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A Sunday Tie-up

A good couple should always compromise, right?
Its Sunday morning, the sun is coming in through the blinds, and my girlfriend sits on the couch making her to-do list for the day. I look at her from the kitchen, her long auburn hair back in a pony, about 5'3", 125 pounds with large D boobs, and I'm very turned on but as usual, she is focused on what she wants to get done while I'm focused on having sex.

"Hey babe, do you maybe want to have sex right now?" I ask as sweetly as I can.

"But I have to go get all my grocery shopping done for the week!" She says, looking at me.

"I can go help you with it later," I say, hoping to convince her.

"But I have a lot to do, and you messed up my list last weekend," she says. She's right, like always, I didn't buy the right type of vegetables last week at the grocery store when we went through this same situation.

"What about a hand job?" I ask with a smile, hoping for anything at this point.

"I just don't have time right now," she said, standing up from the couch, her sexy legs and butt visible now. Her legs are tan and muscular, she was a cheerleader for two years in high school.

I can tell that as soon as she leaves I'm just going to jerk off because I won't be able to wait an hour and a half by myself; I'll start watching porn to pass the time and end up cumming before she gets back. Like always. Then I won’t get to have sex or a hand job.

"Can you please tie me up then? I can't wait as long as you," I say. I can feel my dick starting to get hard, groveling like this always turns me on even though I hate doing it. I feel like I lose a little bit of my manhood every time I'm forced to plead for a hand job, but I'm horny and don't care.

She laughs and says, "Haha but I'm going grocery shopping, it’s going to take a long time."
She smiles to herself and starts walking over to me, looking me straight in the eye. I'm standing in the kitchen with my boxers and a t-shirt on and she sees my erection through the boxers. She grabs it through the cloth with one hand and looks up at me and I smile back.

"Wow you really are horny... O.K. I'll tie you up," she says, "but I'm not rushing back from grocery shopping just for you."
I'm so happy that relief floods through me, I feel my erection coming on full force. I hope that when she gets back she'll be relaxed enough that we'll have sex, and all I have to do is wait until she gets back. Should be no problem at all.

I walk quickly to the bedroom where we have our beautiful king size bed with a wooden frame, a large post on each corner. Our comforter and blankets lay on top of the bed, I go to clear off the sheets.

“Wait,” she says. I freeze. “I want to see you do it naked. You look so cute when you do it naked.” Even though we’ve been together for years I still get a little embarrassed, but I lower my boxers to my ankles and take off my shirt. I’m completely naked, and resume with the sheets.

I strip off the sheets, lay out the sex blanket on top of the sheets and look over at her. She is standing in the door frame, wearing her running shorts and a t-shirt, sports bra and shoes on, but I'm naked and getting everything ready and she just sighs out loud. She smiles with her lips closed and shakes her head.

"Oh, you'll never learn. But fine, we can have sex when I get back," she says with a smile. My dick is fully hard, it bounces around as I fumble about the mattress, placing each wrist and ankle restraint on the bed. She stands there watching me from the door, as I lay down naked on the bed, my erection pointing straight up, and put a restraint on my left ankle, then my right, then I lean back and tie my left hand to the bed. I can’t stop smiling.

It’s difficult to get my left hand restrained using only my right, but I manage to get it done. She's still standing there, her shirt is barely long enough to reach the top of her shorts, but its bunched up an inch and I can see her beautiful stomach, tanned and flat.

“Ok, I’m ready.” I say, looking up at the ceiling.

“You don’t have anything to do on a Sunday? You want to just be tied up for an hour while I go get groceries?” She says. I don’t say anything. “Well ok then” she says, and sighs mockingly.

She giggles and jumps on to the bed and ties my right wrist in the leather restraint. I’m lying naked on the bed, spread eagle, while my fully clothed girlfriend just sits there looking at me with a smile on her face. The ropes and leather restraints are real, and I couldn't escape if I needed to, not even to save my life.

“Well, I’m going to get going.” She says as she grabs my dick with her left hand and gives it a squeeze. It feels so good, I involuntarily rock my hips up and down. “Hmm” she says, acting surprised and she turns her body towards my cock, wrapping both hands around it and squeezing, slowly moving them up and down. It feels amazing and I’m so horny I’m willing to just cum right there if she’ll let me. Her hands are warm and I’m moving my hips slightly faster when she suddenly slows to a stop.

She sits there, holding my dick tightly and not moving her forearms at all. I rock my hips up and down, forcing my cock to rub up and down in her hands. This continues for a few strokes and she giggles. She loosens her grip on my dick, continuing until I can't get any more feeling, then finally she lets go of my dick and it flops back to my stomach. The pleasure dries up and disappears.

“Time for groceries,” she says in her high pitched voice. She jumps up off the bed and stands in the doorway, looking back at me. “See you later, haha,” she says with a laugh, and slowly closes the door to the bedroom. She turns off the light switch and shuts the door completely. I lay there, legitimately restrained. I swing my hips back and forth on the bed, hoping to get any stimulation I can, and the head of my dick rubs my stomach.

It feels good but as soon as I get aroused my dick flexes and rises up off my stomach. It’s no use, I’m going to have to wait for her. I hear her gather up her keys, her bag, open the front door to the apartment and then shut it. She’s gone.

I lay there silently. My erection slowly goes away. Fifteen minutes later, I hear a car return and I get an erection before she even parks. I hear her get out of the car and I know she has come back to have sex. Then I hear the door shut and the car alarm locks, but its not her car lock sound. I realize that it’s probably a neighbor and that she isn’t back yet.

I eventually lose my erection again and time passes, I think about having sex with her, her beautiful tanned body, her hair, her butt.

