. I commented that I thought the produce was too small, that he should have picked out larger squashes. He lost his patience with me and made me climb onto the table, on all fours.

I expected a spanking, though a hard one, but nothing more. So I climbed up, maybe a bit eagerly, and positioned myself. Leaned forward a bit and pushed my little hips up and out into the air so my bottom was ready. I was so shocked to suddenly feel something pushed into my pussy! I gasped and tried to crawl away, which was stopped quickly with a good tug on my hair. "Do you still think the squashes are too small?"

He continued working the squash into my now moistening cunt and I could feel it was going to fill me up and stretch me a bit. I kept squirming, as I wasn't wet enough to be very pleased with a fuck right then. A sharp smack on my ass stopped me. It was a large wooden spoon! he hadn't used the wooden spoon on me in such a long time! I almost wanted to cry, I was so mad! But then I noticed my pussy warming up and how the zucchini was starting to slide more easily. It had been a busy day, and the girls hadn't been much for playing that morning... so maybe I could make the most of this...

I started to rock in a little rhythm, wiggling a bit to angle the zucchini how I wanted... "Oh, no you don't!" and another, harder, smack on my bottom. Apparently this was supposed to be a punishment! "Hold this tight, don't let it fall out." he said and he moved up onto the table behind me. I wasn't sure what he was doing, but with my cheek still stinging I decided not to ask and just clenched down on the zucchini as I was told. My bottom got a few more spanks, nothing much, and with his hand and not the spoon. Pretty soon though, I feel something warm pressed against my bottom. Working it's way to my asshole. My cheeks are being spread and there's a few drops of a liquid trickling down.

He was going to have my bottom! My pussy had been getting all the attention over the last few days. Maybe it was time to have someone show me what other ways I could be conquered but... I breathed slowly and he moved a little more. The head of his cock was pressing against the hole. I could feel it! But would could it really go in... I felt him stroke his shaft, pumping a little more precum from his balls. He grabbed my hair again, which when in the kitchen is braided into one long plait, and he pulled until I had to back up into him. "You're the sweetest house girl, you know. And I've wanted this for a while. Hold still, I'll be gentle. But it's obvious you need a bit more than what you've been getting to keep you in line"
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