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A Stranger Makes My Wife Squirt All Over The Bed

An older wife finds out what it is like to squirt for the first time in her life and loves it.
It took 2 years and 3 months, but I finally saw my wife with another man. This wasn’t your everyday run of a mill situation. It took enormous planning and the perfect guy to pull this all off. I had thought this day would never come.

Mt wife was still very beautiful for being in her late forties. At 5’5 and 140 pounds her body still had the same curves when she was younger. She looked much young than her age and could easily pass herself off for being in her thirties. She was a great mom and had a management job.

I had always been on the lookout for the perfect guy who could pull off such a feat of getting my wife in bed with him. My wife so far had resisted my every attempt to see her sleep with another man. I thought it was never going to happen until one day I ran into a gentlemen named Tim.

Tim was a single 30 year old guy. He was everything I had been looking for in a guy to fuck my wife. He was good looking, great body, and most of all very confident in his abilities to pull this all off. He had a idea that he had brought to the table. He wanted my wife blindfolded while he gave her a sensual massage.

The thought was very interesting in deed, but would it work. I thought she might go for the sensual massage, but he had an up hill battle ahead of him if he thought it would go any farther than that. Tim asked me to trust him and let him handle everything. I had put my trust into him even though a barely knew him.

He then said, “Just get your wife to the motel room and blindfold her and I will handle everything else!”

It took a day or so of convincing, but I did get my wife to go along with being massaged. I mention nothing else about it and decided to let Tim handle it from here. I had truly believed that Tim would be shot down on his attempt to sleep with her, but at this point I had nothing to lose. It still turned me on a lot just the thought of another man massaging my wife.

I lined up the hotel room as we had the presidential suite on the 5 th floor. My wife and I arrived a little early so she could get ready for her relaxing massage. She went into the bathroom and undressed and came out with a white towel draped around her body. I then handed her a blindfold and told her how much more relaxing it would be if she wore it. I told her that the suspense of not knowing who was touching her would add greatly to the massage. She agreed to put the blindfold on as it was just a waiting game for Tim to arrive.

It was 10 minutes later when Tim arrived. My wife stood in the middle of the room blindfolded with just a towel wrapped around her naked body. Tim was dressed in shorts and a t shirt and had brought some music and lotion along with him. Tim was way better looking than I thought as he didn’t look a day over 21.

My wife stood their nervously as she had to wonder who this mystery person was as Tim walked over towards her. He whispered into my wife’s ear to move over to the bed and lay on it while he got ready. He turned on some soft music and then made his way over to the bed. I watched on from the corner of the room as Tim took over.

My wife’s shoulders were uncovered as he put lotion on them first. He began to work his strong hands over her tight shoulders. She felt almost relax immediately as Tim ran his hands over her shoulders again and again.

Tim now moved his hands down below her knees. He worked over her lower legs and eventually worked his way down to her feet. Her feet were very sensitive as she let out several small sighs. Tim grabbed and gently worked over each foot as my wife began to get goose bumps across her body.

He now had her turn over onto her stomach as he slowly pulled the towel away from her body. She made no objections as Tim had successfully removed it from her. Her naked butt now appeared in front of him. His cock began to stir inside his shorts as he began to rub his hands across her back. She let several more sighs as her body was becoming even more relaxed.

He massaged her back and legs for a good 10 minutes as her body had become very sensitive. He then ran his fingers very lightly across the cheeks of her butt as my wife’s body began to trembled. He continued on as he ran his fingers very lightly up and down over her body.

Tim then turned my wife over onto her back as he got his first look at her beautiful tits. He gently circled each of her nipples with his finger very lightly as her nipples harden. He then very lightly ran a finger across each of her very hard nipples as she let out a sigh. Tim was now slowly taking control of my wife‘s body.

A couple minutes later Tim ran his finger lightly down towards my wife’s pussy. My wife was in a very aroused state as the lips of her pussy were very swollen. Tim slowly and gently ran his finger lightly across each of them. My wife’s body jerked as if a bolt of electricity had gone though her.

Tim continued to lightly tease her swollen pussy lips for a few more minutes as moisture from her pussy began to show. Her body moved about the bed even more as Tim now lightly touched her clit. She wanted to remove the blindfold, but Tim ordered her to keep it on. The thought on who was touching her was driving her nuts.

Tim now was in total control of my wife as he took his two fingers closes to his thumb and slowly inserted them into my wife’s pussy. He slowly worked both of his fingers a few inches into her pussy and began to use an upward motion with them.

My wife moaned out as Tim had now found her g spot. Tim gently massage her g spot for a few minutes as my wife’s moans increased. Her body was now in a sexual trance as Tim continued to worked over her g spot with his two fingers. He now started to use a circular motion as he had his two fingers curled up inside her pussy. While his two fingers massaged her g spot he used his thumb to massage her clit at the same time.

My wife’s body was going nuts as she cried out, “You are going to make me pee!”

Tim said, “You won’t pee! Relax baby and let your body go! Trust me!”

