A Poker Game That Went Terribly Wrong

By scy20

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A husbands wife ends up being part of a poker game bet and ends up in a bad situation
This happened several years ago as my husband had planned a card game at our place. He had invited a couple of his buddies from work to come over and play. One of his buddies brought another friend with him so they had 4 playing.

I had decided I would stay in our bedroom and watch a few movies that I had rented for the night. I had hoped that I wouldn’t need to go to the kitchen at all as I brought everything I needed into the bedroom with me before they all arrived.

I had put my night clothes on as I got ready to watch my first movie. My night clothes just consist of a long t-shirt. I heard all the guys arrived as they began their card game. My husband had moved the kitchen table right out into the middle of the living room so they had plenty of room.

It was about an hour and half later as my first movie of the night had just ended. It had been one of those romantic love story type of movies. I can’t even remember the name of it anymore.

My husband then called for me from the living room. I opened up the bedroom door and asked, ”What did you asked me?”

“Can you make us some of those pizza bites? You know the kind that you put in the oven?” he said.

I had told him that he was on his own tonight earlier in the evening. Now, all of a sudden he wants me to make them all pizza rolls. How did I know that was going to happened. I finally responded, “Alright! “

I thought the heck with it. The long t-shirt I had on went about mid way down my thighs and I certainly wasn’t going to change just to put pizza rolls into the oven. So I walked into the kitchen as his buddies all took a good hard look at me as I pass by their poker table. I tried to ignore them as I walked by.

I got the pizza rolls out of the freezer and stuck them in the oven for 15 minutes. I then quickly whisked by them and headed back into the bedroom to watch my next movie.

I had just started up my next movie when the timer began to beep in the kitchen. They weren’t moving from the poker table so I got up to pull them out of the oven. I again walked past their poker table, but this time they all seemed very intense about the game and not checking me out. I walked into the kitchen and pulled the pizza rolls out of the oven and brought them out to the table.

I said, ‘Here you go?”

My husband right away said, “Quiet!”

I thought what was so damn important than food and beer. I looked over at the jackpot in the center of the table. It had seemed to be a very large jackpot as I would say it had to be into the hundreds of dollars range.

The pot was between my husband and the friend of one of his co workers. I never had met him before, but he seemed very cocky from the few minutes I had seen of him.

The pot was even bigger after the other guy decided to raise it by 300.00 dollars. My husband became very distraught as he didn’t have near enough cash to matched this guys bet. My husband knew he had a great hand and began to offer a few things he had in place of cash. This other guy had won several hands already that night by bluffing. My husband really thought he was bluffing again and he had him on the ropes this time.

The other guy really didn’t want any of the junk my husband had to offer. He then piped out,” What about your good looking wife?”

My husband was at first taken a back as was I. My husband asked, “So you want my wife?”

The looked on the other guys face told the whole story what he really wanted from me. He had the most sarcastic look I had ever seen. I already hated this guy and I had only knew him for about 15 minutes.

I looked down at my husbands hand and seen what he had. My husband looked up at me and I gave him the thumbs up. My husband then replied, “Alright! Lets play!”

The other guy said, “Ok! A bet is a bet! Lets shake hands on it?”

My husband shook his hand as his two co workers buds watched on. The other guy said, “Well, Lets see what you got?!”

My husband laid down 3 tens. His coworkers began to moan out, ”Wow!”

My husband looked up at me with a big smile as the cocky sob began to lay his cards down on the table. He laid down one queen and then another queen. He then turned up a 5 and the next card was a 7. Things were looking good as he turned up his last card. It was a queen as the whole table let out a huge sigh.

My husband was shocked as this asshole turned up 3 queens compare to his 3 tens. What were the chances of that happening. The other guy sat their with a real cocky smile as he reached out to grabbed his chips.

He quickly looked into my direction as I stood their stunned. My husband is a very honorable man and I knew their was no way he was going to back out of the bet. His two coworkers also had a stunned looked on their faces as the cocky sob stood up from the table.

He said, “Why don’t you guys play without me for a while.”

He then dragged me into our bedroom leaving the door opened behind us. He quickly removed my long t-shirt and shoved me down in front of him. He unbuckled his pants and pushed his big cock into my mouth. I had to sucked on his cock for several minutes until he pushed me down onto the bed.

He crawled up on the bed and knelt in between my legs. He grabbed both of my legs and pulled me towards his hard cock.

I felt his enormous cock slowly spreading my pussy lips apart as he shoved it deep into my pussy. He started to fucked me hard as I began to cry out loud. My husband and his friends in the other room heard me moaning out.

As he pounded my pussy with his cock he could see by the look on my face I was going to cum very shortly.

I started to cried out, “O’ Fuck!” As my orgasm was close.

He ordered me, ”Louder baby! Louder!”

I moan out, ”Fuck me! Fuck me!” There was no mistaken now that my husband and his friends had heard me.

He had me now as I cried out that I wanted to cum. He gave my pussy several hard thrust with his cock as I began to screamed out in orgasm.

He quickly turned me over and pulled my ass back towards his big cock. He slammed it into me and he began to fucked me very hard from behind. I cried out the whole time as my husband and his friends heard our flesh colliding together. He had fucked me good and hard for 15 minutes until he pushed me off his cock. He squatted over top of my ass and began to cum very hard all over it.

He got dressed and told me to come out when I was done cleaning up. He wanted me to put the long t-shirt back on but nothing else. I slowly staggered up off the bed and cleaned myself up. I slipped the t-shirt back on and made my way back into the living room. My hair was a mess and you see by the look on my face that I had just gotten fucked real good.

The card game continued on as I went back into the bedroom to rest. It was an hour or so later when I heard my name being called. I slowly worked my way back out to the living room.

“Your husband wants to win you back? He wants to play this game for you. If he wins you are free. If I win you will be fucked right here on the table in front of everybody.” I was told.

It was all or nothing. I sure hope my husbands luck is better than last time. My husband only pulled a pair of two’s this time. The bastard looked right at me as he pulled up each card. He was down to his last card with nothing when he pulled a pair of 5’s.

“Damn, he had won again!” I cried out.

They were all pretty drunk at this point as my long t-shirt was pulled up over my head. My husband coworkers now had gotten their first look at my naked body as they sat around the table. The bastard picked me up off the floor and laid me down onto my back on the table.

He grabbed my legs and pulled them up over his shoulders as he slammed his big cock into my pussy. My pussy was so hot as the excitement of being fucked right in front of his coworkers really turned me on. It wasn’t very long after he started fucking me when I cried out loudly, “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

I began to orgasm again on his cock as my husbands coworkers watched me cum. He then grabbed me and turned me over. He pulled my ass out towards the end of the table and he began to fucked me hard from behind. His cock was unbelievable as I cried out two more times in orgasm.

He ordered me off the table and down onto me knees. He pushed his big cock into my mouth as he held my head tightly with both of his hands. He fucked my mouth for several minutes as he pushed his cock very deep into my mouth. I moan out as he began to fill my mouth up with his cum. I ended up gagging on his cum as he held his cock in my mouth until I had swallowed all of his cum.

The game was over now as his coworkers and their friend left. That night was just liked the title said, “A poker game that went terrible wrong.”