After what seems like an hour and a half I hear another car return. This one has to be her, I’m sure of it. The car door opens, shuts, and I hear the trunk open up. Moments later the trunk closes and I hear the car lock: it’s her car. I hear her walk up the steps and my dick is hard before she even puts the key in the front door lock.

She comes in and I hear her put down the groceries. My dick is throbbing I’m so excited, any moment now she is going to come in and we’ll have sex, God I’ve been waiting so long for release.

I hear the doorknob twist and see the door start to slowly open. She pokes her head in the door and bursts out laughing, “Hahaha oh my God you’re still hard,” she shouts.

“God you really are horny,” with a hint of condescension in her voice. She has always valued her ability to control her horniness. I obviously lack that ability.

She sits down on the bed and grabs the bottle of lube from the nightstand. I look down at my dick and she holds it in one hand, trapping it, while she pours lube over it with the other.

“I’m going to get you warmed up for sex, I want you extra hard for me.” She looks over her shoulder at me, I’m smiling uncontrollably, her left hand is stroking my dick and it feels amazing, way better than normal. Being tied up has been a form of foreplay and now I’m super aroused.

Her left hand just barely reaches around my shaft and it slides up and down. God it feels good, and I groan with pleasure. She giggles again, amused at my weakness.

Suddenly her phone rings! “Oh shit,” she says, and she stands up off the bed, taking her hand off my dick. She runs out of the room and grabs her phone with her clean right hand.

“Hello?” she says. I hear talking.

“Oh hi Mary!” she says. It’s her sister. Great. “No I’m not busy, I can talk right now,” she says. Wow. Not busy? I thought we were going to have sex...

“Haha yeah I totally agree,” she says in to the phone. I’m disappointed but then I hear her walking back in to the bedroom! I’m super turned on but I’m not sure what she’s going to do, probably just shut the door.

She walks in slowly, not looking at me and sits down on the bed. I’m straining at the leather cuffs but I can’t move. She looks off in the distance, focusing on the conversation, and lazily grabs my dick with her left hand.

“Oh he’s good, I just did some grocery shopping, it’s a beautiful day up here”. She starts stroking my dick again with her left hand. This is the horniest I’ve felt in a long time, I’m completely silent and don’t risk making any noise because I know she’ll stop any second. I’m just enjoying this extra foreplay before we finally have sex.

“Hmm yeah, we should get together next weekend. There’s a new bar that opened up that he and I want to go to.” She keeps stroking the shaft up and down, squeezing the head, with the lube her hand just glides so smoothly up and down my dick.

Suddenly I realize that it is feeling really good, as in really, really good. I feel my balls and shaft start to involuntarily tighten up, and she keeps stroking and talking on the phone. I make a low grunt to get her attention. I buck my hips to get her hand off, but she doesn't notice. She has to stop soon or I’m going to cum, and then we won’t get to sixty-nine or have sex, and she’ll be mad at me.

“Oh wow, I can’t believe she did that. Your boss is such a bitch,” my girlfriend says. “You should really search for a better job, you deserve such a better job than to have to work for that ho!”

I grunt a little louder and try to pull my hips away from her to get her hand off my dick, but she keeps stroking. I can tell I’m about to cum, I only have a few seconds left before I do.

“Babe! Babe! BABE!” I say, shouting the last word but she gets another full stroke in, and she turns her head to look at my dick as cum starts to shoot out. I shake with the force of the orgasm and she immediately removes her hand from my dick. “HAHAHA oh my GOD,” she says in to the phone, “my boyfriend is such an idiot, oh Mary you have no idea hahaha.” I hear her say in to the phone.

My face turns red and cum shoots out, my hips thrust up and down trying to continue the pleasure but my girlfriend is standing away from the bed, she takes in the whole scene: me tied down on the bed, spread eagle, and shooting cum out of my dick while trying to get any last strokes of pleasure before my orgasm ends. I'm completely helpless.

“What happened,” I hear Mary say over the phone.

“Oh God, you don’t even want to know. I’ll call you back girl, O.K.?” she pauses, “O.K., love ya!” and she turns off the phone. She puts down the phone and doesn’t move. She looks at me, cum all over my stomach and chest, and she raises her right hand above her head. A frown crosses her face.

Smack! She slaps my balls hard. Ugh.

“It’s not my fault, I tried to tell you!” I plead.

“Shut up,” she says. Wow she is pissed! She stands up and goes to her night stand, opens the drawer and pulls out her rabbit vibrator. Without looking at me, she walks out and slams the door. I lay naked on the bed, cum all over my stomach, unable to move. The apartment goes silent.

Fifteen seconds later her phone starts ringing again. She bursts open the door and walks in, wearing her shirt and tank top, running shoes still on, but no shorts or underwear. God she looks good, I’d love nothing more than to fuck her right now, but instead I’m tied to the bed covered in my own cum.

She doesn’t even look at me, just picks up the phone and turns towards the door. She checks who is calling. “Oh!” she says, and she flips her head back, unconsciously fixing her hair, and raises the phone to her ear. “Hi Arn, what’s up?” she says. It’s her sister’s husband Arnold. I see her gorgeous ass disappear through the door, and she forgets to close it.

“Hmm, well maybe Wednesday evening when my boyfriend is at work,” she says quietly in the other room.

“Ok. You too.” She pauses. I hear her laugh. “Wow you are such a devil with Mary, my sister is sooo lucky,” she says sweetly in to the phone.

“Actually, wait, hang on a second, umm, I’ve actually had a rough morning, tell me about your new job!” she says, her voice perking up. “Yeah just talk with me for a few minutes, just keep talking,” she says with a laugh, “I’m a good listener,” and she sounds happy again. I’m glad. Maybe today won’t suck completely.

Then I hear the quiet hum of the rabbit vibrator....

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