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A Nice Surpise

It had been a long day at work. Murphy's Law seemed to be working in overtime as everything that could have gone wrong did. As I unlocked the front door to my apartment, all I could think about was taking a long relaxing bubble bath and cuddling up with my boyfriend, James, and watching a movie. I closed the door and locked it behind me, throwing my purse on the couch and slipping out of my heels. The house was quiet and I hadn't seen James' truck outside so I assumed he must not be home from his job yet. I started to strip out of my stiff shirt and pencil skirt as I walked down the hallway to the bathroom. I ran a warm bath and added in my favorite bubble bath. I opted for lighting a few candles around the bathtub instead of turning on the lights. My head was pounding and I needed optimum relaxation.

As I slipped into the bath, I tried to clear my mind and leave the office behind. I definitely did not want to worry about work right now. I let the hot water soothe my body and laid back, listening to the silence in the house. After a few minutes, I thought I heard footsteps. I sat up, listening again, but heard nothing. I must have imagined it. I leaned back into the water and closed my eyes. My eyes shot open when I heard them again. I couldn't have mistaken it this time. It couldn't be James. I hadn't heard his truck pull in or the front door, which I'd deadbolted, open. I stood up, reaching for a towel to wrap myself in. Suddenly, a man came running into the bathroom, dressed in all black and wearing a ski mask. He reached out and grabbed my hair, pulling me out of the bathtub and stumbling through the bathroom. My foot caught one of the candles causing hot wax to spill down my leg. He jerked my hair up again, making me stand back up and pulling me close towards his body. I started screaming, trying to fight him off. He reached out and slapped me across the face and covering my mouth with his hand.

"Shut up, you little bitch," he growled, his voice low and deep. "If you make one more fucking peep, I will kill you."

My heart was pounding as he force walked me from the bathroom across the hall to my bedroom. Throwing me down on the bed, he jumped on me, straddling my stomach and arms so that I couldn't move. He started off by tying my legs to the bedpost, knotting some type of rope around my ankles. He then pulled my arms up to headboard and tied those to. I tried pulling away but couldn't budge.

"What do you want," I asked through gritted teeth.

"Isn't it obvious, darling? I want you," he purred. I could practically hear the laughter in his voice. I couldn't believe it. It couldn't be.

"James?" I asked. The intruder pulled the mask off of his face, revealing none other than my boyfriend himself. "What the fuck, James?"

"Just shut up and enjoy this sweetheart."

I was pissed. I pulled at my arms, trying to free them from the rope. When that didn't work, I tried kicking my legs, but it was no use. I couldn't pull them free at all. "Let me out. I've had a bad day and I am NOT in the mood," I yelled at him as he was undressing in the corner.

"Lay back. Relax. Let me make you feel better."

Every word he said sent me over the edge. I wanted nothing more but to get out of these ropes and kick his ass. I couldn't believe he was doing this to me. As I thought about the millions of ways I could torture him for this, he got onto the bed, hoovering over me and staring into my eyes. I turned my head away, not wanting to look at him. He took the opportunity to kiss my neck, letting his lips slowly trail from just below my ear down towards the nape of my neck. As mad as I was, my neck was the one weakness I had. I let out a small moan as he started back up my neck again, until he was kissing me lightly on the lips. His hand was caressing my left breast as his mouth worked its down to my right nipple. I could feel his tongue lightly flicking across it and then he was lightly biting my nipple. My back arched in response. His mouth left my breast to leave a trail of light kisses down my stomach and to my thighs. He slipped his hands under my legs and grabbed my ass and his mouth left my thighs and found my clit. He went to work there, sucking my clit and swirling his tongue around. I could feel myself growing more excited by the second. I knew if I let myself go that I'd be cumming soon. I felt his hands leave my ass as he slipped two fingers into my dripping cunt and began fucking me with them. I was moaning now so close to cumming. He nibbled at my clit and that was all it took. My body started twitching as my juices left my body. James stayed there, still working, as he drank my juices up. I hadn't cum this hard in ages and as he continued to lick my cunt I felt like I could cum again and it was driving me crazy. James pulled his face away, looking up at me with a smile.

"Still mad," he asked, winking. He sat up, kisisng me, letting me taste myself. I could feel his erect penis rubbing against my clit, teasing me.

"Fuck me, baby" I pleaded.

"Oh, so, now you want it?" He asked as he pulled back and rammed his fat nine inch cock all the way into my dripping pussy. I yelped in response but he showed no mercy. He slammed his cock into me as fast as he could over and over and over again. I couldn't stop myself as I squirted on his cock, screaming out his name. He pulled out, holding himself away from me while giving me a light kiss on the lips. The kiss quickly turned passionate as he slowly slid his cock back into me. He took his time sliding in and out, teasing me. I liked it rough and he knew I did.

I looked up at him, begging him with my eyes. He smiled, and started fucking me harder. I could do nothing but moan as his cock slid in and out. My cunt tightening each time he thrusted his cock into me. "Oh, baby," I moaned. "I'm about to cum. Fuck, I'm going to cum." His hand moved from behind my head where it was to clamp down on my throat, choking me. A slight gasp escaped my lips as I started to cum, squirting on his dick. I couldn't stop the juices as I came again and again, until the bed beneath my ass felt soaked. I could feel my juices sliding down my ass and over my asshole. James' cock was started to swell and I knew he wasn't far from cumming as well. I felt another orgasm building up and I wanted, needed him to cum with me.

"Mmm... baby, cum with me. I'm so close. I want you to cum with me. Cum inside of my pussy right now, baby." I felt his cum spraying out into my pussy and I started to cum again. I felt stream after stream fill my pussy with his seed and it started to ooze out of my pussy as he collapsed on top of me with his cock still inside me. We both laid there for a moment, catching our breaths. I couldn't move even if I wanted to. James reached up and undid my arms, kissing my wrists where a slight rope burn had formed. He untied my legs and turned me onto my side, spooning me in his arms.

"So, how about a bubble bath now babe?'

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