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Adventures in Business - Ramifications

Sally's escapades catch up with her and she deals with her boss with a little help from her friends
Steve sighed and looked at the clock. He had just 5 min to figure out what to do. This was not the way to start out a week. He had received the call from Jax, the head of IT and Security Saturday morning. When Jax refused to tell him the problem over the phone, he knew it was big. When he came to the office and watched the video, big turned into shocking.

Sally had always been a star for him. Yes, she was very attractive and a bit of a flirt, but Steve had always been careful to never think about her in any way but his employee. He viewed himself in being a fair boss, a good leader, and a developer of talent. The reward was the most talented employees wanted to work for him. He had more than his fair share of top candidates that went out to lead other parts of the company. This made him both proud and powerful as his network of close colleagues spread throughout the organization.

Now there was Sally. She was clearly one of the most talented individuals he had mentored. But her headstrong attitude always worried him. (Although, he had to admit he also greatly admired it.) When Jax showed him the video, he knew he had to do something.

“Good morning Steve!” Sally strode in through the door. Her smile vanished when she saw the look on his face. She sat down quietly as he got up to close and, to her surprise, lock the door.

“Sally, I have to be upfront. This has been a tough weekend. I got a call from Jax on Saturday…”

“So there was a video…”

“Damned straight there was a video! What were you thinking? “

“Short answer, I wasn’t. I was so pissed, I just reacted. That prick had been riding us all week. He has no clue what it takes to really get the job done. And then he has the balls to pull that stunt.”

Steve came around to the same side of the desk. Sitting next to Sally, his tension spilled over her like a wave. “Sally, the rules state that I have to report this to Corporate HR. What do you want me to do?”

Sally looked hard into his eyes. Her resolve was clear. “Steve, be the man I’ve grown to respect. I’ve got myself into this. I’ll take the consequences”

Steve couldn’t help smiling. At that moment he made a life-changing decision. He stood up, reached into his pocket, and tossed a flash drive over to her. “This is the only copy of the video. I personally ensured that it was deleted off the system. Jax has promised not to discuss this with anyone without my permission. You should know that if you had lied or threatened or begged, I was going to turn this in. I don’t think that corporate idiot has the stones to discuss this, but if he does it is your word against his.”

“Damn. You don’t know what this means to me.” Sally stood as well. “You realize, of course, there are consequences to your decision as well.”

“What do you mean?”

Sally stepped closer and with a quick push sent Steve back into the chair. Straddling him on her knees, she bent down and took his face in her hands. She pressed her mouth against his. As he tried to pull away, she grabbed his shirt. Buttons flew as she tore it open.

“Sally, I didn’t do this expecting anything like this in return. You know I would never do that.”

“Fuck you Steve. You know I’ve wanted to do this forever. Judging by your body’s reaction, you want it too.”

Steve glanced down . There was no denying it. “You know what, you’re right.” He put his hands around her and pulled her close. This time the kiss was without reservation. His hands glided up her back. He gently caressed her cheek.

Sally stood up and lifted her skirt. “Pull down my panties.” Steve obliged, lowering them to the floor and helping her step out of them. “Go ahead, you can keep them. I hear you guys like souvenirs.” He smiled and dropped them into a drawer in his desk. “Now Steve, you always say that your employees come first. It’s time for you to prove that you really mean it.”

Steve stood up. He put his hands on her hips and popped her up onto his desk. He got down on his knees. She laid back and propped one leg on the credenza and put the other over his shoulder. He kissed the inside of her knee. She shivered as he worked his way up her thighs. His hands reached her pussy and opened her. She grabbed his head as his mouth came down on her, tracing her with his tongue. She felt his tongue plunge into her. As she moved against him, she felt his fingers glide over her clitoris.

“Take my clit in your mouth.” Steve was happy to oblige. He wrapped his lips around her and slid his hands under her ass. He continued to work her with his tongue and lips. He could feel the tension building up in her. Biting her lip to keep from calling out, she pushed herself against as the first wave of the orgasm passed through her. She grabbed his hair and pulled him down as the aftershocks continued. She gave one final shudder and pushed him away.

He stood up and took a step back. He removed his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. She admired his 7” shaft. He was thick and straight and topped off with a sexy pink head. He moved in and put his hands on her legs. “I can’t wait to get inside you.”

The scratch on the door stopped him dead in his tracks. Someone was inserting a key. There was only one someone who had a key besides him, Barbara his secretary. Steve gasped as the door swung open and Barbara stepped inside. To her credit, she only missed a beat before making her announcement. “Steve, you have an 8:00 with Dina and Shannon. I’ll just let them know you’re busy.” As the two additional women stepped in, Barbara announced “he’s busy, we’ll have to reschedule.”

Steve’s shock grew as the all three woman came into the office. Once they were all inside, Barbara closed and locked the door.

“I can’t believe I did this. I’m ruined.”

Barbara stepped over and slapped him on the ass. “Gather yourself Steve, I’m the one that has to pay for dinner for four.”

He looked over at Sally. She was smiling. “Steve, have you ever heard of ‘mutually assured destruction’?”

“You mean m.a.d.? Is this what is happening? You guys are trying to drive me mad.”

“Meet the girls lunch group. We get together every Friday to talk. Often about you. Each one of us knows enough about the others to destroy their lives. I convened a special session this weekend to discuss what happened on Friday. Consensus was that you’d do your usual stand-up guy thing. I then I made a bet that if you did, I would end screwing you on your desk. Barbara already explained one of the terms. The other is my gift to you. Ladies?”

With that, each of the three women started to disrobe. Steve stared in disbelieve as Barbara, an extremely hot 50 year-old that regularly flaunted her cleavage, stripped down to a black bra, lacey panties and a stocking/corset combination. She smiled as she saw him staring at her curves. Next to her, Dina was wearing just a body stocking that did amazing things for her long, athletic ebony body. Shannon, a now confirmed natural redhead, was completely naked. She held a vibrator in her hand and was eyeing him lustily.

“Now Steve, you get to fuck me while we watch these 3 lovely ladies show their goods.” She turned and leaned against the desk. Her pert ass was lifted high, giving him a perfect view. Shaking his head, he stepped up to her. She sighed as he guided his shaft into her. Biting her lip, she moaned. “How’s that feel big boy?”

He held her hips and starting working her. He felt Barbara step in behind him and slide her hands under him, cupping his heavy balls. She pushed her breasts against his back. As she bit his ear, she whispered “I get you tonight.” Dina came over and pinched his nipples. He couldn’t believe this was happening. Shannon commanded him “roll her over.”

He reluctantly pulled out and Sally rolled over and lay back on the desk. After he remounted her, Shannon started working her clit with the vibrator. Her expert ministrations were soon met with a vigorous response. As waves built Sally arched up. He felt her clench down on him. The effect, combined with Barbara and Dina efforts, resulted in an orgasm that he was sure would blow his mind.

As he stood there panting, the four women stared at him. He didn’t know what to say or for that matter do. Fortunately, Barbara helped get things organized as usual. “All right people, let’s pull it together. Dina and Shannon, you have a 9:00 meeting with Supply Chain. Sally you’ve got a meeting with HR. Steve, you should look over the draft budget. I am scheduling an off-site this evening for the two of us to complete a detailed review. I have a feeling it will it will be a long night….”
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