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A Wife's torrid love affair

A wife is reluctant at first but ends up getting dominated in bed by a young lover.
Amanda was your typical mom of two young boys, who at the age of 38 had begun to look at herself more closely than ever before.

Her husband Steven was a few years older than her and held a job that had him traveling around the country. Even though they had been married happily for the last twelve years there were times Amanda had felt isolated from him.

To keep herself busy Amanda would volunteer for a number of things at church. She also helped out at the preschool where her two boys had attended. When someone needed her assistance she was always there to help out.

Amanda was a good looking lady for a 38 year old mom. She stood at 5’5, and her weight never changed much from 125 pounds. She was beautiful looking and her body was stunning. Her tits were above average size and very firm. Amanda’s ass was spectacular as her butt was perfectly shaped and extremely tight.

It was a hot summer day when Amanda and her husband had a pool party for Steven’s side of the family. Steven was the oldest child in his family. All of his brothers and sisters had families except for Emily.

Emily was the youngest of the bunch and still wasn’t married yet. She had brought her new boyfriend Jason with her. They had been dating only a month so this was the first time Amanda had met him.

Everybody was out in the pool when Amanda went upstairs to grab a couple extra towels out of the closet. She had grabbed a few of them and was heading back downstairs when she heard someone in the spare bedroom. The door was about six inches open when she glanced in to see Emily’s boyfriend Jason changing into his swimwear.

She watched as he removed his shirt and shorts. He stood there in his briefs as he grabbed his swim trunks. He then pulled his briefs down and his tight buns were in plain view of Amanda’s eyes. She knew she should just walk away, but she couldn’t. She was frozen there like a deer in headlights. Jason’s body was simply gorgeous as he bent down to pick up his briefs. Amanda began to get very aroused as she watched his ass tightened up as he bent completely over in front of her eyes.

Amanda thought she had seen enough as she tried to pull herself away from the bedroom door. As she started to retreat Jason quickly turned the front of his body her way. Jason’s cock was now in plain view for Amanda to see. It was big and thick as it hung several inches down between his legs. Amanda now was stopped in her tracks as she couldn't keep her eyes off it.

A few seconds later Amanda looked up to see Jason staring right at her. She was embarrassed and stunned as Jason stood naked before her. He gave her a seductive smile as Amanda raced down the steps with the towels. She was extremely aroused and very embarrassed as Jason followed her down the steps a minute or so later. He walked right past Amanda in the kitchen as Amanda tried to look away. She looked back at him as he headed out to the pool area. She couldn’t but help check out his ass as he walked by.

The rest of the evening Amanda could only think about what she had saw that afternoon. She tried not to look Jason’s way, but they made eye contact with each other on a few different occasions. That night in bed Amanda tossed and turned all night long. Her husband Steven slept right next to her as she couldn’t get the thought of Jason’s hot body out of her mind. She was extremely aroused and the more she had thought about Jason the wetter her pussy had become.

It was a few weeks later and it was Steven’s mom 65th birthday. His mom and dad lived out in the country about two hours from where Amanda and her family lived. They had a beautiful farm house and barn on their 10 plus acres. All of Steven’s family was there including his youngest sister Emily. Emily also brought her new boyfriend Jason with her.

The party lasted a lot longer than Amanda and Steven had expected. It was now getting late as they decided to go ahead and spend the night. A few other relatives also spent the night including Emily and her boyfriend Jason.

It was about midnight when Amanda got up to check on her children. Steven was sound asleep as she went down stairs to check on the boys who were sleeping on the couch. She covered them both up with a blanket and decided to get a drink of water before retiring back to her bedroom.

The kitchen was lightly dimmed as she put her glass into the sink and turned around. As she turned to her surprise their stood Jason right behind her.

She blurted out to him, “Jason, you scared me.”

“I was just getting something to drink. I couldn’t sleep.” Jason said back to her.