My wife’s breathing got a lot harder as her body began to tremble very hard. Tim now started to massage her g spot harder as my wife moaned out, “Omg! Omg!”

A few seconds later my wife’s legs opened up wide as she began to squirt all over the bed. My wife had never squirted before in her life as Tim continued to massage her g spot hard until she was done squirting. I had never seen my wife cum so hard in her life as she laid on the bed motionless. Her orgasm was so powerful she was completely exhausted. I couldn’t believe how he had gotten her to squirt like that.

As my wife laid exhausted towards the side of the bed, Tim began to remove all of his clothes. He cock was rock hard as it protruded 8 to 9 inches away from his body. He turned my wife’s head towards the side of the bed as he stood next to it. He gently pushed his big cock up against her lips as she laid their still blindfolded.

He whispered down to her, “Open your mouth baby.”

He gently gave his cock a push as it slid into my wife’s mouth. He worked several inches of it in and out of her mouth for a good few minutes. He then reached down with two fingers and slowly inserted them back into her wet pussy. She moan out on his cock as he gently began to massage her g spot again. My wife began to suck a lot harder on Tim’s cock as he continued to massaged her g spot.

A few minutes later my wife’s body began to tremble hard as Tim still had his big cock lodged inside her mouth. She cried out on his cock as Tim pushed my wife’s legs opened. He started to massage her g spot even harder now as he tried to get her to squirt again.

Tim said, “Wow! She wants to squirt again! Come on baby let yourself go!”

A few seconds later we both watched in amazement as my wife screamed out. She began to squirt all over the bed again as Tim’s fingers continued to massaged her g spot. Her orgasm this time wasn’t as powerful as the first one but it was still powerful.

Tim now grabbed my wife’s legs and draped them over the side of the bed. He maneuvered himself in between her legs and had his big cock positioned right up against her wet pussy. It took a few years of waiting, but finally my wife took another man’s cock into her pussy. Tim pushed his cock into her pussy as she let out a loud moan. He grabbed her thighs and partly lifted her butt off the bed as he rammed his cock into her. She was so worn out already she just laid their moaning out as Tim fucked her good and hard.

My wife ended up screaming out as she came on Tim’s big cock before Tim turned her around on the bed. Her butt now hung over the side of the bed as her legs dangled down to the floor. Tim moved in behind her and pushed his big cock into her.

Tim fucked her good and hard from behind. He had arched his back as he held tightly onto my wife’s hips, pulling her hard back against his cock. My wife cried out shortly after that as she came again on Tim’s cock. It was just a few minutes after that when Tim moaned said, “Oh Yeah baby! I am going to cum all over your beautiful body!“

A few seconds later unleashed his cum all over my wife’s back and ass. He came for a good 20 seconds as he delivered several streams of cum all over her body.

My wife was totally exhausted as I cleaned the cum off her back and ass. She laid on the bed for a good 30 minutes as Tim laid next to her on the bed. It was then that Tim’s cock came back to life. He wanted to fuck my wife again, but decided to try to make her squirt again before he fuck her.

He reached down with his two fingers and inserted them back into my wife’s pussy. As soon as he found her g spot he slowly began to massaged it with his two fingers. She immediately started to cry out as Tim had her attention again.

He slowly massaged her g spot for a good twenty minutes as my wife was good and hot. He then pushed her legs far apart as he took his other hand and began to massage her clit at the same time. My wife bucked about the bed as Tim had her again on the verge of squirting all over the bed again.

A few minutes later my wife screamed out like never before. Tim began massage her g spot and her clit feverishly with his fingers as she started to squirt again as a clear fluid landed all over the bed. This time her orgasm was so powerful she pass out from it as she ended up squirting several times onto the bed.

It was 5 minutes later when she came back around as her body was so worn out she couldn’t even move. Tim now pounced on top of her as he pushed his big cock back into her. He fucked her good and slow as my wife let out several moans. He passionately kissed her on the neck and lips as he felt up each of her beautiful tits. He then sucked and licked on each one of them until her nipples turned had harden.

It was about 20 minutes into their fuck session when my wife began to scream out again. She started to cum real hard on Tim’s big cock as he continued to move his cock very slowly back and forth into her. A few minutes later he pulled his cock out of her pussy and straddle himself across her chest. He said to my wife, ‘Push those beautiful tits together!”

He slid his big cock in between each of them as he began to fuck her lovely tits. He moved his cock in between them for several minutes as the tip of his cock slid right up against my wife’s mouth.

A few seconds later he began to fuck her tits very hard as he moved his cock very fast in between them. He was now ready to cum as he quickly pulled his cock out from in between them and said, “Open your mouth!”

My wife’s mouth slowly opened as Tim started to feverishly stroke on his cock. It only took about a minute when Tim’s cock began to erupt. He shot several streams of cum right at my wife’s mouth. He came so hard that he filled my wife’s mouth full of cum. My wife laid their on the bed blindfolded and exhausted as Tim got up and left before she could see who had just fuck her.

I tried several times after that to make my wife squirt again, but had no luck. It maybe time to bring back Tim.

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