Amanda didn’t bring any sleep clothes with her as she stood there with just a long t-shirt on. Jason had on a pair of shorts and nothing else. They both chatted for a few seconds when Amanda said, ‘I should be getting back to my bedroom.”

“Why so fast?” Jason said.

“I know you were watching me change that day at your house. I know you liked what you saw.” Jason said to Amanda.

“No, no, it was all a big misunderstanding.” Amanda replied.

“A big misunderstanding, hmmm.” Jason said.

Jason then walked over toward Amanda in the lightly dimmed kitchen. He pinned her up against the fridge and kissed her hard on the lips. His hands caressed her ass as she began to slowly except his advances. A few seconds later Amanda was able to pull her mouth away from Jason’s.

“Please no, we shouldn’t be doing this. My kids are just in the other room.” Amanda cried out.

Jason grabbed Amanda’s hand and led her out the back door. He took her into the big barn that was located right behind the house. A back door light gave just enough light for them as Jason pulled open the barn door. He brought Amanda inside the barn as his lips again were pressed up against hers.

Amanda was extremely aroused now as her and Jason kissed. Jason’s hands roamed freely about Amanda’s beautiful body and she pulled her body tightly against his. A couple minutes later Amanda pushed Jason off her.

She blurted out, “We can’t do this Jason. I can’t go through with this.”

Jason now removed his shorts in front of Amanda. His cock was in a semi erect state as it had a huge curved look to it. Amanda looked down Jason’s big cock as she tried desperately to talk herself into going back inside.

Jason then said, “I know you want it. Why don’t you come over here and get it.”

Amanda shook her head at first, but a few seconds later changed her mind. She began to walk toward Jason as fear transfixed her face. Jason grabbed her and began to kiss her hard on the lips again. His hands pulled her long t-shirt up over top of her head. She now stood there in her panties extremely aroused, but also felt very guilty that things had got to this point.

Amanda let out a sigh as Jason grabbed her panties and yanked them down her legs. She was totally naked as Jason groped her tits and ass with both of his hands. He then put his hands on Amanda’s shoulders. He pushed down on her shoulders as Amanda’s body slowly had fallen down onto her knees in front of him.

“Take it! You know you want it!” Jason said to her.

Amanda with a scared look on her face reached up and wrapped her hand around Jason’s thick cock. Her hand barely went around the circumference of it. Her mouth was only inches from his cock as she thought about all of the times over the last few weeks that she had wanted it. She then brought the head of his cock up against her lips as tears ran down each side of her cheeks.

Jason’s cock slowly vanished into Amanda’s mouth. She sucked hard on his cock as Jason’s hands held tightly to the back of Amanda’s head. This went on for several minutes as Jason let out several soft moans as Amanda took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could.

Jason now pulled Amanda up to her feet. He brought her over to several hail bales that were piled up on top of each other.

He bent her over a few of them and said, “Spread your legs apart.”

Amanda did as she was told as tears started to dribble even more down over her face. Her legs were spread wide apart as Jason moved in behind her. His hands rested on her gorgeous ass as his extremely hard cock pressed up against her swollen lips of her pussy. A few seconds later Amanda felt an enormous arousal shoot through her body as the head of Jason’s cock slid through her swollen lips of her pussy.

She let out several moans as Jason slowly began to fuck her from behind. It had been only a few minutes and Amanda’s body was going nuts. She couldn’t take it any longer as she cried out into a very powerful orgasm. She held her hand over her mouth to try to muzzle her cries.

Jason continued to pound his big cock into her from behind as Amanda felt several rushes of adrenalin coursing throughout her body. A short time later Amanda began to cum again as Jason shoved his big cock deeper into her. Her orgasm was so intense that her body had gone totally limp.

A few minutes later Jason yanked his cock out of Amanda. She felt Jason’s cum land all over her back and ass as Jason unloaded all over her. Jason quickly got dressed and headed back into the house leaving Amanda alone in the barn.

Amanda’s body was so weak it took her several minutes to regain her composure. She cleaned off Jason’s cum off her backside along with straw that was stuck all over her body. She then got dressed as she put her long t-shirt back on. A few minutes later she crawled back into bed with her husband who was still sound asleep. The next morning as they all left Jason handed Amanda his cell number. He told her to call him in a few days.

A few days later Amanda pulled Jason’s number from her purse. She looked it over again and again as she tried to decide if she should call him. Her emotions ran very high as arousal of being fucked again by Jason had consumed her mind. She laid his number down on her dresser and decided a shower might calm her down.

In the shower Amanda began to fantasize about Jason being in there with her. She was even more aroused now than before as warm water cascaded down over her body.

Her hand now had slipped down in between her legs. She began to touch her extremely wet pussy as the thought of Jason’s cock appeared again and again in her mind. She was so excited now her moans could be heard throughout the bathroom.

A few minutes later Amanda was on the brink of making herself cum. She couldn’t stop as she feverishly ran her finger back and forth across swollen clit. Then in a heartbeat, she screamed out as an overwhelming orgasm had come over her body. Her body shook like never before as her body gyrated for a good minute in the shower.

She slowly made her way out of the shower and back into the bedroom. Jason’s number sat right there on the dresser as she looked down at it. She couldn’t take it any longer she wanted his cock even more now than before. She called the number as Jason answered the call.

He said, “I knew I would be hearing from you again.”

Jason had told Amanda to come over to his place the next day at noon. The next day Amanda dropped the two boys at preschool and headed for Jason’s place. She couldn’t sleep at all the night before as all she could think of was Jason fucking the hell out of her.

Once inside his place Jason immediately began to seduce Amanda right there in his living room. He had stripped her of all of her clothes in a matter of minutes as he moved the coffee table out of the way. He lay her down on the floor as he stripped his briefs off. His nine inch cock was rock hard as he couldn’t wait to fuck Amanda again with it.

Amanda moved her legs wide apart as she pulled Jason on top of her.

She cried out to him, “Fuck me! Please fuck me! I need your cock so badly!”

Jason pushed his hard cock into Amanda as she let out a loud scream. He fucked her good and hard right there on the living room floor as Amanda cried out into a powerful orgasm almost immediately.

He continued to fuck Amanda hard on the floor as she screamed out again in yet another earth shattering orgasm a short time later.

Jason now wanted to change positions and he had Amanda get on all fours. He pressed her to her knees and laid her upper body on the cushions of the couch. Her gorgeous ass stuck out back towards him. He moved down back behind her ass as his cock pushed hard against Amanda’s hot pussy. It only took a few seconds and his hard cock easily slid deep into Amanda’s pussy.

He pounded his big cock into Amanda as her screams could be heard several feet away. Amanda quickly felt another powerful orgasm build inside her.

She cried out, “Give it to me! Fuck me harder!”

Jason gave it to her extremely hard now as the sound of their flesh could be heard throughout the room. Jason couldn’t hold out any longer now as he announced he was going to cum.

Amanda cried out to him, “Please don’t cum inside me.”

Jason pulled his big thick cock out of Amanda right before he was going to cum.

He said to Amanda, “I want you to turn around so I can cum inside your mouth.”

Amanda slid her body around as she knelt down in front of his big cock.

“Open your mouth!” Jason barked out as he began to stroke hard on his big cock.

A few seconds later Jason’s body tense up. He moaned out, “Oh,’ fuck!”

“I want you to cum in my mouth,” Amanda cried out.

He pushed the head of his big cock right up against Amanda’s open mouth. He stroke hard on it as it began to explode. He began to pump several shots of cum into Amanda’s mouth and down her throat.

A worn out Amanda now sat on the living room floor reflecting on what she just had done. Tears crept down her face as her guilty conscience set in. She knew this was all wrong but she now knew she needed Jason’s cock more than ever.

Jason certainly wasn’t ready to let this end either.

He said to her, “Same time next week.”

Amanda had a depressed look on her face as she got dressed. As she left Jason again reminded her about meeting him again the following week.

The question now was would she be back the following week?

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